3D TV: thinking inside and outside the box

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					Several major CE manufacturers and broadcasters have announced plans to launch 3D-capable TVs
and offer 3D content in 2010. There are a number of competing 3D technologies available, and the
decision to support 3D will require an understanding of the relative merits of each in the context of the
home. The provision of 3D content into the home will require significant cooperation between content
providers, service providers and CPE manufacturers to ensure consumer confidence in the technology
and avoid a repeat of the confusion surrounding the introduction of HD technologies.

Table of Contents :

Executive summary

In a nutshell

Ovum view

Key messages

Market landscape

CE vendors promote 3D as the next big thing

Compatibility is crucial for consumer adoption

3D content availability will be slow

Creating 3D content requires a paradigm shift in creative process and technology

Games are the most likely candidate for early adoption

Blu-ray 3D standard agreement represents a major milestone

Technology overview

Competing display technology types

Polarising lens

Active LCD shutter


Video codec support
Blu-ray to use multiview coding (MVC) codec

Broadcast 3D standard

Sky, DirecTV and ESPN announce plans for 3D channels in 2010

HDMI specification to mandate 3D format support

Multiple display formats mandated by HDMI 1.4 specification

List of Tables

Table 1: 3D TV display technology comparison

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