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									                                                                News & Views from the Friends
   Windows                                                       of the Selby Public Library

                              GLASS on GLASS
   Friends of Selby Public Library’s Annual Book and Author Luncheon
                      to Feature Author Leslie Glass
   The Friends Book and Author                                                         workshops that reached 745
Luncheon to be held on March                                                           children, ages 6-18. Partners
6, 2007 at Michael’s On East                                                           included the John & Mable
will feature Leslie Glass, novel-                                                      Ringling Art Museum, Mote
ist, lecturer and screen writer as                                                     Marine Laboratory, Inc., Good
its guest speaker. Proceeds from                                                       Emergency Mother Services,
the luncheon will be used to sup-                                                      UF/IFAS Sarasota County Ex-
port the Selby Library’s Summer                                                        tension, Our Cultural Connec-
Youth Reading Program.                                                                 tion and the Sarasota Humane
  Leslie Glass has written in
many formats and will be speak-                                                            Plans for the 2007 Summer
ing about La Vida Loca that is                                                          Program are well underway.
the writer’s life. She is a play-                                                       An environmentally themed
wright, screenwriter, and the au-                                                       reading program for children
thor of fourteen novels including                                                       of all ages will promote the love
the bestselling series featuring                                                        of reading, educate families on
NYPD detective April Woo. Be-                                                           environmental issues and solu-
fore turning to fiction full time,                                                      tions, inspire imagination and
she wrote the “Intelligencer” column in New York Mag-         foster lifelong use of the public library.
azine and now writes the “Social Detective” column in           Partners from Summer 2006 will again participate in
Sarasota Magazine. She is an ardent supporter of the          2007. New partners will include Sarasota Waste Manage-
Selby’s Summer Youth Reading program.                         ment and Myakka River State Park. While the summer pro-
  The Summer Reading Program promotes and encour-             gram has traditionally focused only on children, plans for
ages reading as a lifelong habit and a love for the library   the summer 2007 program will be augmented to offer envi-
with its many and varied opportunities that are available.    ronmental reading and educational programs to adults.
Last year’s “Splish, Splash, Summer” Program put on             The Friends is very pleased to have Leslie Glass as its
130 free, unique and outstanding children’s literacy pro-     guest speaker. We look forward to hearing her on March
grams for some 6,739 children. Partners put on 11 free        6th at the Friends Annual Luncheon.

                 Annual Book & Author Luncheon With Leslie Glass
         Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at Michael’s On East at noon • Cash Bar opens at 11:30 a.m.
     Reservations available at the Friends Bookstore or Friends Office inside Selby Public Library.
     For information or to reserve call 365.5228 or reply to the RSVP form you receive in the mail.
                $40 Friends of the Selby Public Library Members ($20 tax deductible)
                                $50 Non-Members ($30 tax deductible)

       20007 BOARD
                                    Message From Our President
                                    Dear Friends,                                                 Leslie is donating her efforts to
                                     I hope your holidays were pleas-                           the Friends because she wants to
          PRESIDENT                ant and that you are as excited as I                         help us accomplish our mission to
       BETH BLOECHL                                                                             fund the most successful Summer
               •                   am about our major event in 2007,
     1st VICE PRESIDENT            our author luncheon. We are mak-                             Youth Reading program ever. The
     KATHY HULTQUIST               ing this a major fundraising effort                          Friends is again the major sponsor.
               •                   in support of the Summer Youth                               Last summer, the impressive num-
    2nd VICE PRESIDENT                                                                          ber of 6,739 children participated
                                   Reading Program.
               •                     It is our privilege and pleasure        Beth Bloechl       in “Splish, Splash, Summer.” Our
         TREASURER                 to present “Glass on Glass.” The famous                     Youth Librarian, Marilyn Nykiforuk,
       SUSAN KEETON                                                                  has an even more ambitious agenda planned
                                   novelist, essayist, columnist, scriptwriter,
                                   playwright, and general storyteller, Leslie       for Summer 2007 and we need to help her ac-
        NINA BELOTT                Glass, will entertain us with her insights on     complish this wonderful program.
               •                   her craft and on contemporary life in gen-          Invitations to our luncheon on March 6 are
                                   eral. She might teach you how to “rub out” a      in the mail. Please join us and make this the
           AT LARGE
    BARBARA GELDBART               disagreeable person without getting caught!       best reading summer ever for our children.
                                   Seriously, she is a spirited and fascinating
               V                   speaker whom you will adore.
         JAY DRAGON
                                     An Opportunity for Sponsorship– Make the 2007
        BABS FROMME                  Summer Youth Reading Program Better than Ever.
    NANCY SCHLOSSBERG              Sponsors are needed for the Book & Author Luncheon. The Luncheon will be the initia-
    CHARLEEN SESSIONS              tion of the Friends fundraising effort in support of the Summer Youth Reading Program.
      NOEL STEINBERG               Sponsors contributing $750 will receive two complimentary seats at the luncheon and
       TRINA TURTON                will be named in all articles and flyers. Friends would be happy and proud to have you
                                   or your designated organization as a sponsor. Call 365-5228 for information.
      ADMINISTRATIVE               Many thanks and appreciation to some of our sponsors to date including:
                                   ABEL BAND, LESLIE GLASS, ALEXANDRA JUPIN & JOHN BEAN and MORGAN
                V                                                           }K}
     The mission of Friends of
                                                            What The Friends Do
     the Selby Public Library is
     to support and coordinate
                                   • Provide financial support for materials, services and programs not covered by
     with the library – and the      Sarasota County taxes.
     community – in the devel-
     opment of services by         • Play an advocacy role for libraries at local, state and national levels.
     raising funds, providing
     a volunteer base to assist    • Underwrite enrichment programs for children and adults of all ages.
     library staff and advocat-    • Provide collection development support for print and non-print materials.
     ing the use and growth of
         library resources.        • Are founding co-producers of the Sarasota Reading Festival.

                                    FRIENDS OF THE SELBY PUBLIC LIBRARY: 365-5228
                                    E-MAIL: • WEBSITE:
                                    SELBY PUBLIC LIBRARY: 861-1100 • WEBSITE:
                                      LIBRARY HOURS: MONDAY – THURSDAY – 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
                                    FRIDAY–SATURDAY: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.• SUNDAY: 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

                From The Desk Of The Library Manager
Greetings One and All!                                                        artist for 10 years, he spends considerable time
                                                                              doing research on each of his subjects so that
 I hope you’re having a fabulous “season.” On be-
                                                                              he may properly convey a sense of history, poise
half of the staff and patrons of the Selby Public Li-
                                                                              and dignity. His work has been featured on the
brary, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your
                                                                              cover of several magazines and newspapers and
generous support throughout the year!
                                                                              he has participated in shows throughout the
  Selby Library’s art exhibition program is at                                country.
my favorite point in its yearly rotation. My co-
                                                                                Cecile Moran was a teaching artist for 35
curator, Donn Roll, and I have installed the 9th             Liz Nolan
                                                                            years, which included two years in Spain. Her on-
Annual Selby Library Invitational show which
                                                                  line biography describes her work as “allegorical in nature
will run through March 12. I hope you’ll have an oppor-
                                                                  and relies strongly on the interaction of brightly colored im-
tunity to visit the show, and if I can assist you with the
                                                                  ages to project the story.” Her work is found in numerous
purchase of any of these works of fine art, please give
                                                                  private collections and has been exhibited in Massachu-
me a call at 861-1170.
                                                                  setts, California, New York, and Florida.
  Joan Altabe is the art and architecture critic for the Bra-
                                                                    Susanna Spann enjoys the contrast of the textures be-
denton Herald, a post she previously held at the Sarasota
                                                                  tween glass objects and flowers in her watercolors. She has
Herald-Tribune. Her “States of Mind” series is described
                                                                  won more than 500 awards for watercolors and drawings,
in her online portfolio as a collection that “involves the
                                                                  including the American Watercolor Society’s Key Memorial
elimination of color and emphasis on light and shade
                                                                  Award and most recently, Best in Show at the 2006 Winter-
which allow for greater focus on the subject.”
                                                                  fest, sponsored by the Anna Maria Island Art League.
  Don Brandes, who has worked at Hallmark Cards as an               Tom Stephens is not only a fine arts painter, he is also
illustrator and taught part time at the Kansas City Art In-       a professional fishing guide. His artwork often expresses
stitute, currently teaches in the illustration department at      what he sees on these trips, a distant horizon with various
Ringling School of Art and Design. Don is known as much           images above and below the water. Stephens wants the
for his freelance work of editorial illustration, architectural   viewer to explore the possibilities of what the shapes and
renderings, maps, and logo design as he is for his fine art.       colors of these images might represent. Working with oil
 Arthur Dillard takes pride in his watercolor portraits of        on canvas, the images in his “Horizon” series reflect social
historic black Americans. A former engineer and full-time         and environmental issues and hold your interest through

                           Welcome New Board Members
                  BABS FROMME                                                         JAY DRAGON
  Babs Fromme, a Sarasota resident for over twenty                The Friends of Selby Library welcomes Jay Dragon to its
years, has given many years to volunteer work, both               board. A fourth generation Floridian, Jay now makes his
here and in New York City. She started The Friends of             home in Sarasota. He brings to the board not only a newly
the Education Department program for the Museum of                earned Master in Library Science degree but many years of
the City of New York. She also began the Children’s               experience in a variety of fields.
Birthday Party Program in the “Please Touch” room and
has also served as a Public Information Department                   As a U.S. Naval Officer his assignments took him all
Volunteer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.                     over the world. He has served on the staff of the Admiral
  Babs is the author of The Curator’s Choice: An                  of the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean, in the Western
Introduction to Art Museums in the United States which was        Pacific during the Vietnam era and within the executive
published in four regional volumes by Crown Publisher.            branch of the government in the Washington, D.C. area.
                                                                  He was an engineering professor at Georgia Tech. and was
  In Sarasota she has served as a Board Member of the
Women’s Resource Center. She is also one of the original          the VP of Global Sales for Optinel Systems, a high tech
founders of the Encore! & More resale shop for the Women’s        telecommunications manufacturer.
Resource Center and serves as a regular volunteer there.            The Board is very pleased to have Jay join its ranks.
  The Friends welcomes Babs to its Board.
                                                                 Enjoying the “Novel Affair.” From L to R: Dorothy Cole,
                                                                 Friends Board Member, Robert Sessions and Friends
                                                                 Board Member Charleen Sessions.

    Friends Of The Selby Public
         Library Bookstore
      High-quality, gently read used books are available at
    low prices at the Friends of the Selby Public Library
    Bookstore. Discover this hidden treasure inside the
    Selby Public Library at 1331 First Street, Sarasota. The
    store is staffed by dedicated and friendly volunteers.
                                                                    How To Donate Books
    Find thousands of jewels for the mind and soul from 25                 We want your used books!
    cents and up. Be dazzled by gems of hardcover, paper-           Are gently read books piling up in your home or office?
                                                                  Instead of tossing them away, please consider giving them
    back and collectible books in all genres: fiction, biogra-
                                                                  to The Friends for resale in our bookstore. All proceeds
    phies, mysteries, books on travel, art, history, science,     benefit Selby Public Library and its programs. If you can’t
    health, religion, gardening, self-help, cooking, as well      bring them in yourself, The Friends can arrange to have a
    as children’s, large-print and coffee table books, current    courier service pick up your cartons of books. For more
    year’s magazines -- and much more! Interior designers         information, please call The Friends at 365-5228.
    can find sparkling accents for home libraries. Peruse              • ART BOOKS • BIOGRAPHIES • FICTION
    our everyday specials!                                              • CHILDREN’S BOOKS • COOKBOOKS
     Be sure to check out our special February display and           • GARDENING • LARGE PRINT • MYSTERIES
                                                                  • TRAVEL • POCKETBOOKS • HISTORY • SCIENCE
    celebrate Valentine’s day with a tribute to “The Love of
                                                                              DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE
    Reading”— charming, romantic books for everyone!
       All proceeds benefit Selby Public Library, its programs
    -- and the community.
                                                                                            Many are the ways…
     For further information call: 365-5228.
                                                                                            YOU can help.
                                                                                            • Give a Friends membership
       Our Board of Directors is expanding…                                                   as a gift
                Want to be a very special friend?                                           • Donate and buy good books
              Enjoy planning and policy making?                                               in our Bookstore or
             Like responsibility? Love the library?                                           volunteer in our Bookstore
         Have time and talents to share? If the answer is                                   • Honor someone with a
                  YES… Send your resume to:                                                   lasting tribute – the gift of a
                   Nominating Committee,                                                      book to the library
                      Board of Directors                                                    • Come and enjoy the many
             Friends of the Selby Public Library,                                             special events at our library
           P.O. Box 2255, Sarasota, FL 34230-2255                                             and meet new friends!

     FEB. - APR. 2007 • PROGRAMS AND                                      PRESCRIPTION: BOOKS
  Selby Public Library • Jack J. Geldbart Auditorium

Feb. 6, 10:30 a.m. Author Steve Rabow. Q & A session “Sarasota
Feb. 8 -Mar. 15, Thursdays 3:30 - 5 p.m. History of the American
Popular Song. Musicologist Paul Roth presents a series of lec-
tures. Program sponsored by Friends of the Selby Public Library.
Jan 17- Mar. 7, Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. Close-Up On Opera
series with Dr. John Goodman. Part of the Masters and Master-
pieces of Music series, this 8 week series will cover specific operas.
Series sponsored by Friends of the Selby Public Library.
Feb. 10, 2 p.m. Travel editor and author Thomas Swick, Poles Attract:
The Spirit, Culture, Faith and Humor of an Oft - Forgotten People.
Painters and Movies Film Series. Feb. 13, 2 p.m. Jean-Michel
Basquiat; Feb. 23, Francisco Goya; Mar. 6, Andy Warhol; Mar. 19,
Artemisia; Apr. 5, Frida Kahlo; Apr. 26, Jackson Pollock.               Retired pharmacist Jack Baumring, Friends Bookstore volun-
                                                                        teer, works at the recent DOLLAR DAZE SALE. He now dis-
Feb. 20, 5 p.m. The Music Of Fryderyk Chopin lecture recital.           penses “over the counter” books as an R .
Sponsored by Renée Hamad, Sarasota Music Archives and Friends
of the Selby Public Library.
Cine Selby. Enjoy foreign films on Feb. 27 (Japan), Mar. 27 (The
Netherlands) and Apr. 24 (Brazil) at 6 p.m.
                                                                             ENRICH YOUR LIFE BY
Feb. 28, 2:30 p.m. Cirque D’ Book: Selby Library Book Discussion               VOLUNTEERING
Group. The book for February is Year of Wonders by Geraldine                Volunteer Opportunities at Selby Public Library
Brooks. As space is limited, please register by calling 861-1159.
Mar. 7, 4 p.m. Author Gary Libby on his book Cuba; A History In           Volunteers have prolific interests and talents. At the
Art. Sponsored by Friends of the Selby Public Library.                    Selby Public Library, you may choose the kind of ac-
                                                                          tivity and time that suits you best. Think about some
Mar. 13, 3 p.m. Fine Arts Instructor Baila Miller will host lecture
on sculptor Auguste Rodin. Sponsored by Friends of the Selby
                                                                          of these fun-filled and challenging options:
Public Library.
                                                                          • Shelving library materials and keeping them or-
Mar. 20, 10:30 a.m. Travel talk with the legendary travel guide           derly. This is our most pressing need. Requires good
creator Arthur Frommer. Don’t miss this chance to hear and see the        mobility with the ability to bend.
man who single-handedly influenced the travel industry!
Mar. 21, 2 p.m. Audiovisual presentation with David Jarzen, PhD,          • Collection Maintenance. Assignment varies but
from the Florida Museum of Natural History. Adventures Down               may include checking in, sorting and repairing a va-
Under; The Great Barrier Reef. Sponsored by Friends of the Selby          riety of library materials. Many assignments may be
Public Library.                                                           done seated.
Mar. 22, 6 p.m. “Global Warming,” audiovisual program with
Beverly Templeton.                                                        • Friends Bookstore. Bibliophiles sought. If you like
Mar. 23, 2 p.m. Documentary on Modernism, according to fa-
                                                                          working with the public, we will train you to search,
mous painter Piet Mondrian.                                               shelve and handle sales. You should be available for a
                                                                          four hour shift weekdays or weekends.
Mar. 27, 10 a.m. Author Katherine Rowland presents an audiovi-
sual program on her book A Painter and His Wife.                          • Working with Children/Youth Department. In-
Mar. 27, 2 p.m. Donald Thompson presents a historical interpreta-         cludes shelving, collection maintenance, helping with
tion of American industrialist Andrew Carnegie.                           crafts and youth programs. Persons from all back-
Apr. 9, 6 p.m. documentary on Jimmy Buffett’s music and life.
                                                                          grounds welcome, especially if you speak a foreign
Apr. 10, 2 p.m. The Director of Leu Gardens, Robert Bowden,
will present an audiovisual program based on his book Florida Top         • Office Aide. Regular help is always needed for mail-
10 Garden Guide.                                                          ings. If you love talking on the phone, you can call
April 16, 6 p.m. “Hepburn x Hepburn” movies. Movie with Kath-             about reserves and activities.
erine Hepburn and Apr. 17- 6 p.m. with Audrey Hepburn.
Apr. 17, 2 p.m. Donald Thompson presents a historical interpreta-
                                                                           For more information call 941-861-1114
tion on Egmont Key.
       News &
                                                 The Sarasota Reading Festival Distributed
                                                   10,000 Free Books To Area Children

        Notes                                     The majority of the books were given away to participants of the 2006
                                                Sarasota Reading Festival on November 4. The Sarasota Reading Festival
                                                also gave a special holiday gift of free books to 1,900 children from eight
                                                local not-for-profit institutions: Girls Inc., Boys and Girls Clubs of Sarasota
      The annual Holiday Brunch for             County, Coalition for Safe Children/YMCA, Salvation Army, Children First,
    Volunteers was sponsored and pre-           Guardian Ad Litem, the North County Public Library and the Janie Poe
    sented by the Friends on December           public housing complex. The free book giveaway was made possible via
    19. All Selby Library Volunteers            grants from the Comcast Foundation, Gulf Coast Community Foundation
    were invited to enjoy a festive, catered    of Venice, and Target Stores.
    brunch in Geldbart Auditorium. Gift
    certificates and prizes were drawn            “Our mission is to promote the importance of literacy and the pleasure
    (It was rumored among the 120 at-           of reading to all segments of the community,” said Reading Festival chair
                                                Renee Richardson Kling, “and we are grateful to all our community partners
    tendees that this was the best Selby
                                                who helped make this possible.”
    Library volunteer holiday brunch
    they had ever attended).                     The 10th Anniversary Sarasota Reading Festival will take place on Satur-
                                                day, November 3, 2007 in downtown Sarasota — SAVE THE DATE!
      The annual Volunteer Recogni-
    tion Luncheon sponsored by Friends                                                  a

                                                SELBY LIBRARY WINS AN ARTHUR FROMMER
    will be held in April. All Selby Library
    volunteers will again be honored. The

                                                VISIT IN NATIONAL TRAVEL DISPLAY CONTEST
    date and details will be announced.
      Why we appreciate and love our
    volunteers: All Selby Public Library          This past summer the                                to look like a passport. The
    volunteers are: generous, caring, en-       staff of Selby Public Li-                             winner, Paula Naaman of
    thusiastic, skilled, optimistic, patient,   brary asked, “Where’s                                 Sarasota, won four tickets
    thoughtful, responsible, dependable,        Frommer?” The answer:                                 to Epcot Center. The com-
    honest, gracious, gregarious, and           Frommer will soon be at                               munity was introduced to
    simply—FANTASTIC!                           Selby Public Library.                                 a part of the library system
      The Friends is pleased to welcome           As part of the library’s                            they might not have known
                                                reward for being chosen as                            about: travel sections in the
    two new volunteers to the Friends
                                                the grand prize winner in a                           library that allow patrons to
    Bookstore: Heidi Adjami and Vera
                                                national contest, renowned                            plan vacations or just learn
    Kohn. Their expertise and assistance
                                                travel writer Arthur From-        Arthur Frommer      about faraway places. Selby
    are much appreciated.
                                                mer will visit Selby Library on March                   Library manager Liz Nolan
                                                                                            said, “the award-winning displays cre-
        AMAZING FACTS                           20. Frommer will speak about travel
                                                and his popular book series. The li-        ated by Vera Neumann-Wood, Laurie
      Thousands of patrons enter the por-       brary will also receive a collection of     Bates and other staff members, com-
    tals of Selby Public Library every day.     20 Frommer’s Travel Guides, valued          bined with the sponsorship from our
    According to the door count for De-         at over $1000.                              Friends group and local businesses
    cember, 2006, 65,609 people entered                                                     showcase some of the wonderful
    the library — an average of 2,429 per         Selby Library was selected as the
                                                                                            partnerships that place a premium
    open day.                                   grand prize winner by Frommer’s
                                                                                            on community involvement. I’m very
                                                Travel Guides from a field of 50 li-
      Friends of the Selby Public Library       braries from across the nation that         proud of our staff and the hard work
    Bookstore sells an average of 6,000         entered the contest. Selby staff mem-       they do every day.”
    donated books per month. Hundreds           bers won the grand prize by creating         Everyone is invited to hear Arthur
    of customers browse and purchase            a contest within a contest, sponsored      Frommer speak on March 20 at
    high-quality donated books every day.       by local business, to get the entire       10:30 a.m. He will be available for
     Whatever their quest, thousands            community involved. Library patrons        book signing. The program, will be
    of citizens and visitors of all ages are    were invited to visit several “Where       held in the Selby Library Geldbart
    made richer through knowledge, edu-         is Frommer?” themed display cases          Auditorium and is free. No reserva-
    cation, reading and program enjoy-          placed throughout the library and to       tions are required.
    ment due to Selby Public Library.           fill out a contest entry form designed
                                    Welcome New and Renewing Members
                               With sincere appreciation for your interest and support (October - December 2006)

Lifetime                        Theodore & Harriet Oxman     John & Jane Lyons              Esther & Henry Chen                                           Donald & Nancy Kopf
W. Robert Blust                 Rhoda Pritzker               Larry & Lydia McIntire         Pauline K. Christian                                          Christian & Jacqueline Lafaurie
                                Harris & Joyce Rubin         Stanley & Betty Pelletz        Laurel R. Cohen                                               Claire Love
Benefactor                      Robert & Elaine Stein        Buddy & Nina Powell            Bernice Davis                                                 Mary J. McGee
Bettie H. Dzury                 Ira Zippert-Molla Gelwarg    Alan & Susan Brainerd Quinby   Judith Day                                                    Christine McLaughlin
                                                             Coleman & Sylvia Raphael       Joyce A. DeMaria                                              Larry & Teresa Michael
                                Good Friend                  Albert & Ida Rosenblum         Gene Dennison                                                 Pamela Moore
Patron                                                                                      Toby Etkin                                                    Bobbi Morgan
                                Martin & Catha Abrams        Norma Schatz
Allen & Marian Hughes                                                                       Herbert & Lillian Falk                                        Robert & Cielo Myers
                                Sandra B. Armitage           Stephen & Nancy Schlossberg
Charles E. & Dee Stottlemyer                                                                Joel R. Feidelman                                             Jacquelyn M. Plessas
                                Julie Baiter                 Susan Skovronek
                                                             Norman & Judith Sommers        Carl & Geri Fisherkeller                                      Kay Reed-Weiner
Best Friend                     Allen & Henrietta Barkey
                                                             Robert & Emily Spurgeon        Katrina Fried                                                 Joan Reibman
                                Dan & Sue Brady
The Jelks Family Foundation                                                                 Batia Friedman                                                Edward McGee &
                                James J. & Susan C. Buck     Margaret L. Ward
                                                                                            Marjorie Goldhirsch                                             Jean Armstrong Rider
                                Gloria A. Cohn               Margot Weiss
Close Friend                                                 Barbara A. Wright
                                                                                            Millard & Barbara Grauer                                      Gregg & Ethel Royer
                                Jean C. Dana                                                Carol Hallinger                                               Elsie W. Salmi
Marlow & Nancy Cook
                                Jay Dragon                   Tonca Yarbrough                Norman & Diane Halpern
Ruth T. Entrekin                                                                                                                                          Beverly Schmahl
                                Barbara D. Frey                                             Bruce & Pat Higgins                                           Ulla R. Searing
Friendship Force of Sarasota                                 Friend
                                Julian & Arline Good                                        Jane W. Hopkins                                               Morton & Jean Sokol
Babs Fromme                     Miriam H. Greenberg          Edith G. Adams                 Catherine C. Hunt                                             Marie Squattrito
Alfred & Ann Goldstein          James & Carol Hart           Jane Baisley                   Ellen Hunt                                                    Allen & Joan Thompson
Grace M. Goldstein              Charles & Elizabeth Holman   Leonard & Ann Bases            Carol E. Jones, Jr                                            Robert & Frances Tilley
Judith & Ben Handelman          Herbert & Doris Kanter       Alexander Bass                 Sylvia Kaufman                                                Frederic & Lucille Wallace
Vytas & Gerda Maceikonis        Arthur & Doris Kaplan        Jeanne H. Brown                Marin & Rosann Kelly                                          Jeannette Widom
Friendship Force of Sarasota    Gloria M. Klevin             Stephen & Linda Chase Chase    Linda Kennedy                                                 Norma S. Wohl
Helen T. Meyer                  Felix & Gloria Landrau       Diane Craig Chechik            William Knapp                                                 Jean Galleher Wood

        FRIENDS OF THE SELBY PUBLIC LIBRARY                                                            Become a Friend of the
                 BYLAW REVISIONS                                                                        Selby Public Library
                                                                                                                         (A non-profit tax-exempt organization)
                      Recently passed on December 11, 2006
      Article VI - GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS                                                                                 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP:
                                                                                                 ■   FRIEND.................................................................................... $20-49
      Section 2. Only members in good standing as of the last day of
                                                                                                 ■   GOOD FRIEND......................................................................... $50-99
      March shall be permitted to vote at the Annual Meeting.                                    ■   CLOSE FRIEND......................................................................... $100-249
      Article VII - BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                           ■   BEST FRIEND.........................................................................$250-499
                                                                                                 ■   PATRON.................................................................................. $500-999
      Section 2. The Board of Directors shall be elected by the Member-
                                                                                                 ■   BENEFACTOR ......................................................................................... $1000+
      ship at the Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors shall be com-
      posed of fifteen (15) Directors who shall be members of the Friends.
                                                                                                                  ■ CHECK ■ VISA ■ MASTERCARD
      Directors shall be divided into three equal classes with five (5) seats
      to be vacated each year. The term of office shall be for three (3) years                 CREDIT CARD NO. _________________________________________________________
      and a Director may serve two (2) terms and may not be reelected to                      EXPIRATION DATE ________________________________________________________
      the Board for another three-year term nor be elected to fill out the
      unexpired term of another Director until a period of one (1) year                       PRINT NAME ______________________________________________________________

      shall have elapsed since his/her Directorship has terminated.                           SIGNATURE _______________________________________________________________

      Section 4. Nominations. The Nominating Committee shall pres-                            DATE ______________________________________________________________________

      ent a slate of proposed Officers and Directors at the February Board                     ADDRESS__________________________________________________________________
      meeting. Additional nominations may be accepted from the floor at
                                                                                              CITY ______________________________________________________________________
      this February Board meeting.
                                                                                              STATE ____________________________ ZIP____________________________________
                                                                                              PHONE ____________________________________________________________________
      Section 2. Quorum. A majority of the Board of Directors shall
                                                                                                        Make check payable to: FSPL (Friends of the Selby Public Library)
      constitute a quorum of any Regular or Special Meeting of the Board
      of Directors. Proxy voting is not allowed.                                                            P.O. Box 2255, Sarasota, FL 34230-2255

                               In Remembrance                                                                        Newsletter published by
   Lillian Abramson, former Friends Board Member and Volunteer, died No-                                        Friends of the Selby Public Library
    vember 23, 2006. Our deepest sympathy to her son, family and friends.                                             E-mail:

                              **********                                                                                        Editor - Dorothy Cole
    Virginia McAlinden passed away recently. A former Friends Newsletter                                             Associate Editor - Alice Baudner
     editor and Board Member, she also served as a faithful Selby Library                              Administrative Coordinator - Alice Baudner
          Volunteer. Our deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

                                   2007 Season “Books & Coffee”
              Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. • Selby Public Library • Jack J. Geldbart Auditorium
                                       Program Support Comes From The Friends

    February 13                                                           Friends of Selby Public Library
    The Terrorist by John Updike. “Is there genocide in our                      Annual Meeting
    future?” Reviewed by Dr. Emanuel Tanay, professor of
    clinical psychiatry, Medical School, Wayne State University.   Monday, April 16, 4 p.m., Jack J. Geldbart Auditorium

    March 13                                                                            ***********
    Nostromo by Joseph Conrad. “A man’s honor exploited and        1st and 3rd Mondays from 10:30 a.m. to noon.
    betrayed.” Reviewed by Dr. Martin Tucker, editor, professor    Socrates Café – a fresh taste of philosophy for those people
    emeritus, Long Island University.                              who like to discuss ideas was introduced by the Friends
                                                                   earlier last year. No charge. For information call Jim Chastain
    April 2 (Note Date)
                                                                   at 953-9539.
    The Machine That Changed the World, by James
    Womack. “Japan’s auto production revolutionizes
                                                                     Women’s Exchange Consignment Store. When you
    Western industry” Reviewed by Robert Sessions, for-
                                                                     donate items for sale at the Women’s Exchange, 539
    mer Manufacturing Executive, GE.
                                                                     South Orange Avenue – The Friends can also benefit.
                       ***********                                   Just mention our name and organization number 49004.
     Charleen Sessions, Coordinator • Programs are free              We will receive a portion of the sale proceeds. Call the
      of charge; no reservations required. Contact Alice             Exchange at 955-7859 for information.
                      Baudner 365-5228


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