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					TENDER DOCUMENT SUPPLY OF ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC COFFEE MACHINES GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Sealed offers are invited from manufacturers/ authorized distributors/ dealers/ stockist with the words Tender - Electronic Automatic Coffee Machine" super scribed on the cover and complete in all respects in this office upto 6=8=2008 by 11.00 AM. 2. The rates quoted by tenderer will be valid during 2008-09 (i.e. upto 31.3.2009). 3. The offers will be received /considered/finalized through two bid system Technical bid and financial bid. The financial bid should be sealed in a separate envelop and enclosed with the Technical bid. Financial bid of only those manufacturers/ authorized distributors/ dealers/ stockist will be opened who will be considered technically qualified for the supply of required equipment. 4. The tenderer must have supplied Electronic Automatic Coffee Machines along with Coffee Beans Grinders and Base Counters to atleast one reputed Fast Food Chain in the past three years will be an essential prerequisite for qualification. 5. In case, an operator is also provided by the supplier for six months, the additional rates chargeable be also quoted. 6. The earnest money by demand draft of Rs.10,000/- (Rs Ten thousand only) in favour of the Managing Director, Haryana Tourism Corporation Ltd., Chandigarh must be enclosed with the tender. 7. Request of the firms for deducting amount of earnest money out of their pending payments/EMD or adjustment of some other pending payment, if any, will not be considered. 8. The conditional tenders or the ones received after the prescribed date/time or without earnest money (in form of D.D.) shall not be entertained at any cost. 9. The earnest money of successful tenderer will be converted into security for the supply during rate contract period, which will be refundable only after three months of the expiry of the rate contract period provided no complaint regarding their product is pending. 10. Warranty period for the Electronic Automatic Coffee Machines, Coffee Beans Grinders and Base Counters will be preferably 3 years and essentially for one year from the date of installation after that maintenance contract will be executed for which the tenderer must quote charges per year for the annual maintenance without parts and separately with parts i.e. comprehensive warranty. Rates be quoted separately for 3 years warranty and also with one year warranty. 11. List of service centers and their addresses in Haryana be also attached with the tender. 12. The after sales service complaints must be attended within two working days failing which penalty shall be levied @ 1% of the cost of machine per working day for totally down system and @ ½% of the cost of machine per working day for partially down system. 13. The successful tenderer will also deposit an amount equivalent to 5% of the total order as security for service during warranty period which will be refundable after expiry of the warranty period provided no complaint regarding their product is pending and after deducting the amount, if any, on account of penalties regarding after sales service. 14. The successful tenderer will also impart training to the HTC staff free of cost regarding operation of the Electronic Automatic Coffee Machines and Coffee Beans Grinders immediately on installation of the system. 15. Negotiation shall be permissible only with the first lowest firm. 16. The supply will have to be executed within 15 days after receipt of the supply order and if the firm fails to supply the material within stipulated period, delay penalty will be imposed as under:

upto 5 days @ 2% From 6 to 10 days @ 4% From 11 to 15 days @ 6% From 16 to 20 days @ 8% From 21 to 30 days @ 10% This delay penalty will be imposed on the total value of the supply order. After delivery period and 30 days, no material of the firm may be accepted and these purchases may be got executed from any other firm at the risk and cost of the successful firm and any excess of the amount so paid will also be recoverable from the successful firm. Moreover earnest money/security of the firm will be forfeited and firm may also be blacklisted for future transactions. Interested manufacturers/ authorized distributors/ dealers/ stockist shall also give a brief resume about their company and the facilities available with them/their companies for manufacturing the Electronic Automatic Coffee Machines. Interested manufacturers/ authorized distributors/ dealers/ stockist shall also give their turnover of the last three years and names, addresses, telephone numbers etc of the important firms / hotels/ Fast food chains to which they have supplied Automatic Coffee Machines during the last three years along with their performance report and after sales service reports from those purchasers. Rates should be indicated unit wise along with specifications wherever feasible alongwith the rate of VAT/Sales tax and other taxes, delivery period, payment terms, Make of the quoted items etc. It may also be indicated (with documentary proof) as to whether the tenderer is a whole sale distributor/ stockist or manufacturer etc. The rates quoted shall be F.O.R. in Haryana / Chandigarh. The Electronic Automatic Coffee Machines, Coffee Beans Grinders and Base Counters should be of best standard preferably having BIS/ISI/ISO certification. Slight variation in specifications because of good quality can be considered by the HTC. The tenderer will give a certificate that the rates charged are as per the company s wholesale/stockist rates & are not more than the rates given to any other Govt. Institutions. If at any point of time, it is found that the supplier has offered less prices to any other Govt. Institutions during our rate contract period, then the difference in rates would be charged from the supplier. Distributors/Stockist will attach photocopy of authorization certificates of the company and other certificates like BIS/ ISI / ISO certification etc. along with with their PAN/TAN Nos. While quoting the rates, the offered discounts, applicable taxes etc. be also mentioned separately. Preference will be given to items having BIS/ISI/ISO certification. During the contract period, increase in rates & change in specifications will not be permissible except increase in excise duty & sales tax etc., if any. Tender of only those parties will be considered who quote as per our NIT/ terms and conditions. Tenders not conforming to our NIT are liable to be rejected. 75% payment will be released after receipts of satisfactory inspection report of the material received and installed at site and balance 25% will be released after completion of required formalities. All outstation payments would be released by D.D. Tenderer to clearly intimate if their Automatic Coffee Machines is approved by DGS&D or DS&D, Haryana on rate contract or not. The packing of items will not be in the material recycled plastic, polythene etc. as banned by the Haryana Government. In case of any dispute decision of the Managing Director, HTC will be final. MD HTC reserves the right to reject all or any tender without assigning any reason. In case of any dispute, jurisdiction of Courts will be at Chandigarh. ---xx--HARYANA TOURISM CORPORATION LIMITED S.C,O. No. 17-18-19, SECTOR -17-B, CHANDIGARH
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