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					These are public references to indictments, obstructions, actual crimes
threatened to be committed, carried out in multiple counts, racketeering
contract and carried out by Arpino, Elena Meyers, with Meyers family,
acting in all agencies, military, weapons, chemicals, DOW, with all
agencies as per indictments below, and notices of Meyers in all agencies
and corporations, hospitals, racketeering with judicial, and state
employees, CDC, HHS, oversight, all records, state employees, weapons,
labs, Energy, as threatened and carried out:

Continued Racketeering even prior to the threats to commit terrorist acts
by multiple weapons assaults, by Meyers, with Genovese, using Arpino to
set up the threats and crimes in 2000, before threatening to commit these
racketeering, and terrorist assaults. Daily racketeering to over 350
counts daily, using all agencies, over 15 years, and 10 years, of threats
to carry out terrorism, racketeering, by Elena Meyers HHS, with Meyers
acting in all areas, Genovese in all agencies, as per below, multiple
weapons to attempted murder to carry out obstructions and the crimes to
present. Meyers, while as per below, acting through all areas, and
Businesses, Chamber of Commerce, all terrorism, under satellite, all in
crime, total racketeering, indictments, threatens those studied for many
years and women as in this case and using criminals for the assaults as
indictments nationwide under Meyers below and hiring of other criminals
even after indictments 10 times over to continue carrying out the crimes.

Criminal acts carried out, terrorist assaults, by Meyers, Genovese

Assaults on others who are intellectual, well studied, as threatened in
this case while running terrorism under total satellite
and children and college students, whose intelligence level does not form
to racketeering, bribery, and being used in it in crime

Meyers running all EMP, Radiological, spraying, weapons, including with
criminals off the street and on former agents, with taxpayer‟s dollars in
the trillions each year on the public, babies, extreme weapons assaults
in this case, millions other cases of weapons usage, on all former
military, and government employees they use with taxpayers dollars,
trillions a year, and on elderly in elder homes.

Along with these ideological groups, with the same brain states and
philosophies as one continuous line from ancient day, same ideological
excuses, to over 50 billion excuses in propaganda, Meyers running the
media and groups in the crimes, for their fraud and fraudulent
racketeering, crimes running through all agencies as per below and on us,
which was threatened and carried out to present by Meyers, Elena Meyers;
ideologies of all groups, state employees, is over 50 billion excuses for
Meyers running the crimes; from MKULTRA, to every other invalid
reasoning, including “police state,‟‟ of which Meyers, is running all
falsified records, defamation, and including blatant criminal acts
continued. An example, is that they‟ve killed over 350,000 biological,
weapons scientists just from 1999, and from 1920, with these weapons, all
as „satanists‟ with the satanic judges indicted as well, same brain
states, but hire another retarded person. The same for every other agency
as per below. Because every area is run by fraud, by Meyers, including
psychiatry on those who are educated above these ideological histories,
philosophies, and in psychiatry are assaulted as was the threat in this
case to commit the crimes.

Professors murdered under total satellite spying just as all the
racketeering, weapons, and crimes, while they continue

Richard Meyers, and other Meyers running EMP Weapons in Air Force and
with gangs already indicted; and in every single agency, NSA, FBI, using
foreign agents, crime families, criminals off the street all with weapons
under Meyers, multiple weapons assaults in this case. Notices were out,
while Elena Meyers, to present, commits terrorism with Genovese, state
employees, more CIA, FBI, hired after total indictments, and with all
other employees as per below showing indictments while they continue in
the assaults, and over 350 count racketeering daily.

USAF Detachment 8 Continues US Research Into EMP-Microwave Weapons
Mar 7, 2006 ... Detachment 8 Air Force Research Laboratory/PKDP at
Kirtland Air Force Base, NM is researching new opportunities in all
aspects of [. › Logistics & Support › C4ISR

Under Meyers operating all agencies, business, gang, racketeering, with
Genovese; all government employees, and taking all taxpayers dollars, all
Energy Department, Energy Weapons, and every college labs, weapons labs,
military, state agencies, courts;

Meyers and Genovese, running all agencies, and their indictments, taking
all taxpayers, government money, including in the elder care fraud and
murders, mortgage fraud, weapons on us, all of it; hiring others in the
same crimes to carry out their continued assaults and rackeering

Meyers using DOW and other Chemical CEOs indictments

Meyers running all politicians, attorneys, judicial and indictments, all
government agencies, taking taxpayers dollars, and on us, over 350 count
daily racketeering, and aggravated assaults; and from the judiciary down
to all criminal assaults Meyers acting in every area for it, under DOW

Meyers using Scientologists for disasters and media cover ups, all cults
in every area, and „satanists‟ as from ancient days, running all hate
groups, over 280,000 cultic and 1% brain states, for each specific crime
area, (as indictments show below) and in businesses, and with weapons
(some names of groups changed over centuries)

Scientologists (indicted over and over from 2000) used for FEMA, media,
disasters, and ignoring radiological assaults, as well as “neo-nazis”
being used in police, “satanists” used in judiciary, “Zionism,” and
“anti-Jewish,” and running all crime and as attorneys under Meyers,

Scientology also being used in prisons as well as “Satanists” including
in Israel, Iraq, under Meyers

Meyers using “Satanists” and criminals, in all racketeering and crime,
weapons, labs, Meyers in all judiciary, agencies, nationwide, and
judiciary under DOW chemical, acting in all State Supreme Courts
nationwide, attorneys, Judges, weapons, chemical weapons, Energy, college
labs, and all privately owned prisons, facilities ran by Meyers, HHS, all

Meyers still racketeering with Commissioners indicted nationwide,
aggravated assaults daily from DOW and Meyers using radiological,
implants, microwave, cooking, weapons, over 350 counts, daily
racketeering, with thousands of indicts

Meyers using CIA, Military directors, in and running all Health Human
Services nationwide, with racketeering as „Oversight‟ to Energy, weapons,
all areas, implants, while covering it up themselves, with Elena Meyers

Meyers in all HHS as „oversight‟ for weapons (see oversight indictments)
Meyers running their own weapons in every agency, college, DOW chemical,
gangs, terrorism, and oversight, all hospitals, and their own psych
fraud, and every other crime carried out as threatened in racketeering
with the assaults

Meyers in Health Human Services nationwide acting with Military,
„satanic‟ Judges, Senators, Attorneys, DOW chemical, all weapons, Energy,
racketeering with all agencies and businesses nationwide and intl. (over
15 years, 350 counts daily racketeering, threats, aggravated assaults,
attempted murder, criminal acts, stalking, fabrications, anonymous phone
calls, lies, criminal acts of changing documents, weapons assaults,
chemicals, radiation, implants, EMP and radiation to attempted murder to
carry out the crimes and to present continues)

 Results 1 - 10 of about 1,030,000 for "HHS" + "indicted"

HHS employees used crime nationwide under Meyers, indictments throughout
while cont in crime

HHS employees being used under Meyers as CIA, „satanists,‟ and criminals,
and arrests, while continuing in crimes

Meyers using smaller crime families brought in with passports under NSA,
and spying, satellites, using them throughout agencies, linked together,
and within attorney firms

Meyers investments in all hospitals with taxpayers dollars, running
fraud, indictments taking the money

Meyers and Bay Health, Delaware and nationwide

Meyers, Children‟s Hospital including DuPont “Research” in Delaware,
along with using „satanic‟ people in tainted vaccines, and biological
weapons, HHS, courts, attorneys to get the money

Meyers, all media buyout under one Conglomerate
CONTACT INFORMATION: Meyers Communications Dan Meyers / 323.931.4771 ...
together designers, manufacturers, celebrities, buyers and media under
one roof. ... -
(same in Russia as other racketeering)

Journalists, media murders, using media for signing weapons agreements,
cover ups, as Scientologists, and other

Meyers in CDC and biological weapons, tainted vaccines (CEOS indicted)

Meyers, Boyden Gray (Bird Flu and biological weapons creator),
“satanist,” using “”satanists”in all weapons and criminal acts to run
taxpayers dollars for their crimes, and indictments of all taking the
money themselves
1.    WASHINGTON, District of Columbia (DC) Political Contributions by
C BOYDEN GRAY (WILMER CUTLER & PICKERING), (Zip code: 20007) $1000 to
20007) $1000 ..... LARRY D MEYERS (GOVERNMENT RELATIONS), (Zip code:
20003) $1000 to BUSH FOR ... - Cached
Small World. Big Impact.
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F. C. Boyden-Bland. Laura Boyer. Boys & Girls Club of Redlands. Becky
Braband ..... Betty R. Gray. Original Graziano's Pizza. Leora Grecian.
Angela Green ...... Christina Meyers in honor of Matthew, Tyler &
Jessica. Sharon Sunn ...
2.    Full text of "Report"
No gray hairs or wrinkles for mine. We have only one life to live and so
many make them- selves sick ...... Boston Childrens' Hospital; assistant
in the Laryn- gological Department, ...... Parents Herman, Celestine
(Meyers) Kratzenstein. ...... and entered the office of Ropes, Gray,
Boyden & Perkins, of Boston. ... - Cached
3.    Full text of "The Biological bulletin"
Hospital ROBINSON VI BL ROTH, Ei RUSSELL, H., University of Arizona
College ...... Financial support was generously provided by the Lerner-
Gray Fund of the American ...... BOYDEN, C. R. 1971. A comparative study
of the reproductive cycles of the ... -

Hospital, psychs, nurse, and hirees from criminal families, and as CIA

Meyers with ownership in all mental health facilities, threatened to
commit multiple, brutal, criminal assaults to near death, with
investments in UHS, Dover Behavioral and all other gov agencies, Health,
HHS, Elena Meyers, in HHS, with all Meyers out of UD, with Arpino,
Genovese, to present in daily aggravated assault and attempted murder, by
racketeering, over 10 years, and committed illegal acts to present

Meyers, director of APA's Department of. Government Relations. “The Blue
Dogs are extremely cohesive and on the issue of ...... largest private
hospital-based mental health facility in the ...... acquired by UHS of
Dover LLC early 2007. ...

Nationwide, holding facilities and abuse under Meyers, denial of victims
rights, of radiation, EMP weapons, radiological assaults, and carrying
out the racketeering as threatened in 2000, and indictments even prior as
throughout while continuing in the crimes

Meyers in All „oversight‟ for every single agency and weapons, and their
indictments for cover up

Meyers actually using people in falsifying information, passing on
falsified personal information for stalking (still illegal); wire tap
fraud, using cell towers, AT& T, microwave weapons, with criminals;
Indictments actually in every single area, including in college
administration for handing over personal information and giving out
falsified information; in this case Meyers directly involved in weapons,
passing along falsified information, arresting people, and hiring others
to pass falsified information, illegally operating through these agencies
and investments in them for it, and having people change all records.

Meyers racketeering with Veterans Affairs, Benefits, nationwide; illegal
criminal acts with HealthNet Federal, Lab Corp, all weapons, chemical
weapons documented, EMP assaults, as threatened to be carried out; while
carrying out the crimes, including having records changed, and running
office of Research Integrity to cover up weapons crimes, HHS, which is

Meyers nationwide using all Veterans Benefits connected with their
racketeering in every area, with hospitals, Lab Corp, military, weapons
on former military and CIA, and us

1.    Kornak, Paul H - Office of Research Integrity
Feb 24, 2006 ... Of the 48 criminal charges contained in his Indictment,
Paul Kornak ... Office of Research Oversight Veteran's Health
Administration, VA ... -
Director American Psychiatry Association Resigned, along with many
psychiatrists, while Elena Meyers, other Meyers, with Genovese, continued
over 350 counts of racketeering, aggravated assaults to present

Immigration passport indictments for gangs, Iranaians, Chinese in Meyers
ran operations, Russian agents indicted already, while Meyers commits
these crimes under satellite, using agents, hiring new agents,
throughout, weapons, radiation, chemicals, assaults, racketeering to
present, and lies, defamation, stalking, criminal acts, criminal changing
of records, illegal acts with state employees to DA

Immigration indictments, fake passports given to criminals in weapons,
Iraqis used and indicted, others retaliated and fired

      Delaware, nationwide, intnl; Meyers used Iraqis for weapons,
Iranians, and other Air Force, gangs, arrests used with General Meyers,
Meyers running all Air Force and other EMP , chemical, radiological

General Meyers, Meyers family, running all terrorism, internationally,
and weapons and groups on us as threatened, using foreign agents as well

Meyers, Air Force, weapons, EMP, Weapons Contractors indictments and all
labs, while continued in these assaults, to present, racketeering, daily
aggravated assaults, EMP, Microwave, racketeering with state employees
continues, criminal acts, attempted murder to carry out the crimes from
      Indictments of other weapons, Air Force
1.    General Meyers Reported Owner Of Aviation Firm .
senate inquiry to day that Major General Bennett Meyers received 94081.38
in two war years ... firm at a time when he was an air force purchasing
of ficer. ...

1.    Taken from the Congressional Record June 30, 2005, House p
the finances of terrorists, international narcotics, and weapons of mass
.... has the head of its air force indicted for murder of American
citizens, ...
2.    NAFSA | Public Policy | Transportation, Treasury, Housing And ...
... international narcotics, and weapons of mass destruction, .... that
has the head of its air force indicted for murder of American citizens,

Port Authority and Meyers, bought out small airports, weapons grants by
Meyers through Chamber Commerce; spraying for weaponry, with gangs and
weapons, Genovese gangs

While Meyers continues in racketeering, assaults, from DOW, racketeering
with state employees and carrying out the crimes as threatened

Port Authority, Airport indictments

Meyers, Using foreign gangs at airports for spraying and chemicals, other

Meyers threatened with Arpino, Genovese,, to carry out all assaults as
carried out, with agents, weapons, all employees, and hiring others, as
indicted under total satellite surveillance, illegal surveillance
themselves, with Genovese; lies, defamation, attempted murder,
racketeering and assaults to present, using state employees, while still
running terrorism under satellite and NSA

Meyers, Genovese, using and indicting CIA, hiring others in their crimes
over and over again, hiring others to help in more crime, and in HHS
Internships - - Student Gateway to the US Government
The CIA offers student opportunities: undergrad student internships; co-
ops; ... This HHS site provides information on internships, student
employment, ...

Meyers running CIA indictments, mass firings ten times over while they
continued the crimes to present

Behind the Recent CIA Espionage Indictments «
Behind the Recent CIA Espionage Indictments. By Joseph Fitsanakis* |
intelNews | 01.31.2009. HAROLD JAMES NICHOLSON (photo) had a remarkable
career at the ... - Cached -
Indicted CIA Official Was in Charge of Ethics | Citizens for ...
After the Foggo indictment, CIA Director Michael Hayden sent an e-mail to
all employees pointing out that the agency's own investigators uncovered
the ... -

CIA firings, hiring others to continue carrying out their crimes in
assaults, racketeering, to present, over 350 counts daily and aggravated
assault, to attempted murder to carry out the crimes, internal injury

Meyers running Energy Weapons, Energy labs, radiation, and indictments 10
times over and still assaulting throughout from 1991, 10 years daily
aggravated assault and over 350 counts racketeering daily, attempted
murder, racketeering with all state agencies listed in the criminal

Energy Department Indictments for covering up their crimes and

Results 1 - 10 of about 16,900 for "Energy department" + "indictment".

Chemical engineers indicted nationwide under Meyers operations, while
Meyers continues daily aggravated assault, internal injury, racketeering
with state employees over 350 counts

Use of Russian agents by Meyers and out of UD, internationally, with
implants, chemicals, nano-crap, pseudo science

Meyers, Use of Chinese in labs; U.S. in China and killing CIA used;
Iranians on Israel, Russia on UK, UK and Russia in U.S. and so forth
Meyers using; Indictments, Using Chinese in weapons, and planned

Microwave weapons dealers indicted under Meyers taking all money
taxpayers dollars in the trillions a year and on us
Biological, implants, biotechnology, Nanosensors, Meyers taking
taxpayers dollars all labs, colleges, weapons, military, indictments;
implants and chemical, radiological, EMP

      Spraying, see use of airport for weaponry, implants, biological,
Chemical weapons direct to body

weapons on us throughout to present

weapons specialists indictments

Nanotech indictements

Scientists murdered, using foreign scientists, doctors, in crimes, with
weapons on us, and getting rid of them; Meyers taking taxpayers dollars
for pseudo-science, over 50 billion cultic and criminal groups using
weapons for pseudo-science, NANOCRAP
      Scientists, biological, weapons, under Meyers used as „satanists‟
and indicted from 1920, and will not stop assaulting with chemicals, EMP
weapons, by Meyers out of DOW, UD, with agents, microwave towers by DOW,
and A/Force

All being run under one database, including cults within the agencies,
under Meyers weapons, racketeering, with all agencies, taxpayers money,
indicting the very people in the agencies and taking the money, and ten
times over while assaulting us

Lee Meyers, Meyers in Lab Corp nationwide, indictments falsifying
testing, denying testing, taking for VA, cover up of chemicals and
weapons on us

  Lee Meyers   Indictments of labs, Lab Corp fraud covering up, denying
real testing, fabrications of tests; all weapons, radiological, chemical,
weapons by HHS, Meyers in HHS still racketeering with all state employees
after indictments

Meyers in Energy Labs, indictments while carrying out more assaults,
racketeering, to present over 350 account daily racketeering by Elena
Meyers, with Meyers in all agencies

Robert Meyers, air, radiation, indictments and cover ups

Meyers running all groups under Homeland Security, courts, government
agencies, college labs, all agencies, HHS, weapons, military gangs,
weapons, smaller criminal gangs, and crime families, CIA, NSA, FBI, in
racketeering, under DOW chemical and Homeland Security while they
continued in the crimes and assaults

Homeland Security indictments of agents and Directors nationwide under
Meyers, while continuing in the crimes carried out to the present

Meyers puts DOW CEO in charge of Homeland Security after „leak‟, still
assaulting from DOW, Nuking, Chemical assaults, Energy Weapons,
Microwave, aggravated assault, Elena Meyers, with Meyers in weapons,
state employees in racketeering, in Delaware

1.    Brian McKenna: How Dow Chemical Defies Homeland Security and Risks
Nov 20, 2008 ... Dow Chemical's resistance to federal Department of
Homeland Security guidelines is equally outrageous. President-elect Obama
enters an arena ... -

HLS Directors indicted, while they continue in the crimes

Meyers firing and Indictments National Security Agents and firings under
HLS, Meyers, one database with racketeering
Prior to 2000 all indicted in every agency, as well as NSA, FBI, CIA,
weapons, labs:
Continuous Mass firings of those not in criminal acts

Meyers, Genovese running all terrorism by racketeering, bribery under
satellites and total spying as „FISA,‟

NASA, satellites indictments

FEMA, Disaster fraud and indictments under Meyers and weapons while using
weather weapons for disasters and racketeering on peoples loss of home,

Over 3 fourths population from 2000 put into homelessness, and foreign
criminals brought in replacing the number; over 50 million a year
displaced, racketeering in mortgage fraud, to elderly home fraud, weapons
to the brains, hospital fraud, Medicare, every government agency, to
attorneys and taking the money after all indictments

CEO‟s all corporations used and indictments, Meyers in chamber of
Commerce nationwide with the weapons

Attorneys and judiciary under Meyers and Chemical all Weapons,
racketeering of every agency, businesses

Meyers in State Supreme Court nationwide, Almost nominated under Bush for
top, for more obstructions, and controlling all judiciary, senators, DA,
attorneys, courts

Meyers, Trafficking as well as racketeering, fixing cases, with judges,
bribery, as was threatened in this case along with assaults,
racketeering, attempted murder, and attempted kidnapping after threats in
2000, crimes to present, and using judges as „satanic‟ along with those
in HHS, courts, military, and weapons, as was the case long before 1920
and to present, along with doctors

Judges under Meyers indicted nationwide, used as Satanists, bribery,
child trafficking, while Meyers carries out these crimes and threatened
to commit them with Arpino

Meyers in judiciciary, with Chertoff in Homeland Security and all
attorney firms linked to Meyers running the courts, getting Energy money,
and other bribery
(as was the case in Russia under Meyers, Israel, Iraq, and elsewhere)

Prosecutors acting with Meyers, running the crime money with them

Senators indicted nationwide for obstructions, cover ups, racketeering,
fixing cases, under Meyers, and knowing about all racketeering, and
weapons deals while Meyers continues these crimes, 350 counts daily of
aggravated assaults, racketeering, crimes using state employees,

Governors indicted under Meyers in cover ups, weapons, bribery nationwide
while Meyers continues these crimes, carries them out from 2000 to

Judges used as „satanists‟ by Meyers and Genovese in bribery, satanic
judges, and child trafficking, crimes against women, as was threatened to
be committed on myself by Meyers using Arpino, with Genovese and while
Meyers continues in daily assaults, racketeering, bodily injury

District Attorneys indicted under Meyers, chemicals, weapons, while
Meyers carries out continued assaults, racketeering with DA, all
employees, state employees, and assaults

Prosecutors indicted in every state under Meyers for running the crime
gangs and money, taxpayers dollars to run all agencies in crime for
Meyers to take the money and weapons, disasters, fraud

Attorneys indicted after only in defense of criminals, running crime
money under Meyers; in their racketeering, attorneys with Meyers in
Chamber of Commerce in bankruptcy fraud of businesses, and Meyers running
weapons through Chamber of Commerce, employee spying, firings,
unemployment, and weapons on those as threatened in this case

Meyers in Chamber of Commerce for weapons deals, with all racketeering
and with attorneys, CEO indictments, using CEO‟s and businesses in the
crimes over and over again, weapons, along with theft of my own business,
threatening to keep me out of work, illegal criminal acts carried out
with falsifications, as threatened; all crimes, and usage of Businesses
as CIA, along with making phone calls to businesses in Elena Meyers in
the threats, UHS Dover, VA services, all weapons, implants, aggravated
assaults, attempted murder, racketeering with all state employees, in
the crimes with Genovese, Meyers in weapons,

Meyers in Every Chamber Commerce nationwide and intl, with attorneys
indicted for bankruptcies, including using businesses as CIA, making
fabricated phone calls to businesses throughout the assaults and crimes,
and for workplace spying, surveillance,

Meyers using „terrorist tip lines‟, fabrications, stalking by defamation,
on those they are assaulting, with Chamber of Commerce and operating all
Incorporations nationwide, and using them as CIA in crimes; Genovese in
FBI, while assaulting, and on the innocent, while running terrorism,
using taxpayer money CIA, FBI, agents, gangs, money for the terrorism;
then indicting all agents, to attorneys, and taking the money

The „FBI report in 2008, on „stalking by defamation‟ was after firing all
FBI, hiring new FBI, and Meyers disseminating it with Genovese.

CEO indictments in every single industry, Pharm, chemical, nano, weapons,
every type, and being used as CIA, or in crimes with Meyers

FBI with Mueller put in charge under Genovese, Meyers indicted 10 times
over and hiring others in their crimes and racketeering and assaults,
terrorism, and using FBI, with Commerce, businesses, obstructions
throughout to present

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,560,000 for "FBI agent" + "indicted". (0.42

Thousands of cases of „impersonators‟ ID theft, putting people on weapons
testing, and other lists, including falsifying data are under Meyers as
in this case, using criminals, gangs

Meyers running Computer tampering w police gangs, using people in
computer tampering, with illegal surveillance while assaulting to near
death to carry out the crimes and obstructions of justice, and those
connected to attorneys
Computer tampering indictments

1.    Pellicano lawyer convicted of illegal wiretap - SFGate
In the end, Christensen was the only one to be indicted among a number of
marquee ... wire fraud and computer fraud in addition to wiretapping. ...
wiretapping-enterprise-pellicano-s-co-defendants - Cached
2.    Wiretap | Free People Search, People Finder and Public Record News
... wire fraud, identity theft, conspiracy to intercept or use wire
communications as ... Pellicano was acquitted on a charge of unauthorized
computer access. ... You can read the Anthony Pellicano indictment online
@ Pellicano Wiretap Indictment. ... Hollywood private eye Anthony
Pellicano was indicted today on ...

GovLoop: Federal Eye: Secret Service impersonator arrested for HHS ...
Jan 7, 2010 ... Federal Eye: Secret Service impersonator arrested for HHS
security breach ... Nickerson is not an employee of HHS or the Secret
Service. ... –

Dan Genovese in FBI, and running FBI with „hired crime leaders‟

Genovese with Meyers
Genovese drug stores, Boeing, military contractors, American General,
Citi Corp
Genovese Boeing
Genovese, American General Finance

Genovese, FBI, DEA, drug operations
Genovese, CIA

Genovese, Microwave weapons contractors

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