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									-pathy Disease.
Adenopathy Swelling or morbid enlargement of the lymph nodes.
Adrenalopathy Any pathologic condition of the adrenal glands.
Alimentary osteopathy Bone disease due to dietary deficiency.
Andropathy Any disease, such as prostatitis, peculiar to the male sex.
Angiocardiopathy Disease affecting both heart and blood vessels.
Angiomyopathy Any disease of blood vessels involving the muscular layer.
Angiopathy Any disease of the blood vessels or lymphatics.
Arteriopathy Any disease of the arteries.
Arthroophthalmopathy Disease affecting joints and eyes.
Arthropathy Any disease affecting a joint.
Bursopathy Any disease of a bursa.
Capillaropathy Any disease of the capillaries, often applied to vascular changes in
diabetes mellitus.
Cardiomyopathy Disease of the myocardium.
Cardiopathy Any disease of the heart.
Celiopathy Rarely used term for any abdominal disease.
Cholecystopathy Disease of the gallbladder.
Chondropathy Any disease of cartilage.
Coagulopathy A disease affecting the coagulability of the blood.
Colonopathy Rarely used term for any disordered condition of the colon.
Craniopathy Any pathologic condition of the cranial bones.
Cytopathy Any disorder of a cell or anomaly of any of its constituents.
Dermatopathy Any disease of the skin.
Desmopathy Any disease of the ligaments.
Deuteropathy A secondary disease or symptom.
Discopathy Disease of a disk, particularly of an invertebral disk.
Embryopathy A morbid condition in the embryo or fetus. Syn: fetopathy.
Encephalomyeloneuropathy A disease involving the brain, spinal cord, and
peripheral nerves.
Encephalomyelopathy Any disease of both brain and spinal cord.
Encephalomyeloradiculopathy A disease process involving the brain, spinal
cord, and spinal roots.
Encephalopathy Any disorder of the brain.
Enteropathy An intestinal disease.
Enthesopathy A disease process occurring at the site of insertion of muscle tendons
and ligaments into bones or joint capsules.
Epitheliopathy Disease involving epithelium.
Erotopathy Any abnormality of the sexual impulse.
External ophthalmopathy any disease of the conjunctiva, cornea, or adnexa of the
Gastroenteropathy Any disorder of the alimentary canal.
Gastropathy Any disease of the stomach.
Glossopathy A disease of the tongue.
Hemopathy Any abnormal condition or disease of the blood or hemopoietic tissues.
Hepatopathy Disease of the liver.
Hepatosplenopathy Disease of the liver and spleen.
Hysteropathy Any disease of the uterus.
Lymphadenopathy Any disease process affecting a lymph node or lymph nodes.
Lymphopathy Any disease of the lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes.
Mastopathy Any disease of the breasts.
Melanopathy Any disease marked by abnormal pigmentation of the skin.
Metropathy Any disease of the uterus, especially of the myometrium.
Myelopathy Disorder of the spinal cord.
Myeloradiculopathy Disease involving the spinal cord and nerve roots.
Nephropathy Any disease of the kidney.
Neuroarthropathy A joint disorder caused by loss of joint sensation.
Neuropathy A classical term for any disorder affecting any segment of the nervous
Odontopathy Any disease of the teeth or of their sockets.
Onychopathy Any disease of the nails.
Ophthalmopathy Any disease of the eyes.
Orbitopathy Disease of the orbit and its contents.
Orchiopathy Disease of a testis.
Organopathy Any disease especially affecting one of the organs of the body.
Osteoarthropathy A disorder affecting bones and joints.
Osteopathy Any disease of bone.
Otopathy Any disease of the ear.
Ovariopathy Any disease of the ovary.
Pancreatopathy Any disease of the pancreas.
Phonopathy Any disease of the vocal system affecting speech.
Photopathy Any disease caused by exposure to light.
Pneumonopathy Disease of the lung.
Radiculoneuropathy Disease of the spinal nerve roots and nerves.
Radiculopathy Disorder of the spinal nerve roots.
Retinopathy Noninflammatory degenerative disease of the retina.
Rhinopathy Disease of the nose.
Somatopathy Any disease of the body.
Splenopathy Any disease of the spleen.
Spondylopathy Any disease of the vertebrae or spinal column.
Stomatopathy Any disease of the oral cavity.
Thoracopathy Any disease of the thoracic organs or tissues.
Thyropathy A disorder of the thyroid gland.
Tonsillopathy Disease of the tonsil.
Tracheopathy Any disease of the trachea.
Trichopathy Any disease of the hair.
Ureteropathy Disease of the ureter.
Uropathy Any disorder involving the urinary tract.
Vaginopathy Any diseased condition of the vagina.
Vasculopathy Any disease of the blood vessels.
Vasoneuropathy Any disease involving both the nerves and blood vessels.

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