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					International Rectifier DC-DC Product Line

Exponential growth in the requirements for higher current at lower operating
voltages has created a rough road for designers of DC-DC power management
systems. International Rectifier has focused the power semiconductor industry's
largest R&D effort to implement a roadmap for high performance and
cost-effective DC-DC power management. IR's extensive discrete and IC portfolio
makes IR the only power semiconductor company with a product for every power
management socket on today's computing PCB. IR DC-DC solutions extend to
telecom, datacom, networking and peripherals requirements.
Network and Communications
International Rectifier re-defined the underlying distributed power architecture for
48V-input, board-mounted power (BMP) converters used in telecom and
networking systems with the DC Bus Converter chip set architecture. The
architecture eliminated the regulated output at the intermediate stage and its
expensive feedback circuitry, slashing component count and achieving over 96%
efficiency. IR's innovative iPOWIR™ devices created a whole new way to design
on-board, non-isolated DC-DC converters. iPOWIR technology is a breakthrough
in power conversion, combining all layout-critical power semiconductors and
passive components of the circuit to form complete functional building blocks,
reducing converter size and design time.
IR power management products for notebook computers and portable electronics
such as mobile phones and personal data assistants (PDAs) are designed to
maximize power density and deliver the highest efficiency for space-constrained
applications. As notebook computer processor power requirements continue to
increase in complexity, IR power devices and technology such as the DirectFET®
Power MOSFET, the HEXFET® Power MOSFET, the FlipKY™ Schottky diode,
the FlipFET™ MOSFET and the FETKY™ (MOSFET co-packaged with a
Schottky diode) enable designers to achieve form factors and efficiency goals.
POWIR+ Chipset Reference Designs
Optimized Single-Phase Synchronous Buck Reference Designs are targeted at up
to 6Amps, 12Amps and 18Amps, with On-Line Hardware Customization &
International Rectifier’s new POWIR+ Chipsets, based on IR’s IC and MOSFET
products, are supported with highly dependable power management reference
designs and enhanced on-line design services, enabling faster time to market and
reducing risks of having to complete extra unnecessary design iterations. The first
set of three POWIR+ Chipsets are based on IR’s IR3637S and IR3637AS
controllers, targeted at single-phase synchronous buck converter applications in
computing and high end consumer applications.

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