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									                                 Restaurant and Hotel
                           Maršovská rychta
                                        Nové Město na Moravě

     Dear Guests,
Cordially we welcome You in our Restaurant Maršovská rychta. We offer you a wide selection of dishes
and beverages. Please allow us to suggest you our house specialties. "Maršovská cibulačka" is a strong kind
of onion soup with grated cheese and toasted bread pieces and parsley. As main food we suggest chicken
meat in potato cake. Whole menu you can end with banana in chocolate with Ice cream and whipped
cream. We hope, that you make a good choice from our offer and you will join a group of contented guests.

    "Formanka" (Pub), Dining room and Drawing room for closed society for 60
          People is in our offer. You can also spend a night in our hotel.

                              SOUP FROM DAYMENU COSTS 18 KČ

  We wish to you a good stay and nice taste. Foods are prepared from head cook
                     Petrovič Roman and Kohler Martin.

                                             Petr Štěpánek

                               This Menu applies from 4Th July 2007
Cold starters
   50g Ham roll with horseradish                                                                             45,-
   50g Chicken salad with peach (mixed vegetables with chicken meat, dressing, peach and whipped cream)      45,-
   50g Pasta salad with Chicken meat (penne with vegetables, chicken meat and dressing)                      45,-
  0,25l Maršovská onion soup with cheese                                                                     28,-
  0,25l Garlic soup with cheese                                                                              28,-
  0,25l "Ju-mi-tang" Soup (light sharp soup with cream, chicken meat, ham, egg and maize)                    40,-
  0,25l Beef tea with egg                                                                                    25,-
  0,25l Beef tea with vegetables, pork liver peaces and pasta                                                20,-
Hot starters
   50g Peach roasted with cheese                                                                             49,-
   50g Bread toast roasted with ham and cheese                                                               49,-
  100g Devil’s bread toast                                                                                   55,-
  100g Bread toasted with chicken liver mixture                                                              55,-
  100g Pineapple roasted with ham and cheese                                                                 49,-
House specialties
 150g    Mountain dweller’s needle (leg of pork, speck, smoked foods and onion on needle with cheese)       115,-
 150g    Patron’s Hubert steak (wild boar steak with cheese and smoked foods served in nature sauce)        159,-
 150g    Wild boar pieces “Otylín” (Plums, currant and cranberries)                                         159,-
 400g    Pork steak from giant (Roast steak served with nature sauce)                                       219,-
 300g    Crumb’s chicken mixture, potato cake pomes frits                                                   219,-
         (Chicken breast pieces, chicken liver, onion, mushrooms, paprika, chilies, ketchup, garlic)
 450g Savoury meat (Beef sirloin, pork fillet, chicken breast, strawberries, mushrooms, chilies)            399,-
Hill specialties
 100g Ermine in potato cake                                                                                  99,-
 200g Ermine with smoked meat in potato cake                                                                119,-
 150g Chicken pieces in potato cake                                                                         105,-
 150g Pork pieces in potato cake                                                                            105,-
 150g Devil’s fire, potato cake (Leg of pork mixture with onion, paprika, ketchup, chilies)                 145,-
 200g Hired hand’s mixture (Leg of pork mix. with pork liver, mushrooms, onion, paprika, ketchup, garlic)   145,-
Beef sirloin specialties
                                    We can prepare the meat rare, medium or well-done
  300g   Chateaubriand (Sirloin with nature sauce for 2 Persons with vegetables richly jeweled)             469,-
  200g   Beefsteak (with nature sauce)                                                                      289,-
  200g   Beefsteak „America“ (jeweled with peach and whipped cream)                                         289,-
  200g   Devil’s beefsteak (with sharp sauce and horseradish)                                               289,-
  200g   English Beefsteak with egg (with nature sauce, fried egg and speck)                                289,-
  200g   Pepper steak (with pepper sauce)                                                                   289,-
  200g   Sirloin pieces with cheese (roasted with cheese in cheese sauce)                                   289,-
  200g   Tatar beefsteak, 1 Piece of Bread toast (by guests order prepared mixed or no)                     299,-
  200g   Sirloin mixture „Tatran“ (with cream and cranberries)                                              289,-
  200g   Sirloin pieces with mushrooms (sour cream with mushrooms)                                          289,-
Pork doll specialties
  200g Gurman’s needle (Pork doll with onion on needle with cheese sauce)                                169,-
  200g Pork doll Istria with blue cheese sauce                                                           169,-
  200g Pork doll pegs (with mushroom sauce)                                                              169,-
  200g Sharp manageress (Pork doll larded with chili served with pepper sauce)                           169,-
  200g Pork doll up “Tandoori” (Pork doll with Indian spice)                                             169,-

Beef roast specialties
 150g Svratka’s Goulash with potato cake (Mixture with onion, mushrooms, ketchup and marjoram)           145,-
 200g Rump steak (with steak spice served with nature sauce)                                             145,-
 200g Rumpsteak with ham and egg                                                                         145,-

Fish specialties
  150g Fried fish fillet                                                                                  75,-
  150g Fish fillet roasted with cheese                                                                    75,-
  150g Roasted trout (weight difference 3 Kč á 1dkg)                                                      99,-
  150g Trout up miller way (with mushrooms and cream sauce)                                               99,-
  150g Trout up “Magdalena Rettigová” way (served with almond egg omelet)                                119,-
  150g Roasted salmon with herbal butter                                                                  90,-
Chicken and turkey hen meals
  200g Chicken roll with peaches (filled with peaches in nature sauce)                                   125,-
  150g Fried chicken chop                                                                                 95,-
  150g Chicken breast with butter                                                                         95,-
  150g Fried bag up spice man’s way (filled with pot-herb and ermine)                                    125,-
  150g Chicken steak roasted with cheese and pineapple                                                   115,-
  150g Chicken breast with wine sauce                                                                     99,-
  150g Chicken breast with cream and broccoli                                                            115,-
  150g Chicken needle with cheese (with onion, smoke food, speck on needle with cheese)                  115,-
  150g Fried chicken chop filled with ham and cheese                                                     125,-
  150g Chicken steak roasted with ham and cheese                                                         115,-
  150g Chicken steak “Imperial” (with honey, cream, lemon sauce and pineapple)                           105,-
  150g Chicken steak „America“ (with caramel sauce and peach)                                            105,-
  150g Peter’s red chicken breast (with garlic, paprika, onion, ketchup and marjoram)                    105,-
  150g Chicken pieces „Everest“ (in batter with nuts and cream sauce)                                    115,-
  150g Chicken steak with salt cheese and tomatoes (with tomatoes and basil)                             115,-
  150g Devil’s chicken mixture (with onion, mushrooms, paprika, leek, ketchup, chilies)                  105,-
  150g Chicken pieces with maize and yoghurt                                                             105,-
  150g Chicken mixture with Champignons (with onion, leek and mushrooms)                                 105,-
  150g Chicken mixture „Orient“ (with pineapple, leek, mushrooms and curry)                              105,-
  150g Swedish chicken mixture (with mushroom, cucumber and cream)                                       105,-
  150g Chicken pieces with blue cheese (mixture with leek, onion, blue cheese, basil and cream)          115,-
  200g Chicken „Kung Pao“ (sharp mixture with nuts)                                                      115,-
  200g Tramp’s Balls (fried balls filled with ham and blue cheese)                                       125,-
  150g “Štajdlovák” (chicken breast mixture with basil, garlic, cream and cheese)                        115,-
  150g “Ťupík’s” roasted chicken mixture                                                                 125,-
         (Chicken breast, chicken liver, onion, ham, mushrooms roasted with cheese, egg and cream)
  150g   Magic chicken from our old witch (Chicken breast with plums, raisin, nuts, cranberries, wine)   115,-
  150g   Turkey steak with mustard sauce (with onion and mustard sauce)                                  115,-
  150g   Turkey pieces roasted with Ermine (served with nature sauce)                                    115,-
  150g   Turkey fillet „Orlov“ (with onion, mushrooms, ham, blue cheese and cream)                       115,-
  150g   Turkey steak with apple and cranberry sauce                                                     115,-
Rabbit meals
 150g Fried rabbit chop                                                                           99,-
 150g Rabbit caré with vegetables                                                                125,-
          (Broccoli, mushrooms, carrot, pea, bean pods and cream)
  150g    Aunt Olča’s rabbit (mixture with smoke food, onion and ketchup)                        125,-
  150g    Canadian rabbit (with curry, garlic, onion and nature sauce)                           125,-

Pork meals
  200g Villager’s steak (with fried egg, fresh onion and horseradish, mustard)                   115,-
  200g Pork steak in nature sauce                                                                 99,-
  200g Devil’s pork steak (served in red chilies sauce)                                          115,-
  200g “Křižánky” pork steak (with goulash sauce, onion, red beans, sour cabbage and cream)      115,-
  200g Woodcutter’s steak (with onion, leek, mushrooms, garlic, chilies)                         115,-
  150g Fried pork chop                                                                            99,-
  150g Pork mixture „Krčmář“ (Curry, egg, onion, chili, mushrooms)                                99,-
  150g Pork mixture with sweet Paprika (Ginger, Soya sauce, paprika)                              99,-
  150g Pork meat with basil sauce (mixture with paprika, leek, carrot, cream and basil)          105,-
  150g Pork fillet with ermine (roasted with ermine and with mustard sauce)                      139,-
  150g Pork fillet „Alabama“                                                                     139,-
          (With ham, paprika, tomatoes, garlic and cream)
  150g Pork fillet with cheese                                                                   139,-
          (Roasted with cheese and blue cheese with nature sauce)

Pork, chicken and goose liver meals
  200g Goose liver with apples (Goose liver with apples in nature sauce)                          99,-
  200g Goose liver “Perigord” (Goose liver with speck and flamed with cognac)                     99,-
  150g Roasted pork liver, roast potatoes                                                         99,-
  150g Fried pork liver, potato salad                                                             99,-
  150g Chicken liver „America“ (Chicken liver with peach and mushrooms)                           79,-
  150g Pork liver "Hunting" (Pork liver mixture, onion, mushrooms, leek, garlic, speck, curry)    79,-

Vegetarian dishes
 150g Fried cheese variation (Cheese, ermine, blue cheese)                                        90,-
 200g Fried cauliflower                                                                           70,-
 100g Fried ermine                                                                                70,-
 130g Fried cheese                                                                                70,-
 150g Fried cheese with ham                                                                       80,-
 130g Fried blue cheese                                                                           80,-
 130g Fried cured cheese                                                                          70,-
 150g Fried ripening cheese                                                                       70,-
 200g Broccoli with blue cheese (cooked with cream and blue cheese)                               70,-
 200g Fried broccoli                                                                              70,-
 200g Broccoli with yoghurt                                                                       70,-
 200g Steamed vegetable with cheese and cream                                                     70,-

                                                All main foods are served
                                                With Vegetable garnish
Order meals
         Roasted knuckle of pork, Side-dish (to order 4 Hours in advance)                       Price by agreement
         Roasted duck, Side-dish (to order 4 Hours in advance)                                  Price by agreement
          (Duck with white and red cabbage, potato and bread dumplings and with stuffing)
          Giant’s lunch chop, Side-dish (to order 1 Day in advance)                             Price by agreement
          (3 Kilo pork chop served on giant board, with much vegetable and potato salad “SPECIAL”)

Side dishes
  200g Village mayor’s tears (potato pancake pieces fried with yoghurt)                                       40,-
  150g Butcher’s rice (rice with smoke food, ham, onion and red paprika)                                      40,-
  200g Cooked potatoes                                                                                        25,-
  200g Roast potatoes                                                                                         28,-
  200g Castle potatoes (roast potatoes with onion, smoked food and grill spices)                              40,-
  200g Pomes frits                                                                                            28,-
  200g American potatoes                                                                                      28,-
  200g American potatoes with garlic and blue cheese                                                          40,-
  150g Croquettes                                                                                             28,-
  200g Potato cake                                                                                            28,-
  200g Potato salad                                                                                           28,-
  150g Rice                                                                                                   26,-
  150g Curry rice                                                                                             30,-
  150g Ham rice                                                                                               30,-
  150g Pea rice                                                                                               30,-
  160g Bread dumpling                                                                                         24,-
  200g Potato dumpling                                                                                        28,-
  150g Hot cabbage                                                                                            25,-
  150g Spinach                                                                                                30,-
   50g Bread                                                                                                   4,-
    1ks Bread roll                                                                                             4,-
   50g Roasted bread                                                                                           6,-
  100g Silver onions                                                                                          25,-
  100g Lamb paprika                                                                                           25,-
   50g Feferoni (sharp)                                                                                       20,-
  150g Cooked vegetables                                                                                      40,-

Vegetable salads
 150g Tomato salad                                                                                            30,-
 150g Cucumber salad                                                                                          30,-
 200g Carrot salad with orange                                                                                30,-
 200g White cabbage salad with dill                                                                           25,-
 200g Red cabbage salad with horseradish                                                                      25,-
 150g Vegetable salad with salt cheese                                                                        40,-
 200g Mixed vegetable salad with ham and cheese                                                               45,-
 200g Mixed vegetable salad with dressing                                                                     45,-

Cold sauces
   90g Tartar sauce                                                                                           12,-
   90g Ketchup                                                                                                12,-
                                  Sweet desserts

   70g    Special pancakes with blueberries, ice cream and whipped cream         55,-
  200g    Potato loafs with poppy                                                49,-
  260g    Pancake with fruit and whipped cream                                   65,-
  260g    Granny’s pancake with apple, honey, cinnamon, whipped cream and nuts   65,-
  260g    Pancake with coconut and whipped cream                                 65,-
  260g    Pancake with ice cream, fruit and whipped cream                        65,-
  200g    Bags with plum jam                                                     49,-


   1stk "Baby coffin" with whipped cream                                         14,-
  100g Banana in chocolate with ice cream and whipped cream                      45,-

Ice cream sundaes

         Hot strawberries with ice cream and whipped cream                       60,-
         Fruit salad with whipped cream                                          45,-
         Ice cream glass with cherries, liquor with whipped cream                60,-
         Plum glass with ice cream, caramel, cinnamon with whipped cream         60,-
         Cranberry glass with ice cream and whipped cream                        60,-
         Blueberry glass with ice cream and whipped cream                        60,-
         Ice cream (3 rises) by offer                                            18,-
       ¼ Ice lolly cream                                                         15,-

Preserved fruit

  100g By offer                                                                  25,-
   0,1l    Metropol bianco with lemon                                         25,-
   0,1l    Cinzano with lemon (by offer)                                      45,-
   0,1l    Martini with lemon (by offer)                                      45,-
 0,05l     Campari with orange                                                45,-

Wine under offer
    1l White wine                                                            130,-
  0,7l White wine (by Wine list)
    1l Red wine                                                              130,-
  0,7l Red wine (by Wine list)
  0,2l White wine                                                             26,-
  0,2l Red wine                                                               26,-

Sparkling wines
  0,75l Bohemia sekt                                                         250,-
  0,75l Pilsner sekt                                                         250,-
  0,75l Freixenet sekt                                                       400,-

Hot beverages
    7g Turkish coffee standard                                                16,-
    7g Turkish coffee Del Moro                                                23,-
         Algerian Coffee (2cl Egg cognac, whipped cream)                      45,-
  1,5g Tea (Black with lemon, fruit, green, mint, Earl Grey)                  20,-
   10g Coffee cream – Kapucín                                                  5,-
         Ice coffee                                                           40,-
  2dcl Boiled wine                                                            32,-
         Grog (4cl Tuzemák), lemon                                            25,-
   30g Whipped cream                                                          12,-
                                  Hot beverages are served with sugar 5g.

Non-alcoholic beverages under offer from Coca-Cola list
  0,4l Kofola original                                                        16,-

   0,5l    Radegast 10° - beer on tap                                         18,-
   0,3l    Radegast 10° - beer on tap                                         11,-
   0,5l    Gambrinus 10° - beer on tap                                        19,-
   0,3l    Gambrinus 10° - beer on tap                                      11, 50
   0,5l    Pilsner Urquell – beer on tap                                      28,-
   0,3l    Pilsner Urquell – beer on tap                                      17,-
   0,5l    Radegast 10°- bottle beer                                          18,-
   0,5l    Pilsner Urquell – bottle beer                                      33,-
   0,5l    Radegast Birell – non-alcoholic, beer on tap                       24,-
   0,3l    Radegast Birell – beer on tap                                      14,-
   0,5l    Radegast Birell – bottle beer                                      24,-
   0,5l    Velkopopovický kozel 10° black – bottle beer                       24,-

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