What to Bring - Safari Checklist 2005

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					                                Safari Checklist - What To Pack

EQUIPMENT                              TICK                Toiletry Kit – essentials only
Travel Back-Pack                                           Tampons or Sanitary Pads
Day Pack                                                   Laundry pouch and biodegradable
Bum bag, Money Belt/Neck Pouch                             soap
Sleeping Inner Sheet – guarantees                          Pegless line or string for washing
you clean sheets wherever you are                          pack locks and cables
Rain Poncho (as alternative to                             Travel clock with alarm
expensive raincoat)                                        Book – paperback, can be swapped
                                                           en route
                                                           Sewing kit can be useful
CLOTHING                               TICK                Journal and writing equipment
Light comfortable clothing in layers                       Sunblock and lipbalm
(modest clothing is recommended                            Earplugs
in Asia generally)                                         Stuff and ditti bags to organise your
Sun Hat, foldable                                          kit
Beanie for head warmth                                     Umbrella (optional)
Pullover or shawl for cold evenings.                       Camera and film
Thermal underwear – long top and
Overshirt, lightweight and                                 DOCUMENTATION                           TICK
breathable, protection from insects                        Passport
and sun                                                    Airline Ticket
Belt, cotton or nylon strap can                            Travel Insurance
double as a gear strap                                     Visas
Skirt (optional) lightweight mid to                        Vaccination Certificates
full length                                                Money
T-shirts, 1-2 cotton                                            -Credit Cards
Shorts, walking shorts, loose and                               -Travellers Cheques
comfortable, not too revealing. Can                             -Cash (AUD, USD, EURO are all
double as swimming gear                                         good)
Jacket, good quality wind and water                        Photocopy all documentation x3,
proof if necessary                                         keep one, leave one set at home,
Trousers, lightweight and quick                            and give one set to the guide
washable.                                                  Spare passport photos x4
Underpants x3                                              Phone card and important numbers
Bra – 1-2, lightweight and quick
                                                           HEALTH                                  TICK
                                                           Your guide will have a
FOOTWEAR                               TICK                comprehensive first aid kit but it is
Comfortable walking shoes or boots                         still recommended that you bring a
Sports Sandals, doubles as back up                         small kit for yourself
shoes and shower slippers                                  Vaccinations/Immunisations –
Good Socks, 2x light and 2x heavy                          consult your travel doctor re:
                                                           appropriate treatments for your
                                                           area of travel
ACCESSORIES                            TICK                Personal Medications, with clear
Torch and/or headlamp                                      instructions on how they are to be
Lightweight Towel                                          used if you are incapacitated
Pocket knife (swiss army style may
be useful, but not essential)
Insect repellent
Spare eyewear if necessary
Toilet paper (can be bought in
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