Tips For Filling Out Cutting Order by tyndale


									                        Tips For Filling Out Your Cutting Order

Please fill out the enclosed cutting order and mail it back to us within a few weeks.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Ground Meat is packaged in tubes. All other cuts are vacuum packaged.

We recommend you first determine how many pounds of hamburger you want. And
write the number of total pounds you would like on the form.

Next determine how many pounds of stew meat and chili meat you would like.

If you fill in pounds next to the ground meat, stew meat and chili, the butcher will fill this
number of pounds first and leave roasts after that. If you want to maximize roasts, you
might want to make the ground, stew or chili meat amounts a little lower to be sure you
have roasts. I recommend you also make a comment on the form stating, “please
maximize roasts”. Then the butcher will not use any good roasts for grinding.

The chili meat grind is quite coarse. We do like it for chili, but we do not recommend it
for other uses.

Determine the number of pounds per package.

A 3-4 pound roast will fit easily in a standard size crock pot. A 5 pound roast will fit in a
large crock pot. We prefer to order 4 pound roasts (we have 5 persons in our family), that
gives us enough for leftovers.

If you choose “yes” on the roasts (pikes peak and rump roast) the butcher will leave these
roasts. If you choose “no” these will become ground meat, chili or stew meat.

Decide how you want your brisket – half, whole or ground into ground beef.

Determine how thick you would like your steaks. We recommend you select on the
thicker side since we have noticed that sometimes the steaks are a little thinner than what
we request. We recommend choosing 1.25” or if you like really thick 1.5”

Make a note if you want the liver (it comes sliced and vacuum-packaged, in one pound
packages). It is delicious and very nutritious!

The heart comes whole and vacuum-packaged.

Make a note if you would like extra soup bones.

The ribs also work great for soups and stocks.

*Please note – there is an additional charge of $12.00 per order for tenderizing.
There is also an additional charge of $0.75 per pound for hamburger patties.

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