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					Features of

Expression of thoughts

 Ms PowerPoint helps users in presenting their
  thoughts in an organized and aesthetic way.
  It provides tools that aide in creation of
  presentations that are organized and
  pleasing to the eyes.
 Auto-content wizard / Templates
 It provides the facility of auto-content wizard which
  helps the user in preparation of presentations by
  providing step by step help.
 The AutoContent Wizard is not available in
  Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Instead, you can
  create your presentation quickly and easily by using
  templates (template: A file or set of files that
  contains information about the theme, layout, and
  other elements of a finished presentation.).Office
  PowerPoint 2007 templates include different
  themes and layouts, including most of those that
  existed in the AutoContent Wizard. Templates give
  you a starting point and make it easier to complete
  your presentation quickly.

 Users can use built-in themes or create their
  own themes in order to enhance the beauty
  of their presentations.
 You can create professional-looking presentations with a
  wide range of text formatting features, including text
  wrapping within a shape, text in columns or running
  vertically down a slide, and paragraph-level rulers.
 New character styles provide you with more text choices. In
  addition to all of the standard styles of previous versions of
  PowerPoint, in Office PowerPoint 2007 you can choose all
  caps or small caps, strikethrough or double strikethrough,
  and double or color underline. You can add fills, lines,
  shadows, glow, kerning (kerning: The adjustment of the
  spacing between two characters to create the appearance
  of even spacing, fit text to a given space, and adjust line
  breaks.), and 3-D effects to your text.
 Normal view
   Normal view is the main editing view, where you write and design
     your presentation.
 Slide Sorter view
   Slide Sorter view is a view of your slides in thumbnail form.
 Notes Page view
   You can type your notes in the Notes pane, which is located just
     below the Slide pane in Normal view. However, if you want to view
     and work with your notes in full page format, on the View tab, in
     the Presentation Views group, click Notes Page
 Slide Show view
   Slide Show view takes up the full computer screen, like an actual
     presentation. In this view, you see your presentation the way your
     audience       will.     You       can      see      how      your
     graphics, timings, movies, animated (animate: To add a special
     visual or sound effect to text or an object. For example, you can
     have your text bullet points fly in from the left, one word at a
     time, or hear the sound of applause when a picture is uncovered.)
     effects, and transition effects will look during the actual

 Slide transitions are the animation-like
 effects that occur in Slide Show view when
 you move from one slide to the next. You can
 control the speed of each slide transition
 effect, and you can also add sound.

 To provide additional emphasis or show your
  information in phases, you can add an
  animation to your graphic or to an individual
  shape or text. For example, you can make a
  shape fly in quickly from one side of your
  screen or slowly fade in.

 Ms PowerPoint is highly compatible with all
  other office applications.

 Consistent performance is ensured during
 any presentation.
Automated Presentation

 The user can time all animations, transitions
  and actions so that the presentation is fully
Speaker Notes

 Ms PowerPoint provides the facility to add
  speaker notes for speakers to assist them in
  the preparation of the presentation.