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Trends for 2010: telco operations


									Service providers had a difficult year in 2009, with concerns about the world economy and uncertainty
regarding its recovery prompting many to prudently adopt cautious strategies in order to see them
through the worst. With economic growth predicted to return during 2010, Ovum’s Telco Operations
team reviews the effects of the economic downturn on service provider strategies, outlines how this is
likely to change during 2010, and reviews some of the key operational trends that will affect strategies
over the coming year.

Table of Contents :

Executive summary

In a nutshell

Ovum view

Managing costs and generating new revenue streams will be key

Emergence from recession

Market view

Return to economic growth

How have service providers been affected?

Impact of the downturn on service provider strategies

How will this change during 2010?


The changing business model

Lining up the tools for a smart pipe approach

Telco outsourcing and managed services

A strategic and operational imperative

Network assets scrutinised for options

A transformation solution
Improving the customer experience

Customer data management and analytics

List of Tables

Table 1: World economic projections – GDP annual growth (%)

List of Figures

Figure 1: Revenue growth for selected tier-1 service providers

Figure 2: Opex growth for a select group of tier-1 service providers

Figure 3: Capital intensity for a select group of tier-1 service providers

Figure 4: The telco as an aggregator/enabler of services

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