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					Alternate Sales Channel
      (Session 7)

   A sales channel is the route followed by a company
    to reach and deliver its goods or services to its

   An alternate sales channel is when a company
    decides to directly reach out its consumers.

   Company       to      Consumer.
The Purpose of Alternate Channel.
   Purpose: The purpose of such an activity is
       Increase Sales

       Customer Convenience

       Creating Brand Loyalty

       Competitive Edge
The Process of Alternate Channel.
   Independent Business Unit
       Business Goals

       Business Objectives

       Bulk Pack

       Dedicated Sales Force.
           Back Office
           Field Force
Operational Activity.
   Customer Database

   Sales Force Training

   Coverage / Productivity (PJP)

   Transportation

   Sales Targets
Implementation & Evaluation.
   Creating Points of Consumption (POC)

   Service Regularity

   Customer Feed Back

   Promotional Campaigns

   Sales Promotions