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Eureka_KnowYourProjs_1_ by shimeiyan


									Eureka Village Libraries Movement

    Asha CNJ Know Your Projects
           October 2006
                Problems Observed
•   Retention of knowledge amongst children attending
    Govt. schools in Tamil Nadu villages was observed to
    be very less. Over 60% of the children could not read
    even after graduating to the 6th grade (In spite of
    attending school regularly).
•   Neo-literates slowly slip back to illiteracy because they
    do not practice their new-found knowledge in their
    everyday lives (Lack of opportunities - normally
•   Existing constructed libraries cater more to the well-
    educated man. (Implying comprehension skills are
    expected to be from fair to good).
•   Lack of sufficient reading material in the local
    language that the villagers use (Tamil).
                  Solution Devised
•    that are more women and children focused.
•    that are more accessible and manageable.
•    that are affordable so that they can be deployed in
     thousands of villages.
•    that create a positive reading culture by assisting
     people to read.
•    that based on the feedback supplies reading material
     that continues to be interesting and challenging.
•    that depends on a person (after training him/her) from
     the village to run the library.
•    that provides a platform for exchange of ideas and
     information across districts.
               Eureka… cont’d

The smallest library in the world…
  – 16 Story Cards.
  – 20 Small Eureka Books.
  – 20 Bigger Books.
  – 5 Science Concept Booklets.
Then every month the following are added…
  – 8 Story Cards.
  – 5 copies of a Science Concept Booklet.
  – 1 Small Eureka Books.
                                Eureka… cont’d

Some Details…
•   All the material is categorized
         •   Grade I - Class 1 to Class 4
         •   Grade II - Class 5 to Class 7
         •   Grade III - Class 7 to Class 10
         •   Grade G – General
•   Frequency of monitoring is monthly.
•   Time taken to set up a cluster is 20 days.
•   Girls have proven to be better candidates for the village volunteer.
•   63,000 (approx.) kids now read higher level cards.
•   Age 3 to 12 children use the libraries the most. 35% Boys, 65% Girls 
•   Collecting stories, cartoons, puzzles from kids to evaluate effectiveness.
•   Cluster coordinators are trained every month with something new to take to
    the villages.
•   Volunteers meet at the cluster level once every three months.
                          Eureka… cont’d

Some More Details…
•   Quality of the material is commendable. In 2005 itself 4.25 lakh books were
•   Approx. 200 villages are run directly by AID-Chennai volunteers and
    employees, the others are operated by local NGOs.
•   Number of NGOs that are part of the network – 36.
•   AID-Chennai has already introduced origami (simple toys), science
    experiments and story telling workshops. Other NGOs have been
    encouraged to conduct similar workshops.
•   The Rs.5 nominal membership fee didn’t work out. People were reluctant.
•   Most libraries are in Dalit villages, the blocks are Vimbakkam, Koovattur,
    Kelambakkam and Shoolagiri. (Thrinalveli).
•   Have started Children’s Discovery Clubs using the infrastructure in some
    villages. Other activities being introduced – metric mela, magic shows, toy
    demos, etc.
          Eureka… Practical Issues

• Challenges/Limitations
  – Depends on local NGOs. So uniformity of
    process not guaranteed.
  – Response from other NGOs varied.
  – (Possibly) Source of materials not versatile
  – Sustenance needs to be guaranteed.
                       Eureka… IMPACT
Long and short of it. Children are reading stories and writing!
•   Children Knowledge Festival.
•   2.5 lakh books were contributed by 80,000 children.
•   Stories written by children reach other children through the newsletter
•   8000 libraries are being taken up the Government with Eureka’s reading
•   Science lab kits (made with the help of IIT Chennai) are being bought by
    well-off schools. “Satyam Foundation and AID-INDIA's simple science kits
    called `Eureka Learning Labs' will make this possible for 25 Government
    schools in Hyderabad.”
•   NGOs are writing their own books – based on locality.
•   So far 1800 villages and counting…
                    Eureka… Future Plans
•   Even more primary level story cards – for the ones who cannot make full
    sentences out of words. (70 cards)
•   Intention to start Children’s Discovery Clubs everywhere using the
    infrastructure. Other activities being introduced – metric mela, magic shows,
    toy demos, etc.
•   Video centers (portable) to take to villages to show videos.
•   Slide libraries.
•   CKF activities to be replicated in villages.
•   Resource centers for teachers at block levels.
•   600 library requests currently. Have to cater to them.
•   Area learning centers to create bigger data base of material that can be
    distributed based on popularity.
• Why Asha CNJ should continue/increase
  support for Eureka?
  – Large scale, affordable, effective impact on children’s
    and adult neo-literates’ learning.
  – Expanding to other states – Andhra Pradesh, Orissa.
  – Access to creatively written material published and/or
    produced at affordable prices. Can easily be
    distributed to other projects we work with.
  – Promises an infrastructure that can be taken over or
    replicated by the Government once everything is in
    place – therefore this can become a permanent
  – Provides a backbone for soooooooo many activities.
             How can YOU help?
• Big Picture Question - Can we ape this
• Specific tasks
  – Stories, Write ups, Translations.
  – Collection of existing material (for area learning
• Other potential areas
  – Get more NGO’s (from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil
    Nadu) to involve themselves in this process.
  – Other topics (suggestions) that should be deployed as
    reading material to the existing villages.
 “Ashraya has a dream, One of our children who is in high school today and
totally paralyzed below the waist appears to have in her the spark for being
led for a professional course in Medicine. We are prepared to assist her to”

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