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					❱	 Pilkey,	Dav:	The Adventures of Captain underpants               ❱	 Haddon,	Mark:	The Curious incident of the dog
❱	 Umansky,	Kaye:	Meet the Weirds                                     in the night-time
Classic                                                            ❱	 MacPhail,	Catherine:	Bad Company
❱	   Burnett,	Frances	Hodgson: The Secret Garden                   ❱	 May,	Judy:	Blue Lavender Girl
❱	   Lewis,	C.S.: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe             ❱	 O’Laighleis,	Ré:	ecstasy, agus Scealta eile
❱	   Magorian,	Michelle: Goodnight Mr. Tom                         ❱	 Thompson,	Kate:	Annan Water
❱	   Montgomery,	L.M.:	Anne of Green Gables                        Fantasy
❱	   Nesbit,	E.: The railway Children                              ❱	   Blackman,	Malorie:	noughts and Crosses
❱	   White,	E.B.: Charlotte’s Web                                  ❱	   Pullman,	Philip:	his dark Materials
Real life                                                          ❱	   Rees,	Celia:	Sorceress
❱	   Blyton,	Enid:	First Term at Malory Towers                     ❱	   Reeve,	Philip: here lies Arthur
❱	   Boyne,	John:	The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas                   ❱	   Shan,	Darren:	Cirque du Freak
❱	   Curtin,	Judi:	Alice in the Middle                             Thriller
❱	   McKay,	Hilary:	Saffy’s Angel                                  ❱	 Brooks,	Kevin:	Being
❱	   Wilson,	Jacqueline: Starring Tracy Beaker                     ❱	 Burgess,	Melvin:	Sarah’s Face
Fantasy                                                            ❱	 Muchamore,	Robert:	The Fall
❱	   Cole,	Steve:	Astrosaurs                                       Historical
❱	   Colfer,	Eoin:	Artemis Fowl                                    ❱	 Hearn,	Judith:	The Merrybegot
❱	   Diterlizzi,	Tony:	The Spiderwick Chronicles                   ❱	 Westall,	Robert:	The Machine Gunners
❱	   Gliori,	Debi:	Pure dead Wicked
     Landy,	Derek:	Skulduggery Pleasant
     Nix,	Garth:	drowned Wednesday
                                                                   OTher uSeFuL GuideS TO BOOkS                            
❱	   Riordan,	Rick:	Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse            FOr ChiLdren And TeenAGerS
❱	   Stewart,	Paul	&	Riddell,	Chris:	The Curse of the night Wolf   AvAiLABLe in The LiBrAry:
❱	 Higson,	Charles: hurricane Gold                                 ultimate Book Guide,	over	600	top	books	for	8-12s (Hahn, Daniel
❱	 Horowitz,	Anthony:	eagle Strike                                 & Flynn, Leonie, eds.)
❱	 Snicket,	Lemony: A Series of unfortunate events
                                                                   Mad about Books,	the	Dubray	Books	guide	to	children’s	books	
AGe 13+                                                            (Webb, Sarah)
❱	   Cabot,	Meg:	All American Girl                                 Picture This! A	guide	to	choosing	books	for	young	children	
❱	   Hopkins,	Cathy:	Mates, dates and Cosmic kisses                (Fitzgerald, Patricia, Clare County Library)
     McCombie,	Karen:	visitors, vanishings and va-va-va voom
     Pratchett,	Terry:	The Colour of Magic                         Who next…?	A	guide	to	children’s	authors (Warren, Viv)                                     ChiLdren’S ServiCeS
❱	   Rennison,	Louise:	Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
                                                                                                                                                              in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Public Libraries
Classic                                                            The Big Guide to irish Children’s Books (Coghlan, Valerie)
❱	 Salinger,	J.D.: Catcher in the rye
❱	 Smith,	Dodie: i Capture the Castle                              right Book, right Time,	500	great	reads	for	teenagers	
❱	 Tolkien,	J.R.R.:	Lord of the rings                              (Nieuwenhuizen, Agnes)
Real life
                                                                   Children’s Book Festival reading Guides (CBI)
❱	 Breslin,	Theresa:	Saskia’s Journey                                                                                                                                           to your Library Service
❱	 Cormier,	Robert:	The Chocolate War
           Children’s Services                                                                                              Children’s Reads
                                                                                                                                                                 ❱	   Browne,	Anthony: into the Forest
                                                    …And	not	forgetting	of	course	the	Children’s                                                                 ❱	   Cousins,	Lucy:	Maisy
                                                    Book Festival	which	is	on	every	year	in	October	                                                             ❱	   Fitzpatrick,	Marie-Louise:	Silly Mummy, Silly daddy
                                                                                                                                                                 ❱	   Hill,	Eric: Where’s Spot/ Ca bhfuil Bran?
                                                    with	lots	of	fun	events	taking	place	in	your	                                                                ❱	   Oxenbury,	Helen:	Tom and Pippo
                                                    local	library!                                     dlR libRaRies invites you to choose fRom 100 of           ❱	   Rosen,	Michael:	We’re Going on a Bear hunt
hOW TO JOin The LiBrAry                                                                                the best authoRs and books foR childRen. we have          ❱	   Ross,	Tony: i Want My Potty
                                                                                                       divided them into 4 age categoRies to help you find       ❱	   Waddell,	Martin:	Can’t you Sleep Little Bear?
Joining	is	easy!	Simply	get	your	parent	or	         To	find	out	what’s	on,	ask	any	member	of	staff	    the Right book foR you. some aRe old and loved
guardian	to	fill	out	an	application	form	and	       for	a	leaflet.                                     enough to be called classics, and some aRe by             AGe 6-8
                                                                                                       exciting new wRiteRs, but they’Re all on this list        Funny
show	identification.	Once	you	are	a	member,	                                                                                                                          Blake,	Quentin: Mr. Magnolia
                                                                                                       because they’Re the most boRRowed and Requested           ❱	
you	may	borrow	up	to	12	items,	free	of	charge!	     WhAT eLSe CAn yOu dO in                            books in the libRaRy, so Really it’s you who have         ❱	   Conroy,	Don:	The Owl Who Couldn’t Give a hoot
                                                                                                       chosen them!                                              ❱	   Dahl,	Roald:	The BFG
Don’t	forget	to	bring	your	books	back	on	time	      The LiBrAry?                                                                                                 ❱	   Doyle,	Roddy:	The Giggler Treatment
so	that	you	don’t	have	to	pay	a	fine.                                                                  RemembeR, most of these authoRs have wRitten              ❱	   Funke,	Cornelia:	Princess Pigsty
                                                    ❱	Homework	and	school	projects                                                                                    McGann,	Oisin:	Mad Grandad’s Flying Saucer
                                                                                                       otheR books that you can enjoy too, and some also         ❱	
                                                    ❱	Read	a	magazine	or	comic                         span seveRal age categoRies, so when you find a           ❱	   Morpurgo,	Michael:	The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips
WhAT CAn yOu BOrrOW?                                ❱	Use	the	Internet,	print	and	photocopy            book you paRticulaRly enjoy, be suRe and ask about        ❱	   Simon,	Francesca:	don’t be horrid henry
                                                                                                       otheR titles by the authoR. happy Reading!                ❱	   Stanton,	Andy:	Mr. Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire
Brand	new	bestselling	books	by	all	the	
                                                    ❱	Local	History,	recommended	reading	for                                                                     ❱	   Strong,	Jeremy:	Beware! killer Tomatoes
most	popular	authors	as	well	as	all	your	old	                                                          AGe 0-5                                                   Classic
favourites	-	a	range	of	exciting	storybooks	                                                           Funny                                                     ❱	   Bond,	Michael:	A Bear Called Paddington
                                                                                                       ❱	   Ahlberg,	Allan:	Monkey do!                           ❱	   Carroll,	Lewis:	Alice in Wonderland
and	books	about	real	life	for	all	ages	-	picture	                                                      ❱	   Carle,	Eric:	The very hungry Caterpillar             ❱	   Edwards,	Dorothy:	My naughty Little Sister
books,	comic	books,	your	favourite	movies	                                                             ❱	   Child,	Lauren: i Will not ever, never eat a Tomato   ❱	   Grahame,	Kenneth: The Wind in the Willows

on	DVD,	music	CDs,	books	on	CD,	magazines,	         Recommended Reading lists                          ❱	
                                                                                                            Donaldson,	Julia: The Gruffalo
                                                                                                            Falconer,	Ian:	Olivia
                                                                                                                                                                      Lindgren,	Astrid:	Pippi Longstocking
                                                                                                                                                                      Murphy,	Jill:	The Worst Witch
computer	games,	leabhair	as	Gaeilge,	books	in	      available to help you pick out                     ❱	   Inkpen,	Mick:	kipper                                 ❱	   Scarry,	Richard:	Busiest People ever
                                                                                                       ❱	   Gravett,	Emily:	The Odd egg                          ❱	   Seuss,	Dr.:	The Cat in the hat
many	world	languages	and	much	more!
                                                    the best books!                                    ❱	   Gray,	Kes	&	Sharrat,	Nick: eat your Peas             Growing up
                                                                                                       ❱	   Jeffers,	Oliver: The incredible Book eating Boy      ❱	   Burlington,	Marie:	dear Me
Fun ACTiviTieS in yOur                                                                                 ❱	   Kerr,	Judith:	Mog the Forgetful Cat
                                                                                                            Thomas,	Valerie	&	Korky,	Paul:	Winnie the Witch
                                                                                                                                                                 ❱	   Fine,	Anne:	The Angel of nitshill road
                                                    need help finding something?
                                                                                                       ❱	                                                        ❱	   McDonald,	Megan: Judy Moody
LOCAL LiBrAry                                                                                          Classic                                                   ❱	   Mark,	Jan:	The Museum Book
Arts	and	crafts,	author	visits,	storytime,	class	   ask any membeR of staff,                           ❱	   Auderey,	Rev	W:	Thomas the Tank engine               ❱	   Snell,	Gordon:	Tina and the Tooth Fairy
                                                                                                       ❱	   Bemelmans,	Ludwig: Madeline                          Series
visits,	chess	clubs,	exhibitions,	parent	and	       we aRe heRe to help!                               ❱	   Bruna,	Dick:	Miffy                                   ❱	 Daniels,	Lucy:	Animals in the Ark
                                                                                                       ❱	   Hargreaves,	Roger:	Mr. Men & Little Miss             ❱	 Meadows,	Daisy:	Abigail the Breeze Fairy
toddler	groups,	summer	workshops,	music	                                                               ❱	   Milne,	A.A.:	Winnie the Pooh
rooms,	puppet	shows,	Library Ireland Week,                                                             ❱	   Sendak,	Maurice: Where the Wild Things Are           AGe 9-12
annual	poetry	competition…                                                                                                                                       ❱	 Deary,	Terry: horrible histories