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									Organizations of all types face growing pressure to minimize energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, consumption
of water and other natural resources, and waste output – in short, to adopt more sustainable business practices. As
pressure from consumers, investors, regulators and activists grows, two key points have been largely ignored:
first, managing for sustainability does not necessarily increase costs – done right, it can significantly improve
business performance; second, IT has a central role to play in achieving these benefits. This combination of factors
creates an opportunity for forward-thinking CIOs to lead the way toward sustainable practices – and, in the
process, raise their profile and strategic value to the organization.

Table of Contents :

Executive summary

In a nutshell

The Ovum view

Sustainability as an opportunity, not a threat

Sustainability is an IT problem

Key messages

Getting started

Lead by example

Focus on the big picture

Vendors offer products, proof points

Product and service offerings

Proof points

Outlook: rapid growth, consolidation

An emerging market

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