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									                      The Highlander
                                       SEPTEMBER 2008
                   Newsletter of The Hong Kong Highlanders GPO Box 6368 Hong Kong S.A.R

 A little driving in the South China Seas: Kau Sai Chau
Saturday 19th July saw a mixed band of HK Highlanders set sail to Kau Sai Chau just off Sai Kung.
Oh well, it was slightly less ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in than that we boarded an icily air conditioned
ferry from the Jockey Club’s Sai Kung pier in cold fact, but it felt like we were launching into the
unknown. By using the word, ‘mixed’, I wish to draw attention to our purpose. We were in search of
an evening’s entertainment with elements of golf in it.

                                           Happy Campers!

         TYPHOON PARTY                                        HALLOWE’EN DANCE
   @ HEBE HAVEN YACHT CLUB                                       @ THE HELENA MAY
     Saturday 11th October @ 7pm                                  Friday 24th October
To start the new Social Season, everyone is
invited to join us for the evening in the                 A great programme of popular Scottish dances
delightful surroundings of the HHYC.                      to the music of Iain Carmichael.        A light
                                                          buffet supper and a cash bar will be available.
There will be a BBQ to fill up on and drinks at           The perfect ingredients for a lively evening so
own expense. Possibly some dancing, so bring              come along and bring your friends or any
your shoes.                                               ghouls and ghosties of your acquaintance.

Directions on the flyer inside. BOOK NOW.                 Flyers will be in October’s Highlander.
For some of us this was old hat, for many it was a repeat (but not a regular) experience, and for one or two
among us entirely a mystery. The golf evening was not about walking around the links putting the wee
white ball into the funny holes with those bent sticks - certainly not (and not for that price)! The golf
driving range was the site of our strenuous shared stick and ball endeavours.

This is an evening entertainment offered by the HK Jockey Club at its public course on Kau Sai Chau where
members of the public (including those unable to make the handicap requirements) can still enjoy some of
their facilities. If you’d like to play golf or practice your swing/drive, or even boat across for afternoon tea
sometime, I have included the link here:

On arrival, we were vanned (mini bused?) to the club house where we sat down to an early buffet that
allowed us to watch the evening fall thunderously over the islands and beautiful wooded slopes of Sai
Kung’s park and harbour. The buffet was rather average with some aspects (the ice cream) being very
popular but, as the price included golf and buffet it was not bad value for an evening’s entertainment.

Then, off to the range. We were extremely fortunate to have among our mixed band trusty stalwarts
including Jessica Park, Duncan Berry, and David How who were able to help us with answers to questions
such as - “Um what do I do?” With their help even the virgin players were able to see some improvement in
their driving. For some of us the balls will never drop where expected I suppose, but we did include some
big hitters and Duncan reported 16/20 of his shots were pretty good following some wise advice about grip
from Jessica.

We drove, dropped, sliced, dribbled (dripped?), and occasionally ricocheted off the roof to the
accompaniment of thunder (offstage) and dramatic bolts of lightning. It was a sociable evening enjoyed, I
think, by all. Croquet next do you think, anyone?

                                                                                                Mhairi Mackay

   “Just hold it like this ...”          Keep your eye on the ball!         Wow! Where did it go?
                    AT THE CANNY MAN
                                    Saturday, 9th August

Following the excessive rain in July, August looked as if it was going to be hot and parched,
so it was with some relief a group of thirsty Highlanders took refuge in the cool, quiet (at
least initially) cellar of the Wharney Guangdong Hotel, otherwise known as The Canny Man.

We started to gather from 7 pm and took over half of the upper lounge. Glasses were raised
and conversation was varied. By 8 o’clock, notwithstanding the delayed arrival of two
stalwart regulars, we were ready for some of the delicious ‘haggis balls’ that we all know and
love. Kevin (the Proprietor) had generously given a couple of complimentary dishes of said
haggis balls as an appetiser for the main courses to come. The menu included traditional
dishes: Scotch Pie; Haggis, Neeps & Tatties, and Lamb Stovies, with some less conventional
variations on Scottish fare - haggis burger and haggis pizza!

After a pleasant interlude of eating, drinking and moving from conversation to conversation,
the tranquil atmosphere was shattered by southern hemisphere rugby with a match between
South Africa and Argentina. This was not really of much interest to the assembled
Highlanders (it was a very one sided game in South Africa’s favour) but it did result in some
noisy support from other punters in the bar. Sadly, however, it initiated the gradual departure
of all but a couple of die-hards as people decided it was time to wend their way homewards.
One final nightcap was in order and then even the stragglers called it a night.

Thanks to Kevin McBarron for contributing the haggis and thanks to all those who attended
and made it such an enjoyable evening. We look forward to seeing everyone again after the
summer. Do try and come to the Typhoon Party which hopefully will have nothing to do
with an actual typhoon.


                                    SPELL CHECK ?
With every home computer now having a “spell checking” function there is no longer any
excuse for spelling errors. Or is there………?

Eye have a spelling chequer                           As soon as a mist ache is maid
It came with my pea sea                               It nose bee fore two long
It plainly marques four my revue                      And eye can put the error rite
Miss steaks eye can knot sea.                         Its rare lea ever wrong.
Eye strike a quay and type a word
And weight four it two say                            Eye have run this poem threw it
Weather eye am wrong oar write                        I am shore your pleased two no
It shows me straight a weigh.                         Its letter perfect awl the weigh
                                                      My chequer tolled me sew.
                     Dancers'                                    Next Issue – OCTOBER

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Time:          7pm to 8pm and then social dancing                          OR
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ADVANCED CLASS: For experienced dancers
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Dates:         Every Wednesday from 3rd September

Time:          8 pm to 10 pm                                  DIARY DATES - 2008
                                                     11 Oct - Typhoon Party @ Hebe Haven YC
Venue:         Hong Kong Park Indoor Sports Hall
                                                     24 Oct - Hallowe’en Dance @ The Helena May
Cost:          $40 per session                       24 Nov - The ‘Reel’ St Andrew’s Dance

Contact:       Joe Schembri on 9378 5380 or          31 Dec - Hogmanay @ The Helena May
               Mary How on 2517 0508                 TBC    - Chinese New Year Walk
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