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Company Details:
  1. Name:                              Sunshine Adventures

  2. Address:                  Number and Street                Arya Samaj Street

                              City                              Akhara Bazar Kullu

                              State and Postal Code Himachal Pradesh- 175101

  3. Telephone:                         01902-225182

  4. Fax:                               01902-222391

  5. Website:                 

  6. Industry:

      •   Renewable energy                                 •    Forest Products
      •   Ecotourism                   Y                   •    Clean Technologies
      •   Certified Aquaculture                            •    Other (Specify)
      •   Organic Agriculture
      •   Recycling
      •   Water

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Details of the representative / Project leader / Entrepreneur
    1. Full name:                         Ankit Sood

    2. Position in the company:           Owner / Manager Marketing

    3. Telephone:                         01902-225182

    4. Cellular Telephone:                9418102083

    5. Email:                   

The Company

    1. Please give a brief description of the company.

    The company was started in 1996 by Mr. Ankit Sood under the able supervision of Capt.
    Kailash Nath Zadu , a retired Naval Captain and one of the pioneering adventurist of the
    Western Himalayas. After completing his Masters in Tourism, Ankit went on to make
    crucial ties with Nature de Freunde and various other travel agencies from Delhi operating
    trekking tours and Jeep Safaris throughout Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Utteranchal.
    Stress was always on low volume high quality tourism. With the declaration of the Great
    Himalayan National Park, the then Director Mr. Sanjeeva Pandey asked Ankit Sood to
    train the youth from the ecozone of the park in trekking and other adventure sports. This
    led to an association with an NGO called SAHARA in 2003 and SHA was given the
    department of ecotourism for the park. Thus Sunshine Himalayan Adventures became one
    of the first companies to tie up with the WWF, ATREE, FSL and various other NGO’s to
    run trekking tours in the GHNP. They were supported in a big way by “Friends of GHNP”
    an organization which helped to bring in adventure enthusiasts from all over the world to
    the park. Thus for four years Sunshine laid stress on human resource development along
    with developing products and a unique niche for the park. With an overall growth of over
    100%, the company is now ready to advertise GHNP to various companies in the world
    and even open up new valleys like Sainj, Spiti and Some places in Rajasthan for
    ecotourism related ventures.

    2. Please describe the following:

            •   Company Mission:

Tours and Treks -SHA-SAHARA offer a variety of treks and tours. They range from easy to strenuous
treks and mountaineering in the Himalayas; guided nature treks with focus on birds, plants and flowers,
and/or animals; cultural experiences drawing on the unique aspects of the people of Himachal
Pradesh/HP (including remarkable Hindu and Buddhist festivals and rituals), and Jeep Safaris covering
dramatic contrasting aspects of the HP geography.

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India’s Newest National Park -We are the only tour operator promoting treks and tours in the unique
wilderness of India’s newest national park, the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). Working with Park
officials and SAHARA we are offering the only Park-approved tours which reflect a shared vision of
responsible ecotourism. GHNP covers 856 sq. km of pristine wilderness reflecting the unique ecosystem
of the Western Himalayan. Trekkers have the opportunity to see rare and endangered animals and
plants, cascading mountain ranges, sacred forests and high alpine lakes.
Joint Venture with SAHARA- Unlike other tour operators (many of whom are not locally based and
often exploit the local population), SHA has a unique relationship with the regional Kullu Valley
organization, SAHARA. SAHARA is a non-governmental society (NGO) of locally organized Kullu Valley
villagers who are registered with the Government of India. SAHARA is dedicated to helping the local
village people improve the quality of their lives by developing sustainable local economies (such as
ecotourism). These are linked to the protection of the local environment. Our joint venture with SAHARA
ensures that your fees actually help to support the local people and build sustainable livelihoods.

•   Company Vision:
    To become one of the leading companies in fair trade tourism operating tours to
    Himachal, J&K, Utteranchal and Rajasthan.

• Corporate Values:

SHA is dedicated to:
- the environment
- the local people
- non-exploitative sustainable ecotourism

    3. Describe the competitive advantages of the company:
We are inexpensive:
The Sunshine Team believes in sustainable ecotourism instead of mass tourism. Through low overhead, a
specific local area of operation and use of selective media for advertisement , we have mastered the art
of providing inexpensive tours without compromising on comfort and quality. This benefit passes over to
our resellers and customers making our tours affordable yet exquisite.

We listen to our customers:
Our tours are created from our customer suggestions, complaints as well as their praises. Over nine
years our guests have been the prime source of information in assessing our services and performances
to provide you the best.

We practice safety:
Adventure sports in the Himalayas have certain hazards. The guests are properly briefed on
do's and don’ts, properly acclimatized and insured against any risk. Moreover they are
continuously monitored and educated on the risks during any part of our tour so that they feel
at ease.
We provide the best of food :
Sunshine chefs are well versed with the Western and Asian palate. We provide great food, adequate
water and drinks. Fresh food with ample portions is served at a scheduled time along with appetizers,
happy hour eats and beverages.

We think comfort:
Though the Himalayan terrain can be inhospitable, Sunshine staff makes you feel at home by thinking
comfort. Years of experience has taught the Sunshine staff to select proper camping sites and healthy
water sources to provide the best of service to our esteemed customers.

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We are Sensitive to capabilities:
The Sunshine Team never exceeds the physical or mental capacities of each guest. We always make sure
that our guests are comfortable with the activity and exertion level before and during activity. Our team
is sensitive to the slowest as well as strongest in group. Our guests remain our top priority.

Sunshine Tours are all fun:
Fun and adventure are what we are about! Sunshine staff is friendly, helpful, courteous, and fun! We are
there for you and not ourselves. Good storytellers, jokesters and musicians separate our staff and
company from others companies. We realize that the guest sometimes needs encouragement or guidance
to try an activity. Our team leaders are both the guide and activity director combined.

Sunshine provides information:
Here at Sunshine we believe that an informed guest is safer, more relaxed and has more fun. Our guests
are educated and want to learn about their new environment. Assuming that the guest knows little or
nothing about Indian surroundings we look for opportunities to provide a minimum of three details about
each type of surrounding element. This may include details on history, culture, folklore, dance, music,
natural environment, wildlife, flora and fauna etc. We believe - The more we can share, the more value
we are providing to our guests.

We are flexible:
Sunshine Tours can be changed regarding dates and places visited as per the guest’s convenience and
budget. Experienced staff backed by years of practical knowledge makes your trip so comfortable that we
usually find almost all our clients planning the next trip to India with us.

    4. Briefly describe the management team and the key people in the company. Please
       attach a copy of the curriculum vitae for each person mentioned.
Ankit Sood , MD
CV Attached

Aditya Sood, Manager Operations
A team leader for SHA expeditions
Has worked with the Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (WHMI), Manali where he
completed Basic and Advanced Mountaineering Courses as well as the Basic Skiing and
Water Sports Course at Pong Dam. Worked with Delhi-based companies in the production of
and now is expert in the selection & maintenance of adventure equipment including: tents,
sleeping bags, rucksacks and mountaineering equipment.
 Simone Nelson , Consultant A graduate of the Mountaineering Course at the famed National
Outdoor Leadership School in the Western United States and recently fulfilled a personal
dream to trek the Himalayas in 2004 with SHA. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree
from Northwestern University and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Yale University.
Experienced in promoting and marketing artistic, educational endeavors and projects as well
as working with non-profit organizations throughout America and England. Is currently
working with SHA to expand their marketing and outreach in the United States and other
Western countries.
Capt. Kailish Nath Zadu (VrC) , Consultant
a retired Captain from the Indian Navy, Captain Zadu as he is popularly called, was amongst
the pioneer adventure tour operators of Manali and has conducted various treks to the
Himalayas through his company – Hadimba Adventure Holidays. At present he is the
technical advisor to SHA on its treks and programs overseeing the logistics involved.

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Ses Ram and Charan Chauhan : Head      the ground operation department of SHA. They also
works as a group organizer for SAHARA in promoting various income generating activities
most especially ecotourism. They belongs to a village in the eco-zone of GHNP and knows
the Park inside out reside having an indept knowledge about

Viki Sherpa: Joined Sunshine Adventures in 2005 and is now responibbe for the ground operations. He
has indepth training on first aid , emergency rescues and Works in Nepal as well as India. Viki with
Sunshine has climbed two virgen peaks and is an all rounder in adventure related tours especially jeep
safari’s and Mountaineering.

SAHARA Mountain Men
Are local villagers who have graduated from GHNP-sponsored ecotourism training camps and are an
indispensable asset to SHA. The SHA staff list cannot be complete without the mention of the ecotourism
team of SAHARA consisting of several men and women helping in our daily chores of pitching tents,
cooking food, carrying gear from one camp to the other and adding that unique local touch through their
ever smiling faces. Working with the Team is part of SHA’s mission to operate tours that are
environmentally sustainable and beneficial to the local people.

    5. Does your company have a board of directors or advisory council? If yes, please


    Description: ADVISORY COUNCIL
PAYSON R. STEVENS , Consultant

Payson R. Stevens is President of InterNetwork Media, an award-winning science/consulting group with
clients in government, industry, and the academia. Originally trained in molecular biology at the City
University of New York and in oceanography at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Stevens also
studied at the Arts Student's League and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. At present he is
consulting on ecotourism and microcredit mountain village associations to India's newest national park,
The Great Himalayan National Park, in the Western Himalayas and consultant to SHA for the US market.

Ulrich Friebel , Consultant
Author of the acclaimed German guidebook – " Trekking in Himachal Pradesh " , Uli works as a team
leader of Nature de Freunde Germany in bringing expeditions to Nepal and Indian Himalayas. He has
personally done various treks with SHA and is associated with the company in designing of expeditions as
well as advising on the technicalities of mountaineering in Himachal Pradesh.

Dr. Jeff Salz ( Phd) : One of today's authentic adventurers and explorers, Jeff Salz has
traversed many of the remaining blank spots on the globe. An expert in innovation, Jeff was
the creativity consultant for the production team of The Lion King, the top grossing film of all
time in the US. He has consulted and lectured for US A.I.D. and the US Information Agency
in both Asia and Latin America. Jeff has also served as liaison officer and interpreter for NBC
Television News, reporting from behind the rebel lines of El Salvador. A recognized
television personality, he creates and stars in adventure specials for the Discovery Network.

Jeff provides the foundation for adventurous thinking in any organization. An authority on
authentic cultures, a 30 year veteran of adventuring and exploring with a Ph.D. in cultural
anthropology and a Masters in experiential education, Jeff spent 10 years as a university

    New Ventures India is a program of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the CII-Godrej Green Business
    Centre. This information will be kept confidential and will be managed only by New Ventures personnel.
Industry or Market
  1. Please describe your target market.


          •   Corporate Market: For CAT ( Corporate Adventure Training) ,Team
              Building, Soft Adventure activities, Jungle Survival and other incentive
              based adventure holidays which are camping based.
          •   Wildlife enthusiasts especially Bird-watchers
          •   City School Groups for summer based camping with programs like “The
              Jungle Learning Program” educating them about the natural environment
              and its value.
          •   Trout Fishing Enthusiasts
          •   Mountaineers and trekkers – Domestic as well as international


  •   Tour Operators based in Delhi and other major metro’s getting domestic and
      international clients.
  •   International Trekking Clubs like the Sierra, Friends of Nature etc.
  •   International Tour Operators marketing Western Himalayas and related
  •   Free Individual Travelers and Group Inclusive Travelers (FIT and GIT)

  2. Please describe your competition.

  For the GHNP we don’t have any structured competitor till now. Some freelance
  guides do take in groups but 80% of the business is done through us.
  For the Western Himalayas: We have over 50 travel agents and tour operators based
  in Manali.

  3. Please list your current and potential clients.

  Our current clients consist of NGO’s who promote adventure and wildlife tourism.
  This consist of
  1. ATREE : For School Groups
  2. FSL      : For International Volunteers
  3. WWF : For their Students and members
  4. Other organizations like TERI , BNHS , Prakriti Samsad, Birding Clubs etc.
     • For the Western Himalayas we act as ground handling agents for
         international trekking clubs like Friends of Nature ( Nature de Freunde ,
         Germany) and various Tour Operators based in the US and Europe.
     • Net based customers who come through our website and online advertising.

  New Ventures India is a program of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the CII-Godrej Green Business
  Centre. This information will be kept confidential and will be managed only by New Ventures personnel.
      •   Domestic Customer: Urban adventure activists who are into trekking,
          mountaineering and other adventure sports
      •   Offbeat Tourists, Fishing Community etc.

  4. Describe your marketing and sales strategy.

  Our company mainly relies on the website, internet queries and word of mouth
  marketing. As of now the groups that come to us are repetitive . However one would
  like to go ahead and market using methods like brochures , Fam Tours,

Product or Service
  1. Describe briefly your product(s) or service(s).

  Eco-Trekking (GHNP)
  Eco-Trekking (Himachal, Ladakh)
  Jeep Safari’s
  Mountaineering Expeditions
  Bird Watching and Wildlife Tours
  Cultural Tours

  2. Does your product or service have a patent or registered trademark or other registration
     that better positions the business to surpass some of the barriers to entry for new
     competitors? Please describe.

  Yes . We are one of the first tour companies to start tourism activity in the Great
  Himalayan national Park working in tandem with both the park authorities as well as a
  locally based NGO called SAHARA. ( Society for Advancement of Hills and Rural
  Areas). The work was started right from the grassroots of picking youth from the villages,
  training them in first aid, adventure sports and other aspects of ecotourism. We have also
  been working on the carrying capacity and various other angles which are associated with
  wildlife protection. Through SAHARA we have been getting active contributions from the
  Himachal Pradesh Government as well as other bigger NGO’s like WWF and ATREE.
  Besides the GHNP the company has started ecotreks with other NGO’s like Jagriti in the
  Lug Valley and MUSE in the Spiti valley. Through this our guests get a unique experience
  of the local life, their hardships and we have found that ninety percent of our guests are

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   1. Please describe your company’s infrastructure.

   A fully computerized office with fax, telephones, internet and four
   computer/employee terminals.
   Mahindra Pickup Vehicle
   A Fully developed camping site having over 10 tents capable of having 20 couples or
   40 students with common bathrooms and
   Ground Equipment used for adventure like rock climbing, trekking, river crossing ,
   camping and mountaineering enough for handling over 100 people at one go.
   Marketing Material in form of a DVD, website and basic brochure.

   2. How many employees does your business have?

   We have 20 people on ground consisting of 5 guides, 5 cooks and 10 helpers. These
   are the men folk of the members of SAHARA Women and Saving Credit Group and
   have been handpicked by us from villages, trained and placed. In the office there are
   four employees who look after marketing, operations, research and Development and
   overall administration.

   3. Please describe the scalability (growth potential) of your business.

   Almost a 100% growth every year.

1. Please supply the following information in US dollars.

                              2006               2007 (P)
Sales                         15,000             25000
Cost of Sales                 10000              17000
Gross profit                  5000               8000
Expenses                      2000               3000
Net profit                    3000               5000
Number of Employees           12                 20

(P) Projected

   New Ventures India is a program of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the CII-Godrej Green Business
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2. Please list the company’s financing needs.
USD$ 20,000 for building our own accommodation section in the valleys of operation.

2. What type of financing are you seeking?
    • Bank loan: Yes with Subsidized Interests
    • Partnerships with bigger tour Operators promoting eco-tourism in infrastructure
    • Grants and Subsidies

Private investment:

  Other        Please specify

3. Briefly describe the purpose of the investment:

The Tirthan Valley along with several other hidden valleys are a prime attraction to a
lot of tourists. This however requires research, training the local communities ,
developing new tourism products , developing infrastructure like tented Accommodation
etc. And above all a need to create and identify the market for these unique destinations.
Thus the investments we are looking forward to basically incorporate all the above
especially the training, infrastructure and the marketing angles .

New Ventures India Companies
   1. Please describe the environmental benefits that your product or service delivers.

Tourism and Environment

Equally important this industry " without chimney" can be synonymous with the protection of
environment. The improvement and conservation of the area and its natural resources that
contribute towards our tourism product when properly organized; tourism represents no
danger of exhausting the country's resources. It's a known fact that when tourism is used with
intelligence and taste it becomes an instrument for beautification, awareness and improvement
of the environment. Ecotourism in the GHNP would lead to more environmental awareness
amongst locals since they eran out of it.
Less depletion of natural resources due to increased tourism inflow as it will check
deforestation and poaching.
Environmental Awareness in todays young city children

   2. Please describe the social benefits that your product or service delivers.
Socio -Cultural Impact of Tourism

The most notable positive impact of tourism is cross-cultural awareness – the fostering of
understanding between people of different areas and cultures. The opportunity to exchange
knowledge ideals and traditions is more available today than at any previous time in the

   New Ventures India is a program of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the CII-Godrej Green Business
   Centre. This information will be kept confidential and will be managed only by New Ventures personnel.
Tourism raises the standard of living of the local community as the host community learns
from outsiders.
Tourism acts as passport to peace developing international as well as state wise understanding,
socially integrating people of various areas. Educationally tourism fosters the feeling of love,
understanding and goodwill.

Economic impact of tourism

Tourism in the broader sense is the business of providing information, transportation and other
services to the traveler. The most visible benefit of tourism is employment. The project will
give direct and indirect employment to at least 200 people in the ecodevelopment zone of the
GHNP.The workforce will consist of camp employees, taxi drivers, tour guides, entertainers,
restaurant employees and transportation workers. Besides employment, tourism will also
generate revenues that benefit the local population by increasing economic activity. Money
spent by the traveler in camps or restaurants help to pay employee wages and support other
businesses. Eventually the same money is used to buy food, clothing and other products and
services (Multiplier effect), further benefiting the economy.

   Community Based Eco-Tourism

   3. In what areas of the business do you think New Ventures can add the most value?

   Financing New Eco-Tourism Projects
   Making a forum of fair trade businesses and giving them a common ground
   Facilitating Certification

   4. Does your company have a business plan? If yes, please attach it to this form.


   5. How did you hear about New Ventures India?

Personal contact                Yes


Friends of Nature      SAHARA                           Eco-Tour Operators

   New Ventures India is a program of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the CII-Godrej Green Business
   Centre. This information will be kept confidential and will be managed only by New Ventures personnel.

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