Microsoft Word by usmanjee123


									Salient Features
 Microsoft word helps to maintain our
 documents in a presentable and organized
 Word provides templates to assist the user
 in making documents easily and quickly.
 The format is provided and the user just has
 to add his content.
 Users can use their own font sizes, font
 faces, alignment and paragraph formats to
 create custom documents instead of built-in
 Word provides tracks of all activities that we
 perform helping the user to cancel or repeat
 any specific action.
 Microsoft word provides us spelling and
 grammar option in order to avoid spelling
 and grammar mistakes.
 Users can arrange the data in tabular or
 sequential form by using the table option.

     Book Name   Author      Price

     ABC         XYZ         123

     XXX         RST         600
 Microsoft word is highly compatible with all
 other office applications.
 Microsoft Word allows users to import and
 export information from and to the internet.
 Users can avail the facility of adding pictures
 and other graphics to enhance the outlook
 of the document.
 Microsoft Word allows the user to work on
 more than one document simultaneously.

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