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									Faculty of the Arts

Graphic Design
(Visual Communication,
Interaction Design)
BA (Hons)/DipHE
Graphic Design
(Visual Communication, Interaction Design)
 BA (Hons)/DipHE

“The level of interaction between the staff and the student was just about right.
Too much and the student won’t find their own direction, too little and they will get lost.”
- Eddie Corr, Student, 2006
“The creative freedom encouraged in this course has allowed me to develop my ideas in a
way that I never thought possible.”
- Lyra Xharra, Student, 2005

                                 BA (Hons)/DipHE                             On the Interaction Design course you’ll
                                 Love graphics? Love Design? Want to         study Social and Cognitive
                                 learn how to put the message across?        Psychology and Sociology and the
                                 Well come and join us here at TVU on        Language of Interaction alongside
                                 the Graphic Design course and we’ll         technical aspects such as 3D Modelling
                                 show you how.                               and Animation, Multimedia Scripting
                                                                             and Authoring and Interactive
                                 The Interaction Design options within       Gameplay Design, to name just a few.
                                 the course allow you to explore new
                                 and emerging media and how they             The Visual Communication course is
                                 interact with existing and potential        more explicitly to do with Graphic
                                 audiences and users. In particular you’ll   Design.
                                 investigate the digital domain to gain
                                 an understanding of the human-to-           Throughout the whole course there is a
                                 human and human-to-machine                  real emphasis on Culture, in all
                                 relationships that exist there.             meanings of the word, and how it adds
                                                                             to your understanding of the world
                                 Through application and understanding       around you and gives you a breadth of
                                 of Visual Communication you’ll explore      knowledge which you can then bring to
                                 your creative potential within              your design solutions.
                                 contemporary Graphic Design, develop
                                 new ideas and techniques and gain a         And your final projects in the third year
                                 wider understanding of the culture and      of the course will give you the
                                 society in which you, as designers, will    opportunity to show us just how much
                                 eventually contribute. You’ll learn how     you’ve learned. (Remember that
                                 to generate ideas, about Branding and       students who complete the DipHE
                                 Art Direction, Digital Communication        course can choose to join the third year
                                 and Typographic Concepts.                   of the BA.)

                                                                             Whichever path you choose, you can be
                                 The thinking behind                         sure you’ll be ideally prepared to move
                                 the course                                  on into an exciting and rewarding
                                 In a nutshell it’s our job to produce       career.
                                 highly creative, thoughtful and
                                 adaptable Graphic Designers. Graphic
                                 Designers with all the necessary skills,
                                 knowledge and experience that they’ll
                                 need to get a foot in the door of this
                                 extremely competitive business.

                                 Good Graphic Designers are, by their
                                 nature, magpies, able to take
                                 something from one discipline and mix
                                 it with something from another to gain
                                 the desired outcome, so this course
                                 aims to give you an understanding of
                                 working practices across a whole range
                                 of different fields, often blurring the
                                 boundaries between visual
                                 communication and interaction design.
A word about TVU                            Our Slough campus is just 20 minutes          and encourage you to become
Over 50,000 students, 2,000 staff and       by train to Paddington, giving easy           outstanding creative individuals and
three separate campuses, at Ealing,         access to all that London has to offer.       expertly informed practitioners able to
Reading and Slough, make Thames             Slough also has two cinemas, a                both produce high quality works of art
Valley University one of the largest        nightclub, indoor tennis courts and two       & design and to place your work in
universities in Europe – with a             ice rinks of its own, not to mention a        social, historical and theoretical
reputation to match. We are also the        cybercafe and a fully-equipped gym            contexts.
largest single source of skilled and        and fitness suite (including a sauna to
qualified people for employers in the       sweat off your excesses!) on the              Our main aim is to provide our students
Thames Valley and West London.              campus itself. And as at the Reading          with the technical, aesthetic, conceptual
                                            campus the beautiful Berkshire                and theoretical skills they will need to
The University offers an amazing 728        countryside is on your doorstep for           flourish both while at TVU itself and
courses – Undergraduate,                    some proper relaxation. It really is the      later on out there in the big wide world.
Postgraduate, Professional, Full-time,      best of both worlds.
Part-time, Short, Distance Learning,                                                      In this day and age close links with
NVQ, BTEC, National Diploma, Access,        For further information about life at         industry partners are, as you are
A Level and GCSE ranging from               TVU it’s well worth paying a visit to the     probably aware, invaluable, and we
Accountancy and Finance to World            Students’ Union website at                    have developed highly productive
Music Performance. You name it we’ve                               relationships with the likes of the
got it.                                                                                   British Interactive Media Association
                                            We are, rightly, extremely proud of all       (BIMA), the British Academy of Film
Our Ealing campus is only 25 minutes        the students who come to study at             and Television Arts (BAFTA), Ealing
on the Underground from the                 TVU. Our list of successes is far, far, far   Studios, the BBC, IBM, Adobe and
throbbing heart of central London,          too long to detail here but our record of     Macromedia and are always seeking to
where you’ll find just about every          turning out successful, exciting,             forge new, mutually beneficial
entertainment known to man. Or if you       creative experts and employees in             partnerships.
want to go out locally, you can visit the   every field we teach is frankly
Students’ Union Studio Bar which is         astounding. We sincerely hope you will        We are very proud of the quality of
also the main venue for the Union’s         choose to come and continue that              teaching here at TVU (and that applies
entertainment and events. There are         success with us and look forward to           to all our courses, not just this one).
also loads of bars, pubs, clubs, cinemas    giving you a very warm welcome to             Our tutors are amongst the finest you
and sporting facilities in Ealing itself.   Thames Valley University.                     will find anywhere and their
Paragon, our new student                                                                  knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm
accommodation complex near the              So why exactly is TVU such a fantastic        are second to none. Your education this
Ealing campus opened in September           place to come and study? We’ll let the        far will have made you all too aware
2006 – each room has en-suite facilities    Heads of Art and Design Alan                  how vitally important it is in all
and broadband access.                       Schechner and Paul Vivian explain.            teaching to be able to practise what you
                                                                                          preach and you will find that our staff
A short train ride from London, Reading                                                   not only talk the talk but walk the walk,
boasts its own excellent reputation for     A message from the Heads                      able to bring a wealth of industry
night-life, not to mention being home       “We like to think the School of Art &         experience and research abilities to
to a number of festivals including the      Design at TVU is a dynamic, vibrant           their teaching.
Reading Festival (of course!) in August.    and just downright fantastic place to
As well as halls of residence we have       study. We can offer you not only              We offer superb facilities across our
some great sporting facilities on-cam-      courses in Fine Art, 3D Design, Spatial       three sites, well you’d expect nothing
pus, and off-campus there are no less       Design, Graphic Design and Fashion            less – but don’t just take my word for it,
than ten leisure centres in the area with   but a broad range of new and exciting         come to one of our Open Days and see
all the facilities you would expect from    media art forms such as Digital Anima-        for yourself. Our location and links with
a buzzing place like Reading.               tion, Digital Art and Media Technology,       London’s creative and entertainment
                                            to give you a flavour. Our aim is to help     industries provide a brilliant
                                                                                          opportunity for students to develop the
skills and relationships necessary for
them to embark on fulfilling and
rewarding careers as well as
experiencing all that one of the most
exciting cities on earth has to offer.”

Come and see us
Our Open Days are a great way to find
out more about our courses, look
around the campus, meet the staff and
learn more about student life. Lecturers
are on hand to tell you whatever you
want to know about the courses and
expert advisers are available to help
you with other important issues such as
accommodation and finance. Once
you’ve made an application to the
course you’ll also be asked to attend a
course-specific Visit Day when the
course will be outlined to you in more
depth and there will be another
opportunity to ask our staff questions.

Final details
If you want to order a prospectus, or
want any more information about Open
Days or short courses, the application
procedure and entry requirements for
this or any other of our courses, or
advice about anything at all, please feel
free to call us or send an e-mail and
we’ll be more than happy to help in any
way we can. And of course you can
look us up on-line at
where you’ll find a whole world of
information including an on-line gallery
of student work.

For more information please contact:
Learning Advice Centre
Tel: 0800 036 8888
                                                                                recently completed her MA at the Royal
Course Title                            UCAS code                               College of Art and now returns
BA (Hons)/DipHE Graphic Design          This course can be applied for as       regularly to pass on her experiences to
(Visual Communication, Interaction      a Route A UCAS or Route B.              current students.
Design)                                 Route A
                                        BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Visual        Who are we looking for?
Duration                                Communication)
Full-time: Three Years BA (Hons)                                                Students who enjoy communicating in
                                        W213 BA/Visual
           Two Years DipHE                                                      an exciting and visual manner. Students
                                        DipHE Design (Visual
Part-time: Five Years BA (Hons)                                                 who are interested in a broad range of
           Four Years DipHE                                                     cultural experiences in the world
                                        WP29 DipHE/Vis
                                                                                around them. Students who have a
                                        BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Location/Campus code                                                            burning desire to succeed in Visual
                                        (Interaction Design)
Reading (R)                                                                     Communication or Interaction Design in
                                        W288 BA/Inter
                                                                                the Graphic Design industry.
                                        DipHE Graphic Design (Interaction
Entry Criteria                          Design)
BA (Hons): 160 UCAS tariff points,                                              Some previous experience of Graphic
                                        W289 DipHE/Int
DipHE: 80-120 UCAS tariff points,                                               Design would, of course, be to your
                                        Route B
normally in a minimum of two                                                    advantage but if you simply have a flair
                                        BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Visual
subject areas. We expect at least                                               for the visual and think you would be
two of these to be full GCE A/VCE A                                             interested to see where this could take
                                        E213 BA/Visualb
Levels. Points generated by GCE                                                 you then don’t let not having any
                                        DipHE Design (Visual
AS/VCE ASLevel and Key Skills                                                   experience put you off. At this stage we
qualifications will be considered.                                              are far more interested in your potential
                                        EP29 DipHE/Visb
IB Points: BA (Hons) 28, DipHE 24-                                              and enthusiasm than anything else.
                                        BA (Hons) Graphic Design
26                                      (Interaction Design)
BTEC National Diploma:                                                          You’ll need to be able to show us a
                                        E288 BA/Interb
BA (Hons):                                                                      portfolio of your work though so we
                                        DipHE Graphic Design (Interaction
Merit, DipHE: Pass                                                              can decide for ourselves whether we
Access: Pass                                                                    think this is the course for you. The
                                        E289 DipHE/Intb
Foundation Diploma in Art and De-                                               portfolio can include anything as long
sign subjects                                                                   as it’s based around visual ideas.

Interview/Portfolio                                                             But in the end, if you’re interested, then
All applicants are interviewed. A
                                      Some success stories                      we’re interested.
portfolio of current work is          When Mark Baker applied for a job as a
essential.                            Web designer at Redberry Digital he
                                      found himself shortlisted along with
Academic enquiries                    another student from the course. It was               Mark who was offered the job and
                                      when, later on, Redberry needed
                                      another designer they came straight to
                                      the Graphic Design course at TVU as
                                      they liked the way our students had
                                      been taught to think about design
                                      problems and about developing their

                                      Increasingly our students are
                                      progressing to post-graduate study and
                                      completing MAs or PGCEs. Oona Culley
 Terms and Conditions

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 however, guarantee the provision of such services. Should circumstances beyond the control of the University interfere with its ability to provide educational
 services, including, but not limited to, government actions, war, riots, civil commotion, fire, flood, epidemic, labour disputes (including labour disputes
 involving the workforce of any third party) and act of God, the University undertakes to use all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption to those
 services. However, the University shall not be liable to the other for any failure or delay in performing its obligations, if such failure or delay is due to any
 cause beyond the University’s reasonable control.

 Should you become a student with this University, this notice shall constitute a term of contract between you and the University. Any offer of a place made to
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 both in relation to individual courses and the facilities or services available from, or provided by, the University.

 A minimum enrolment total is required for the opening of any class. The University reserves the right to withdraw or change a class, course or programme if
 there is significant reduction in attendance.

 Equal Opportunities

 Thames Valley University has an equal opportunities policy and a code of practice on equal opportunities for students which covers admissions.

 We welcome applications from students with special needs. Our policy is to assess applications on identical academic grounds and to encourage all
 candidates with the provision of appropriate support services.

 Student Charter

 A Student Charter is available on request.

Learning Advice Centre
Tel: 0800 036 8888

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