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									                Central Virginia Music Teachers Association Report
                Presented to VMTA Spring Conference June 6, 2009
Central Virginia Music Teachers Association has experienced an excellent year with teachers and
students enjoying several distinctive programs and events. In August 2008, there was a change in our
newly-elected officers due to the unexpected resignation of our Vice-President for Programs and
President-Elect (due to personal reasons). With no precedent to follow for this circumstance in our
chapter, we consulted the VMTA By-Laws and proposed that the CVMTA Board vote upon Patricia Jo
Webb, our current Secretary to serve as V-P for Programs. In two years, we would nominate and vote
upon a new President-Elect. This was unanimously approved, as well as combining the two positions
of Secretary and Treasurer into one position for this term. Therefore, Linda Thomas serves as our
Secretary/Treasurer. This was quite a challenge for our small organization, but it has resulted in a very
hard-working Board for our Chapter with each member even more aware of his or her individual
contributions to its vitality.
Our 2008—2009 Programs were:
September 13—Fall Kick-off Meeting (distribution of Yearbooks, Student Event Packets, etc.)
October 11—Lee Jordan-Anders from VA Wesleyan College presented a fascinating program “Picture
      This: A Gallery of Musical Canvases” framed by works of art from the Chrysler Museum’s
      permanent collection. Following the lecture, Lee taught four CVMTA students in an inspiring
      masterclass. A Luncheon followed at The Depot Grill Restaurant.
January 24—Julia Sansone, NCTM (CVMTA Past-President) presented her life experience of
      achieving MTNA Certification in 2008. In her presentation “What is NCTM?” Julia provided
      valuable information for others who may wish to explore this exciting venue of professional
      growth. She spoke of National Certification as her personal journey of validation, commitment
      and musical achievement. CVMTA is very proud of Julia, our most recent member to receive
      this significant honor.
February 21—Beverly Henkel (CVMTA Past-President) introduced her newest publication        “Piano
      ABC’s: Beginning at the Beginning.” Having already presented at the VMTA Fall Conference,
      Beverly was eager once again to share her musical insights and approaches to teaching “at the
      beginning.” We wish Beverly much success with her new Level One Book!
April 18—Round-Table Discussion: “Sharing CVMTA’s Best Asset” was a very fun and meaningful
       program where our members shared their successful studio policies and spring recital ideas.
May 2—Dr. Lisa Kinzer from Longwood University presented a Lecture/Recital on “Performance
     Practices in Johannes Brahms’ Klavierstucke, Opus 118.” Following the enlightening program,
     Dr. Kinzer taught three CVMTA students in a masterclass. Lunch was enjoyed by members of
     CVMTA and the audience at The Depot Grill Restaurant.
Our 2008—2009 Student Events were:

September 27—Kaleidoscope: “The World’s Longest Recital,” at River Ridge Mall, 10am—4pm
October 25—CVMTA Student Recital, 2:00 pm at Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church
November 15—VMTA Fall Festival at West Lynchburg Baptist Church with 40 students enrolled
March 21—VMTA          Theory   Festival   at   Liberty   University   with   16   students   enrolled   (no
April 25—CVMTA Student Recital, 2:00 pm at Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church
April 25—CVMTA Student Scholarship Winner Announced: $500 to a graduating senior who has been
accepted with a major or minor in music. Winner is Alexis Landry, daughter of CVMTA member Sandra
Landry. Our Scholarship Program was completely revised this year for seniors only. A rigorous
application process and live audition are critiqued by the Scholarship Committee to determine if a
winner will be announced. The Scholarship is funded by the Kaleidoscope Event.

Current Membership: Sixteen members (including one honorary member)

CVMTA Past-President, Dr. Rebecca McCord, NCTM, has announced that she will be on sabbatical
leave from her music faculty position at Sweet Briar College. In the fall of 2009, she will be the Artist-in-
Residence at La Cite des Arts in Paris and performing concerts in France during September and
CVMTA new member, Dr. Cynthia Ramsey, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Keyboard
Studies at Lynchburg College, is becoming very active since she joined in November 2008. She is
opening new doors of opportunity to CVMTA through the many, diverse music programs at LC. Also,
she is hoping that additional LC faculty and students will join. We are very excited about the supportive
role that she and Lynchburg College are extending to Central Virginia Music Teachers Association. We
will incorporate several collaborative musical events into our calendar for the upcoming year.

CVMTA Web Site: Currently under Construction

Johnson Scott, Instructor of Music in the LC Music Department, has offered to design and maintain a
web site for CVMTA. We are anticipating that our web site will be very beneficial to CVMTA and the
Central Virginia Community. CVMTA is extremely pleased that Johnson has already begun the web
site design!

CVMTA continues to strive to achieve its purpose of the advancement of musical knowledge,
performance and the welfare of Central Virginia’s music teachers. We anticipate another musically
rewarding year in 2009—2010.

Respectfully submitted,

Dee Booth
CVMTA President
                        Charlottesville Music Teachers Association
                              VMTA June Conference Report
                                        June 6, 2009

The Charlottesville Music Teachers Association had a busy and productive year.              We
welcomed 14 new members, and our total membership was 76.

Our programs this year focused on music and the body and included presentations on Music
and Healing, The Neuroscience of Music, and the Basics of Alexander Technique. In April, our
members presented a recital at University Village.

The CMTA Annual Piano Concerto Competition was held in November 2008, at Westminster
Canterbury of the Blue Ridge. Five contestants representing four teachers competed. Judges
were Eric Ruple and Lisa Kinzer. The winner was Oliver Wolcott, who performed the last
movement of Beethoven's 3rd concerto in c minor with the Youth Orchestra of Charlottesville
Albemarle on May 9. Second place (or alternate) went to Rachel Woolworth.

At our annual Student Youth Recital, students played in "The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart,
Beethoven and their Contemporaries". The Adult recital was a nicely varied program and well
attended. Four teachers presented a total of 12 students. Instruments included cello, organ,
piano, flute, horn and recorder.

Our 20th annual Music Festival had 224 solo and ensemble performers of piano, organ, wind,
string and harp representing 35 teachers. We had 32 advanced, 93 intermediate, 94
elementary students and 2 “comment only” students earn ratings/comments. The ratings broke
down as follows: Double Superior—89, Superior—38, Excellent—79, and Very Good—10.

A total of 23 students took the VMTA Theory Tests this year, with the test levels ranging from
Level 1A through Level 6. Nine of the students took the Sight Reading Tests. Playing levels
ranged from Level 1 to Level 6, with all students receiving a Superior, Excellent, Very Good, or

The following slate of officers for 2009-2010 was installed at the May meeting:

             Co-Presidents                      Lisa Stogoski, Patricia Dougherty
             Vice-President                     Jo Pettitt
             Secretary                          Dana Patek
             Treasurer                          Kelly Matthews
             Membership                         Noriko Donahue

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Hoffman, Presidents 2008-09
                          Harrisonburg Music Teachers Association
                                        June 6, 2009

HMTA Officers
President:             Kama Miller           Festival Coordinator: Monica Carlson
President-Elect:       Paulo Steinberg       Honors Recital:       Faye Yoder
Secretary:             Kath Wissinger        Sight Reading Coordinator: Pat Brady
Treasurer:             Maurita Eberly        Theory Testing:       Kama Miller
District Auditions:    Pat Brady

The Harrisonburg Music Teacher Association currently has 12 members. In September, we
held our business meeting and finalized our plans for 2008-2009. In October, Pat Brady
hosted a master class given by Lise Keiter-Brotzman, who is currently the Music Department
Chair at Mary Baldwin College. The theme for our November meeting was “Motivational Music
for Teens.” Each teacher brought a list of repertoire that has inspired their students, and some
pieces were demonstrated as well. Also in November, we held our Honors Recital, which
featured some of the best students from each teacher’s studio. In January, Rosita Kerr Mang
gave a guest lecture on “how to cook up a good technique with only 5 ingredients.” This
lecture, which was co-hosted with JMU, also featured live demonstrations with several
students. In March, the VMTA theory and sight reading tests were held at JMU and we had 13
students participate. In April, the 12th annual EMU/HMTA Piano Festival was held at Eastern
Mennonite University. Approximately 100 students, representing nineteen piano studios,
participated with 23 receiving double superiors. On April 25, the VMTA Valley District
Auditions were held at JMU (piano) and at Braddock St. United Methodist Church in
Winchester (organ). Piano judges were: Gabriel Dobner and Scott Zane Smith. Organ judge
was Steven Cooksey. The results were as follows:

 Level 1B       Winner:       Ben Elliott            Student of Eloise Kornicke
                Alternate:    Neal Visvalingam       Student of Paulo Steinberg

 Level II       Winner:       Devan Visvalingam      Student of Paulo Steinberg
                Alternate:    Jasmin Rose            Student of Pat Brady

 Level III      Winner:       Perry Maddox           Student of Pat Brady
                Alternate:    Marcus Upton           Student of Paulo Steinberg

 Level III      Winner:       Stephen Barnes         Student of Judy Connelly

Our final meeting for this school year will be held on June 13. We will elect our new officers for 2009-
2010 and begin planning for next year.

Submitted by:

Kama Miller, HMTA President
Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association

Dear Fellow VMTA Members:

NVMTA has had another busy year with many exciting opportunities for the students of our
more than 400 members.

NVMTA continues to offer a wide range of festivals and competitions, including the Bach-
Baroque Festival, Piano Concerto Festival, Piano Ensemble Festival and Sonata Festival as
well as Concerto Competitions in Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Voice, and Achievement
Awards in Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Voice.             The Concerto Competitions and
Achievement Awards have endowed funds that award significant scholarship prizes to all
winners at every level. And in the Concerto Competition, the first place winners at the senior
level in each of the divisions performed with the Dominion Symphony Orchestra—a wonderful
opportunity for these dedicated young musicians.

We had a national winner in the MTNA Student Competitions—Kimberly Hou, a student of Dr.
Marjorie Lee won 1st place in the Junior Piano Competition. This is the 2nd year in a row that
Dr. Lee has had a first place winner in the junior performance competition at the national level
and we are most proud of her for this accomplishment.

We presented programs at all of our monthly meetings which included presentations by Keith
Snell, Laura Mann and Susan Ricci, David Kosutic, and Lucy Mauro and Donald George.
Additionally, two of our programs featured the 1st place winners in each level of the Concerto
Competitions and Achievement Awards.

We continue to publish a monthly newsletter and this past year we moved to publishing almost
all of them online only. We also moved this year to having our events descriptions and
applications being online, so that our members are able to download applications themselves.
We’re still not to the point of being able to submit the applications electronically, but we’ll get

All in all, it’s been a busy and exciting year in NVMTA and we are looking forward to the future.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. James Litzelman
President, Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association
Highlands Chapter Annual Report (June 2009)

President: Sonya Ho
First Vice-President: Nitza kats
Second Vice-President: Anna Mitchell
Treasurer: Karen Whitlock
Immediate Past President: David Phillips
Historian: Galla Matekova
Yearbook: Sonya Ho

The highlands Chapter of the VMTA have had a successful year. We maintained total of
nineteen members. These are the events this year:

   1. Our first Membership Coffee Meeting was held on September 27, 2008 at Virginia Tech.
      We were delighted to have Lucy Mauro, pianist and Donald George, Tenor presented to
      us a workshop “Sound, Sentiment and Subtleties of Expression: What Pianists Can
      Learn from Singers” on the same day.
   2. Fall Workshop, “Russian Repertoire Revisited: A Look at Forgotten Treasure” was given
      by Mary Louise Hallauer on November 1, 2008 at Virginia Tech.
   3. Fall Student Recital on November 15, 2008 at Virginia Tech.          About 12 students
   4. Annual Rebecca Orr Memorial Benefit Concert on January 23, 2009 at Blacksburg
   5. Methodist Church, which raised funds for Scholarships and educational programs.
   6. The 26th Annual Rebecca Orr Memorial Piano Technique Festival, sponsored by the
      Highlands Chapter of the Virginia Music Teachers Association and the Department of
      Music at Radford University, took place on Saturday, February 21st, 2009, at Radford
      University. 72 students registered in the festival, which included morning auditions,
      scholarship competition, and afternoon recital. The winner of the 2009 Rebecca Orr
      Scholarship was Emily Eyestone, a high school junior from Blacksburg. The afternoon
      recital was in the new recital hall, at the Covington Center for the Performing Arts.
      Teachers participating in the festival included faculty from Radford University, Virginia
      Tech, the Renaissance Music Academy of Virginia, and independent teachers from
      Blacksburg, Radford, Riner, and West Virginia.
   7. Annual Spring Workshop was cancelled by the presenter Lisa Withers due to illness and
      will be re-scheduled in the fall of 2009.
   8. Annual Spring Student Recital was scheduled in April, 2009 but was cancelled due to
      lack to participants.
   9. Spring Luncheon at Blacksburg on Friday, May 8, 2009.

Respectfully submitted,

Sonya Ho
President, Highlands Chapter, VMTA

                                    HISTORY FOR 2008-2009

The officers for PMTA for 2007-2008 were as follows:

President:            Samantha Luck
President Elect:      Ellen Baize
Vice President:       Donna Anderson
Secretary:            Charlene Campbell
Treasurer:            Beth Tomassetti
Historian:            Jean Kunkel
Parliamentarian:      Myrna Brinkley

The programs and special events for the year were as follows:

       September 10 - Our first program this year was brought to us by Bart Kuebler. His topic was
“Growing Ears: Improvisation for the Young Pianist”.      It was a very interesting presentation. The
president of PMTA is also in the process of updating the by-laws and standard operating procedures.
       October – This month we were happy to welcome Dr. Lisa Keiter-Brotzman who discussed
“Piano Music of Women Composers”. She performed as well as lectured many works by well known
composers such as Fanny Mendelssohn-Hinsel, Clara W. Schumann and Amu Beech. It was a very
enjoyable recital and lecture.
        November 1 - Another very successful year for Piano Olympics. This year we held our
Olympics at Hidenwood Presbyterian Church. We had fairly good pianos, we used only three rooms
and the sanctuary piano.         17 teachers entered 157 students playing their scales, chords, and
cadences. We gave out 753 gold ribbons, 73 silver ribbons, 2 red ribbons and 139 gold medals. Again
this year we had a satellite site in Williamsburg for those teachers to participate. Sherri Privett was the
host for that event. Olympic fees collected was $1,293, and our profit this year was $640.50 This
event is chaired by Carrie Moore, Donna Anderson, and, Jean Kunkel.
      November 6-8– Several of our members were able to attend the State convention at
Shenandoah University.
        November 12 – This month we were delighted to have Carol Noona be our master class
clinician and four students performed for her and our group. It was a great learning time for all of us.
We are also happy to say that the by-laws have been updated and are in print.
       December 3– Carrie Moore made reservations for the annual Holiday luncheon at the Briar
Patch in Poquoson, VA. Several of us enjoyed the fellowship and sights sounds of the season.
        January 9, 2009– This month our program was centered around setting up a computer lab in the
studio. Ann Bosch presented lots of very helpful web sites which were discussed as well as hands on
CDs and DVDs that are available for students to further their theory of music as part of their lesson time
in the studio.
       February 11– This month we had a general round table discussion which is always very
informative and interesting meeting for all.
        February 28- Our Federation Festival was held this year at Hidenwood Presbyterian church and
a week later the same event is held in Williamsburg at the College of William and Mary.        Thirty
teachers entered 411 events in playing both piano and flute solos and vocal events. 346 Superior
ratings were given, three students earned their 45-point Gold Cup and $25.00 from Cadenza Music
Club. One student earned his 60-point Gold Cup and $50.00 from Cadenza.        Myrna Brinkley chairs
this event.
       March 7 – State theory and Sight reading – Jolanta Szewczyk is chairperson and she reported 6
teachers entered 79 students. These students took 81 Theory teats, and 30 Sight Reading tests.
There were 48 Superiors awarded, 29 Excellent ratings, 25 Very Good ratings, 1 passed, 1 failed, and
2 were absent. PMTA received $110.00 and VMTA covers all the expenses.
       March 7- Our last official meeting for the year was a great presentation by Dr. Amanda Halstead
who is a member of PMTA. She discussed “Nurturing Healthy Performers: Steps to Promote Music
Wellness in Your Studio”. It was very informative and we all learned a lot about ourselves and how we
are made.
        March 29 – The Scholarship Committee met to hear 6 students who competed for the Summer
Camp scholarships since there was no applicant for the college scholarship. 5 students were selected
to go to summer music camps of their choosing. The winners were Stephanie Woods – 1st place -
$1,000, Rebecca Dudley and Michele Zhu – 2nd place - $500.00 each and Victoria Brinkley and Clara
Tang- 3rd place – with $250.00 each. The 5 winners will perform at the May luncheon which will be held
at Warwick Forest retirement home. Each winner will receive a certificate. Anjella Stepanyan chairs
this event.
        April 5 – The PMTA Progressive Music Tests Auditions which is chaired by Anita Moody and
Gay Clunis-Ross was held at Hampton Baptist Church. 8 teachers registered 56 students in that event,
but only 49 students played and there were 4 make-ups. 38 gold ribbons, 15 blue ribbon and 5 trophies
were awarded to students for the three part music test/audition. Total profit from this event was $54.66.
        April 18-19 – The Fifth Annual Music Marathon held at Patrick Henry Mall and was another
successful day. Jean Kunkel and Teri Falk co-chaired this event and we saw a great monetary reward
for the scholarship fund. There were 11 teachers who entered 91 students. The total pledged income
was $3,869.87. Our teachers have now submitted $3,964.87. After expenses and awards the profit to
the scholarship fund was $3,789.87. This money will be used to fund the scholarship account for next
year plus concert tickets for those students who performed at the Mall.
        May 15-18 is National Guild Week and there were 48 students from 5 studios playing in that
audition. Our judge was Dr. Richard Lucht from the East Carolina University n Greensville, NC. Jean
Kunkel chairs this event. This year was the fourth year our auditions had two sites – Monday and
Tuesday were held in Williamsburg at the Faith Baptist Church and Wednesday and was held at the
Northampton Church of Christ.
       May 13 is the last luncheon for the working year. Since we did not have a student apply for the
college scholarship we were able to give financial scholarships to 5 students for summer music camps.
(See March 29.)
       We are always so appreciative to so many members who help to keep our organization alive
and well, but this year we want to especially thank Carrie Moore for all her hard work over the years
with our organization. She has always been quietly working behind the scenes. She will not be with us
next year, so be sure to let her know how much you have appreciated her work.

        Thanks to all the officers and chairpersons who work hard at keeping up with all the record
keeping and leg work that it takes to make each event moving along smoothly.

Respectfully submitted, Jean Kunkel, Historian
                         Richmond Music Teachers Association
RMTA finished 2008-2009 with 92 members. The year was filled with interesting workshops, arranged
by 1st Vice President Wesley Pollard, and worthwhile events.

(September) The Annual Potluck Luncheon featured our Summer Music Camp Scholarship Winner, Joy
Shen, who told about her experiences and performed a Chopin Polonaise. Joy is a student of Gabriella

(October) Dr. Lucy Mauro and Donald George presented a workshop entitled “Sound, Sentiment and
Subtleties of Expression: What Singers and Pianists Can Learn From Each Other.”

(November) Eighty-five students participated in the VMTA Fall Festival. Thanks to co-chairmen, Lynn
Redford and Deborah Martin, for organizing this event.

(January) Dr. James Litzelman from The Catholic University of America shared his insights in a
Masterclass featuring several of our students.

(February) Students of RMTA members participated in the VMTA Theory, Sightreading, and Skills
Tests. Thanks to Fay Barss, Sharon Stewart, and Gabriella Ryan for chairing these events.

(March) The annual Bach Competition and Winners Recital was held with 42 participants in the
competition. This year a primer level was added to the existing levels. Thanks to Ruta Smedina-Starke
for serving as chairman.

(April) Dr. Scott Beard from Shepherd University presented a workshop entitled “Where East Meets
West: Contemporary Chinese Piano Music for the Studio and Concert Stage.”

(May) The Central District Auditions were held with 26 piano students, one voice student and one string
student. Thanks to Jennifer Scott for her work in planning this event.

RMTA held five student recitals during the year in the chapel at St. Catherine’s School with a total of 46
students representing 14 teachers. Thanks to Lois Broadwater for serving as recital Vice President.

A Saturday luncheon in May marked the end of the year. Former President and member Peg Shaw
was given a plaque to recognize her many years of service to RMTA and to the Richmond music
community in general. Peg opened her home for countless meetings, and many people have been
touched by her talent and inspiring enthusiasm. Also at the luncheon, a gift was presented to Sharon
Stewart for her work as President for the last four years. Sharon’s high standards of teaching, excellent
leadership, and participation in all events set a wonderful example for all of us in RMTA.

New officers were elected for 2009-2011:
President: Ellis Dunton
1st Vice President (Programs): Jennifer Scott
2nd Vice President (Membership): Debra Jordan
3rd Vice President (Student Recitals): Lois Broadwater
Corresponding Secretary: Martha Dorrill
Recording Secretary: Marjory Harvey
Treasurer: Rita Gulliksen

Submitted by Ellis Dunton, President
                Roanoke Valley Music Teachers Association
                                     President’s Report
                          Presented at the VMTA Spring Conference
                                         June 6, 2009

  • RVMTA sponsored a “New Members Orientation and Coffee” August 22, 2008. The event was
     advertised and hosted by Vice President/Membership Chair Sherrie Andrews. The orientation
     was attended by approximately 25 guests and members, with four new teachers joining
  • RVMTA had a total of 51 members for the year.

VMTA Fall Festival:
  • Saturday, November 22, 2008
  • 101 students of 16 teachers participated
  • 85 “superior” ratings
  • 14 “excellent” ratings
  • 2 “very good” ratings

VMTA Theory, Sightreading & Skills Tests:
  • Saturday, February 28, 2009
  • 102 students of 10 teachers registered for the Theory Test
        o 99 students passed
        o 3 students were absent
  • There were no students registered for the Keyboard Skills of Single-Line Reading Skills Tests.

RVMTA Student Recital
  • RVMTA held a “Sonatina” Recital on March 15, 2009. Students from our member’s studios
     performed one movement from a sonatina or sonata. 22 students performed, representing 8
     RVMTA teachers.

   • There were no applicants for the $500 RVMTA Scholarship
   • There was 1 applicant for the $1000 Mae Stemple Scholarship
         o The winner of the Mae Stemple Scholarship was Lindsey Burgess, former student of
             Carolyn Victorine. Lindsey is a student at Liberty University.
         o The adjudicators were Shirley Fike, Sally Goff, and Roma Scriven, and the audition took
             place on May 13, 2009 at Grandin Court Baptist Church.

  • RVMTA launched it’s website in January 2009. The website can be found at
      Sarah Reaser O’Brien is our Webmaster.

   • September 12, 2008: “RVMTA on the Web”
   • October 10, 2008: “Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique” by Barbara Lister-Sink and Deanne
   • November 14, 2008: “Impressions of China: People, Music and Landscape” by Nitza Kats
   • December 19, 2008: Bonus Workshop, “That’s Jazz” by Bradley Sowash, sponsored by
      Covenant Presbyterian Church, Roanoke, VA
   •   January 9, 2009: “A Year in the Life of a Piano Teacher” by Gret Kidd
   •   February 13, 2009: “20th/21st Century Music for Intermediate/Advanced Students”, by Kristofer
   •   March 13, 2009: “Classic Ragtime Music: It’s Characteristics, Sources, and Influences” by Paul
   •   April 3 & 4, 2009: 15th Annual Galbraith Masterclass and Teachers’ Workshop with John Cobb.
       Workshop was followed by a recital of Roanoke area students.
   •   May 15, 2009: Scholarship Winner’s Recital (Mae Stemple Scholarship Winner: Lindsey
       Burgess, former student of Carolyn Victorine and student at Liberty University. Recital followed
       by a business meeting and boxed lunch.

Business Meetings:
   • Business meetings were held in September, January, and May.

Respectfully submitted by
Lynne S. Kessler, NCTM
President, RVMTA
Shenandoah Valley Chapter
Virginia Music Teachers’ Association
President’s Report to the 2009 State Convention
May 12, 2009

The Valley Chapter continues to focus on bringing in new members and working with the other
area music organizations to broaden our community presence.

We held the following chapter events in the past academic year:

   1. Fall Festival
   2. Theory and Sight-Reading Tests
   3. Bach Piano Competition

In the past fall, we hosted the 2008 State Fall VMTA Convention at Shenandoah Conservatory
for the second time in two years. The new SU Student Center provided a very nice, easily
accessed space for the annual events.

We will have added a Spring recital to be held at the SU campus on May 31 this year.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Ann Dransfield
President, Shenandoah Valley Chapter
Virginia Music Teachers’ Association
                       Tidewater Music Teachers Forum
                                 Spring 2009

The Tidewater Music Teachers Forum offered many opportunities for musical education and
growth to both teachers and students during 2008-2009.

The programs for our monthly meetings this past year included:
September -        Publisher’s Workshop with Melody Bober
October     -      Dr. Amanda Halstead – Nurturing Healthy Performers:
                   Steps to Promote Musician Wellness in Your Studio
November -         Linda MacDonald – Taxes and Business Concerns
January     -      Dr. Ronald Shinn and Barbara Shinn – Recital and Piano
                   Master Class
February    -      Dr. Rachel Gragson – The Feminine Touch: Piano
                   Music by Women Composers
March       -      Suzanne Guy – Technique for Tomorrow: A Short
                   Program Based on Beauty, Balance, Speed and Power for
                   All Ages and Stages
April       -      Josephine Jones and Donna Halleck – MTNA
                   National Conference Highlights
May         -      Bonnie Kellert – Falling in Love with Mendelssohn

Performance opportunities for teachers included our third annual TMTF Teacher Recital in
September and the TMTF Monster Concert in March. A certification breakfast was held in

      Activities for the musical enrichment of our students included:
October        -      Hobart Langrall Memorial Recital (for VMTA State
                      Audition entrants)
November -            Hobart Langrall Memorial Recital (for VMTA and
                      MTNA competition entrants)
                      Student Recitals in two locations
                      TMTF Hymn Playing Festival
December -            TMTF Play-A-Thon (Students performed for three days
                      at a local mall and raised over $6000 for the three TMTF
                      scholarship programs.)
January        -      Recital and Master Class presented by Dr. Ronald Shinn
                      and Barbara Shinn
                      VMTA Theory Tests
February       -      VMTA Keyboard Skills Tests
                      VMTA Sight Reading Festival
March        -        Student Recitals in three locations
                      TMTF Levels of Progress (In this event 56 teachers
                      registered 719 students to perform.)
                      TMTF Monster Concert (This event is also open to
                      students and teachers around the state.)
April          -      Glover Scholarship Auditions (for students in school
                      grades 5 – 8)
                      VMTA Eastern District Auditions
                    TMTF Glen Mayberry Scholarship Auditions (offered to
                    a high school senior who plans to major in music)
                    TMTF Honors Recitals Auditions
May          -      TMTF Honors Recitals
                    May Luncheon and Installation of Officers

      The new TMTF Achievement Award program has 104 students enrolled this year.
These students will be able to earn trophies by participation in TMTF, VMTA and MTNA
events. Funding for this program will be assisted by the monetary award from the 2008 MTNA
Local Association of the Year Award. TMTF has established a New Member Mentor
Chairperson to assist new members in entering TMTF and VMTA events and has adopted a
Teacher Responsibility Policy for teacher assistance in TMTF and VMTA events.

       With over 100 members in our organization, TMTF seeks to have participation by a well
informed membership by the publication of a detailed Yearbook and a Student Activity Booklet
with all event information and forms, a newsletter – Stafflines – published nine times a year,
minutes of meetings sent to members by e-mail and our website (

      The newly elected TMTF officers for 2009-2011 are:

              President                   Donna Halleck
              President-Elect             Susan Atkins
              Recording Secretary         Vernon McCart
              Treasurer                   Sharron Whealton
              Associate Treasurer         Elizabeth Smith
       The Tidewater Music Teachers Forum strives to be an effective and unique organization
for teachers of all instruments in the communities it encompasses.

Josephine Jones, NCTM
President 2007-2009

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