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Leo 2010 Horoscope_July 23 - August 22_


All Zodiacs Know Your 2010- Horoscope

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									Leo 2010 Horoscope

Leo 2010 Horoscope of Work and Leo 2010 Astrology forecast of Work

Saturn in your sign will be re-structuring many areas of your life this year, and it will ask you to
choose where it is you really wish to go. As far as work and career matters are concerned you will
be starting afresh, and yes, it will feel a bit scary at timers, but since you're now doing things your
way, you'll feel much more confident that you can carry this off. You've been feeling there's been a
lot of restrictions pushed onto you, but I think you're wrong there. This is foundation building. It's
a year where you'll take a long hard look at your career and will assess if you're getting what you
want and need from it. It's not just about making money or getting the rewards. It's about being
happy there and having a solid structure. It's a year about taking on board tests, exams and
proving you've got what it takes. In all areas its a year where you'll need to prove your own true
worth, not just to others, but to yourself. Saturn will reward you handsomely provided you do the
work that's asked of you. No cutting corners. No taking shortcuts. Be yourself, be creative and be

Leo    2010     Horoscope      of    Love and Leo      2010     Astrology     forecast     of    Love

With Saturn the planet of structure and reality in your sign where it will remain for two and a half
years, be prepared for a period of time where you'll be building and laying down firm foundations
for the future. You think you're quite switched on over what makes you tick. You think you've seen
it all, done it all and worn the T shirt. You have no idea how much you still have to learn, so start
with assessing your internal growth over love and emotions. Work out what your valid role is in life
and love and you'll be streets ahead of everyone else this year. You've never shirked your
responsibility, but this year you're so much more aware of what you're expected to do. You're
constantly learning about yourself and have mellowed over the years, so you'll take to compromise
much better now and wont be as fiery as you once were. It's a year of great accomplishment and
happiness in your relationships and friendships as long as you're prepared to out in the effort. I
think you are. You'll see life and love from a more grounded reality this year and it makes you a
better person. You've come a long way over the years. This year is your best yet.

Leo   2010     Horoscope      of    Money and Leo      2010    Astrology     forecast    of     Money

Financially things will connect very much to your home. This could be the year where you'll look
more deeply over investing in property. You may consider moving home this year too. Maybe even
to foreign shores. It may be you re-finance it to enhance it or you may re-mortgage to buy a new
car or luxury item. Its friends or people who visit your abode that will give you the advice or go
ahead over money, so make sure they feel comfortable there. Listen well to what you're being
told. Destiny can knock as loudly as a drum or as quietly as a whisper so make allowances for
reading between the lines or picking up the subtle nuances. If you're given advice over re-
structuring your money or taking a chance with investments of the like, listen well. These people
know what they're talking about. Consolidating your debts would be a good place to start so shop
around for the best deals. Making one payment instead of five or six reduces the interest allowing
you to make a bigger dent on clearing debt more quickly. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and
push forward. Don't expect the pot of gold to land at your feet this year, but make the most
sensible foothold and you'll grow from strength to strength amassing collateral on the way.

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