PANE – BREADS by tyndale


									                               COLD STARTERS

Caprese (V)                                                           £5.25
Tossed salad of buffalo mozzarella, oven roasted tomatoes and basil
pesto finished with parmesan shavings and balsamic.

Marinated Olives (V)                                                  £2.95
Bowl of marinated olives

Duck Liver Pate                                                       £4.95
Home made duck liver pate with red onion jam and toasted

Vegetable Antipasto (V)                                               £5.50
Roast aubergine, chargrilled courgettes, oven dried tomatoes, roast
peppers, olives, telagio and caponata

Antipasto Misto                                                       £6.95
Italian ham, Artisan salami, telagio, roasted peppers, pesto, green
bean salad, caponata, oven roasted tomatoes and olives

Bruschetta Tuscany (V)                                                £3.90
Toasted bruchetta topped with vine tomatoes, basil pesto and
melting buffalo mozzarella.

                                HOT STARTERS

Soup of the Moment (V)                                                £3.50
Soup served with warm crusty bread

Potato Skins (V)                                                      £3.90
Chunky potato skins served with garlic and chive mayonnaise or
tomato chilli dip

Calamari                                                              £4.80
Grilled calamari with a light chilli dressing and rocket

Gamberoni                                                             £6.20
King prawns with cannellini beans, chilli and garlic

Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta                                            £3.90
Bruschetta with roasted Portobello mushrooms, garlic and parsley

Steamed Scottish Mussels                                              £6.55
Steamed mussels with the following sauces: white wine cream or
chilli tomato and pancetta

Crispy Baked Goats Cheese (V)                                         £5.25
Crispy baked goats cheese with sweet tomato relish.
                             MAIN COURSES

Braised Lamb Shank                                                     £12.95
Tender lamb shank braised with rosemary and thyme jus
served with spring onion mash

Char Grilled Chicken                                                   £10.50
Char grilled chicken with roast potatoes and tomato ragout

Confit Duck                                                            £11.95
Duck leg with thyme and garlic potatoes, braised red cabbage
and Madeira Sauce

Tuscan Braised Beef Stew                                               £10.95
Tender chunks of braised beef with pancetta, button mushrooms
and baby onions in a red wine sauce

Seabass                                                                £11.95
Fillets of seabass served with sautéed potatoes, tomatoes,
olives and spinach

Porchetta                                                              £11.95
Tuscan style pork cooked with fennel herbs and garlic
served with crushed olive oil potatoes

Pesto Chicken                                                          £10.95
Pesto stuffed chicken breast with roast root vegetables and herb jus

Salmon                                                                 £11.95
Marinated salmon steak with lemon crushed potatoes, rocket pesto
and tomato roast red pepper coulis

Rump of Lamb                                                           £12.95
Grilled rump of lamb with mint salsa verde and caponata

Mature Sirloin                                                         £15.95
Dry rubbed sirloin steak with grilled vine tomatoes, garlic,
portobello mushroom and rosemary potatoes

      (Choice of Sauces: Peppercorn, Diane, Tomato and Chorizo £1.95)

                              SIDE ORDERS

 Hand cut chunky chips (V)                                             £1.95

 Rosemary and Garlic Roast Potatoes (V)                                £2.50

 Mixed salad (V)                                                       £2.50

 Seasonal Vegetables (V)                                               £2.50

 Green Beans and Pancetta                                              £2.75
                                              PANE – BREADS

             Pizza Garlic Bread – With garlic infused olive oil                             £2.50

             Pizza Garlic Bread – With Napoli sauce                                         £2.95

             Pizza Garlic Bread – With mozzarella cheese                                    £2.95

             Pizza garlic Bread – With olives and rosemary                                  £2.95

                                     TRADITIONAL STONE BAKED PIZZA
Create your own pizza, start with a base margherita plus any one topping then add as many toppings as you like!

              Margherita (V) with any one topping of your choice                                     £6.00
              Traditional tomato base topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh oregano

              Create Your Own Pizza, choose from the following toppings:

              Balsamic Red Onions, Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Rocket                                     £0.50
              Roast Peppers, Olives, Caper Berries, Garlic Mushrooms,
              Basil Pesto

              Roasted Aubergines, Chargrilled Courgettes, Toasted Pinenuts                            £0.75
              Marinated Artichokes, Gorgonzola Cheese, Goats’ Cheese
              Parmesan Cheese, Chargrilled Asparagus

              Salami, Chorizo, Parma Ham, Mortadella, Smoked Salmon,                                  £1.10
              Tiger Prawns, Chargrilled Chicken, Pepperoni, Pancetta,
              Mussels, Squid, Marinated Anchovies

              Calzone – Traditional folded pizza with Italian ham, mushrooms and onions £7.95


             Gorgonzola (V)                                                               £7.95
             Semi dried tomatoes and roast peppers
             finished with gorgonzola cheese.

             Chargrilled Chicken                                                          £8.50
             Chargrilled chicken with mushrooms finished with parmesan

             King Prawn                                                                   £8.95
             Lemon and thyme risotto with juicy king prawns
                              PASTA DISHES
                   Gluten and Wheat Free Pasta Available

Linguine with gorgonzola, roast peppers                                         £7.50
and oven roast tomatoes in basil pesto (V)

Pappardelle with Braised Chicken, pancetta Sage,                                £8.50
Shallots and tomato

Mushroom Pesto Penne with Asparagus, Pinenuts                                   £8.50
and Parmesan (V)

Seafood Linguine with Tomatoes, Black Olives                                    £8.95
and Caper Berries

Pappardelle tossed with Mediterranean Vegetables (V)                            £7.95

Penne with Chargrilled Chicken, Chorizo Sausage,                                £8.50
Chilli and Tomato

Lasagne                                                                         £7.95
Rich bolognese sauce layered with pasta sheets and
béchamel sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

Mushroom Lasagne (V)                                                            £7.95
Open Lasagne with Mushrooms, chargrilled Asparagus,
White Wine Cream and Parmesan

Penne Carbonara                                                                 £7.65
Smoked pancetta with parmesan and white wine cream

Spaghetti Bolognese                                                             £7.95
Tossed with traditional Bolognese sauce

Pappardelle Smoked Salmon                                                       £8.95
Flakes of smoked salmon with tomato and crème fraiche

Chargrilled Chicken                                                             £7.95
Chargrilled Chicken and Mushrooms in a Basil Pesto Cream

All PRICES INCLUDE VAT, 10% service charge will be added for parties of 8 or more.

  Although not stated, many of our menu items may contain nuts or nut derivatives.

                        (V) Suitable for vegetarians

   If you would like any further information regarding any of our dishes please ask
                           a member of our team.
                    Continental Cheese Board
Selection of continental cheeses served with chutney oat cakes and biscuits

                         Graham’s LBV Port
      Great structure, richness and depth, matured and seasoned in
                     Oak casks, great with chesses.

                       Classic Tiramisu £4.95

                Pannacotta with blackberries £4.95

           Baked Cheesecake with strawberries £4.95

       Crème Brulee with caramelised vanilla sugar £4.95

             Warm chocolate hazelnut pudding £4.95

                   Cherry and Amaretto tart £4.95

                   Ice creams and sorbets £4.50

                          Dessert Wines
          Moscato di Noto Planeta                  50cl / £4.50
      Sweet and serious with fine flavours of ripe apricot, honey and
     Melon with good balancing acidity and a crisp mouth filling finish

            Dessert Cocktail               50cl / £5.00
       Tia Maria, Baileys and Amaretto topped with whipped Cream

                          Coffees and Teas

                         Americano £1.50
                          Espresso £1.50
                       Double Espresso £2.50
                         Macchiato £2.50
                         Cappuccino £2.00
                            Latte £2.00

                         English Tea £1.50
                           Earl Grey £1.50
                         Herbal Teas £1.50
                      Rich Hot Chocolate £2.50

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