LEC-14 GUIDING COALITION by usmanjee123


									Creating the Guiding
Effecting the change would require forming a
   powerful group of enthusiasts recognizing
   the value and indispensability of the
   envisaged change. These individuals
   should      possess     credibility,  skills,
   connections,    reputations,    and  formal
   authority required to provide change
   leadership. This group learns to operate
   with trust and emotional commitment.
Guiding Coalition
A strong guiding coalition is always
  needed - one with the right
  composition, level of trust, and
  shared objective. Building such a
  team is always an essential part of
  the early stages of any effort to
  restructure, reengineer, or retool a
  set of strategies.
Effective Guiding Coalition
   Four key characteristics seem to be
     essential to effective guiding coalitions.
     They are:
    Position power
    Expertise
    Credibility
    Leadership
   Both Management and Leadership skills
     are essential for guiding coalition and
     must     work    in    teamwork     style.
     Management keeps the whole process
     under control, while the Leadership
     drives the change.
Manage Carefully
Two types of individuals should be
  avoided at all costs when putting
  together a guiding coalition. The first
  have egos that fill up a room, leaving
  no space for anybody else. The
  second are ”snakes”, people who
  create enough mistrust to kill
Building an Effective Team
An Effective Team based on Trust and a
  Common Goal. When trust is present, one
  will usually be able to create teamwork. If
  the     activities  create    the    mutual
  understanding,     respect,    and    caring
  associated with trust, then one is on the
  right road otherwise not. The other element
  essential to teamwork is Common Goal.
  Only when all the members of a guiding
  coalition want to achieve the same
  objective does real teamwork become
Making Change Happen
 Find the Right People
   With strong position power, broad expertise, and
    high credibility
   With leadership and management skills,
    especially the former
 Create Trust
   Through carefully planned off-site events
   With lots of talk and joint activities
 Develop a Common Goal
   Sensible to the head
   Appealing to the heart

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