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									         APPLICATION FORM
           June 30th to July 31st , 2008
             TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
                                                  Responsibility of the Organizers:
Please Print clearly:
                                                  The organizers will meet all participants’ local costs for
                                                  accommodation, food and land travel on Trinidad for the
                                                  duration of the workshop.
Postal Address:
……………………………………………..                               * The organizers will provide computer access.
                                                  * The organizers will meet the costs of the workshop                           5th Caribbean
                                                  moderators and all administrative expenses.
                                                  * The organizers will arrange for a public reading of                       Creative Writers
                                                  selected work from the workshop.                             RESIDENTIAL WORKSHOP
Age:………… Nationality:………………                       * The organizers may recommend one or more
                                                  participants for further Residential Writer’s Retreats in
                                                  Vermont, USA. or elsewhere.
Tel( h)………………….. (c)…...…...…….

Tel (w):………………… Fax…..….……..
                                                  Responsibility of participants:
                                                  * Participants will be responsible for their travel to and
                                                  from Trinidad.

I would like to be considered for a place on
                                                  * Participants from Trinidad & Tobago will pay $600.00.
                                                  * All participants will be responsible for arranging their
the residential workshop for playwriting,         own travel, accident and medical insurance. (The                             PROSE FICTION
fiction or poetry open to all Caribbean writers   organizers will not be responsible for any expenses
                                                  resulting from accidents, medical problems etc. incurred                         & POETRY
resident in the Caribbean to be held from         during the workshop.)
         th           st
June 30 to July 31 , 2008 on the island of        * Participants will be responsible for all other expenses
Trinidad.                                         not provided by the organizers.

Enclosed with this application are samples of
my work (no more than five pages) which I
consider appropriate for this workshop. I         Workshop schedule – creative fiction, poetry
understand that this will be used to select       and playwriting , July 2008                                        June 30th to July 31st 2008
participants for the workshop and will not be                                                                             Trinidad, West Indies
returned      unless     financial    mailing     Closing date for applications              Nov.15 2007
arrangements are made.                            Selection of Short list of participants Jan.15 2008
                                                  Notification of Short-listed Participants Feb. 1
I also enclose:                                   Submission of Additional Samples           Feb. 28
                                                  Press Announcement of Participants Mar. 14
- a short biographical summary and
                                                  Deadline for Participants to confirm
- a short statement of what I would like                                 their participation Apr. 1
   to achieve during this workshop.               Participants arrive in Trinidad            June 30
                                                  Workshop begins                            July 1
If selected, I undertake to be responsible for    Public reading of selected work                    TBA
any expenses not covered by the organizers        Workshop ends                              July 31            Moderators:     Merle Hodge, Ph.D.
for the duration of my stay in Trinidad, and to   Participants depart Trinidad               Aug. 1                            Prof. Funso Aiyejina
obtain my return ticket to Trinidad.

                                                                                                                            Notes to applicants:
                  THE CROPPER FOUNDATION
          UWI Centre for Creative & Festival Arts            During the workshop, opportunities will be                     1.  Submit approximately five (5) pages
                                                             provided for:                                                      (samples) of your work, which you
                                                                                                                                consider appropriate. This can be work in
Background                                                   - extended periods of quiet time in which to                       progress, finished work or published
                                                                write;                                                          material. (Please note that this material
THE CROPPER FOUNDATION offers a mechanism for
                                                             - structured access to the moderators;                             cannot be returned.)
like-minded individuals and organizations to involve
themselves in development issues and contribute to           - readings by and discussions with other                       2. Submit (a) a short biographical summary
desired outcomes.                                              writers;                                                         of no more than 250 words.
                                                             - recommendations for selected participants to                 3. Submit a short statement of what you
We know that the Caribbean has enormously talented             participate in further residential writing retreats in           hope to achieve during the workshop.
writers who have already achieved worldwide recognition        Vermont, USA or elsewhere;                                   4. Receipt of all applications will be
and others continue to emerge. But we also know that         - a public reading.                                                acknowledged by email.
there is boundless talent, latent promise, seeking to find                                                                  5. Applicants short-listed will be required to
the proper form and mode of expression.
                                                                                                                                submit further examples of their works.
                                                             Certification                                                  6. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised
Wide-ranging discussions suggest that time and space in
which to write, guidance from experienced writers, and       A Certificate of Participation from the UWI Centre                 accordingly.
help with publication, are what is needed to foster this     for Creative & Festival Arts and THE CROPPER                   7. Successful applicants (and alternates)
development.                                                 FOUNDATION will be issued.                                         will be informed no later than February
                                                                                                                                14 , 2008.
The four previous writers’ workshops in this programme                                                                      8. Some additional reading and preparation
– for emerging Caribbean writers of fiction – were held in   Eligibility                                                        for the workshop will be expected.
Grande Riviere (2), on the Gaspere Island, and in            The workshop is open to all resident Caribbean                 9. All participants will be in shared
Tobago for three weeks in August 2000, 2001, 2003 and        persons aged 20 years and above who are writing
2005. These workshops were organized jointly with the                                                                           accommodation (2 persons per room).
                                                             in English.                                                    10. Direct any questions to Marissa Brooks
University of the West Indies Centre for Creative &
Festival Arts and the Department of Liberal Arts, and                                                                           UWI, Centre for Creative & Festival Arts,
moderated by Merle Hodge and Funso Aiyejina. At each                                                                            St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.
workshop ten participants were accepted and a number         Selection of Participants                                          Tel. (1 868 663-2222 or 662-2002 (ext
have subsequently won awards for their writing and have      Interested writers are invited to submit a selection               3791)
had their stories accepted for publication.                  of finished work and/or work in progress                           Email:
                                                             (approximately five pages). Selection will be based
The Workshop                                                 on the perceived potential of individuals to benefit
The 2008 four-week workshop is to be held on the island                                                                                                       th
                                                             from the workshop, balanced in part by a                   Send your application by Nov. 15           2007 to:
of Trinidad and will focus on playwriting, fiction and
poetry.                                                      Caribbean-wide representation. Those short-listed
                                                             for selection will be required to submit additional        By mail: Writers Workshop – Attn. Dr. D. Lyndersay
The moderators will be Dr. Merle Hodge and Professor         samples of their work before the final selection.                  UWI Centre for Creative & Festival Arts
Funso Aiyejina both faculty in the UWI Faculty of                                                                               St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
Humanities and Education. Merle Hodge is the author of       The selection of the fifteen participants (plus
Crick Crack Monkey and For the Life of Laetitia. Poet                                                                   By fax: Writers Workshop – Attn. Dr. D. Lyndersay
                                                             alternates)-–five for playwriting, five for fiction and
and short story writer, Professor Funso Aiyejina has                                                                            UWI Centre for Creative & Festival Arts
                                                             five for poetry—will be conducted by a panel                       (1 868 663- 2222)
written extensively and in 2000 won the Commonwealth
                                                             organized by the UWI Centre for Creative &
Writers Prize (Africa) for his book of short stories The
Legend of the Rockhills.                                     Festival Arts.                                             By email: Subject: Writers Workshop

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