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									                       EALC 108 Reading and Writing Chinese

Instructor: Tin-Yu Tseng                             Program director: Dr. Audrey Li
Class meetings: W/Wed 4:00–5:50 at                   Office: THH 226F; mailbox: 226A
VKC161                                               Phone: (213) 740-3717
Office: THH 356H; mail box: THH 356                  E-mail:
Phone: (213) 740-3715                                Office Hours: by appointment
Office hours: W/Wed 6-7 pm, and by

Class materials and information:
All materials and information of this class can be accessed through Blackboard at

   1. Integrated Chinese (Level I part I): textbook (required)
   2. Integrated Chinese (Level I part II): textbook (required)
   3. Integrated Chinese Level I: workbook part I & II (required)

Course Objectives:
To develop basic reading and writing abilities in Mandarin Chinese while continuing enhancing
listening and speaking proficiencies.

The focus of the class activities will be on building up students’ vocabulary, expressions, and
sentence patterns so that they could apply them in reading and writing simple Chinese texts.
Therefore, learning Chinese characters and their related expressions will be the main emphasis of
the course work, while pinyin (the phonetic symbols) will only be used as a supplementary tool
throughout the semester. Please be advised that all the homework and tests are expected to be
written solely in characters toward the second part of the semester. Those who have questions
about pinyin and pronunciation could go to the language lab for practicing or come to my office
hours for individual instruction.

Class Meetings:
1. Attendance is an essential course requirement. Active participation in classroom activities is
   expected. In addition to the discussion of the materials from the textbook, classroom
   activities include practices of vocabulary and patterns, simulated activities and group-based
2. Please come to class on time. Leaving 10 minutes early or arriving 10 minutes late will be
   considered as an absence. Absences and lack of participation in classroom activities will
   definitely affect the final grade.
3. The instructor is not responsible for students not being informed of homework or not
   receiving the handouts due to absences.
4. Please turn off your cellular phones and/or pagers in the classroom.

Mid-term and final examinations:
   1. One midterm and one final exam.
   2. Documented emergencies qualify for make-ups for the mid-term and final exam with
      10% off the points awarded.
Oral presentation:
   1. There will be one final presentation in the last week of class.
   2. The students should discuss their topic of presentation with the instructor at least three
      weeks before the presentation.
   3. The presentation should be accompanied by effective use of visual aids (photographs,
      video, drawings, maps, etc.).

Quizzes and comprehension checks:
   1. There is one pre-lesson quiz for each lesson. The pre- lesson quiz is a short preparatory
      quiz on vocabulary before the lesson is taught. So be prepared and be in the class on time.
   2. There are four post-lesson exams plus midterm and final throughout the entire
      semester. Post-lesson exams are review tests following completion of every three or four
   3. Be sure to be on time for the quizzes/tests. If any students miss the listening
      comprehension part at the beginning of a test, it will not be repeated.
   4. The quizzes/tests missed will be graded as zero points. Documented emergencies qualify
      for make-ups with 20% off the points awarded. Make-ups must be made within one

   1. Each student will submit a journal once a week.
   2. The topic will be relevant to what is presented in class but students are encouraged to
      explore other options and use vocabulary outside the textbook context.

  1. Regular written assignments include
        Character writing practice from the character workbook
        Homework assigned from the textbooks
  2. Assignments must be completed and turned in by the due day.
  3. Sloppily written homework or homework with too many errors will be returned. The
       students will have to resubmit the work on the next day to receive a grade.
Homework is graded in 6 levels:
  a. 5 (100%): excellent work submitted on time.
  b. 4 (90%): good work submitted on time.
  c. 3 (80%): average work submitted on time.
  d. 2 (70%): re-submitted work of good quality.
  e. 1 (60%): re-submitted work of average quality or returned work without re-submission.
  f. 0 (0%): unacceptable work, missing homework, or homework turned in late.

The Language Center and useful web resources:

   1. There are CDs, audiotapes, videotapes, and computer software in the Language Center
      (THH 3rd floor). Serious efforts should be made to take full advantage of the available
      audio/video materials and computer software.
   2. Chinese 108 students enjoy first priority in use of the computers in the Language Center.
      Students who use the computers at the Language Center to type their assignments should
      bring their own floppy disks. Files saved in the hard disks at the center will be deleted
      and lost.
   3. Students are strongly encouraged and occasionally required to visit our web site at, which contains valuable learning materials (such
      as character learning projects) and provides links to other related web sites.

More fun projects:
1. Language festival: A language program festival, including cultural events and student
   presentations, will be held on Friday, 11/12. Our class will be in charge of one of the
   activities, such as performing a short skit, a Chinese song, or Chinese Kung-fu, etc. Students
   participating in this activity may be excused from two regular class hours.
2. Field trip: A field trip may be organized (details to be discussed later in class).

* Academic Integrity and Plagiarism: University policies concerning academic dishonesty will
  be strictly enforced, and students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these
  policies. Plagiarism and/or cheating on exams is subject to the sanctions set forth in the Student
  Conduct Code and may include expulsion or suspension from the university. For a detailed
  description of plagiarism and other types of academic dishonesty and the sanctions pertaining
  thereto, the student is referred to pages 81-85 and 92 in the 2002-2003 SCampus. The student
  publication, "Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism" (
  conduct/ug_plag.htm) may also prove helpful.
  request accommodations based on a disability are required to register each semester with the
  Disability Services and Programs (DSP) office (Student Union, Room 301.) In addition, a letter
  of verification to the course instructor, from the Disability Services and Programs office is
  needed for the semester in which you are enrolled for this course. If you have questions
  concerning this procedure, please contact both the instructor of the course, and the Disability
  Services and Programs office at (213) 740-0776.
* The final exam date CANNOT be changed without first obtaining approval from the Provost's
  office. The students are not allowed to take final exams prior to or after the exam date, except
  in the case of an emergency. A student's desire to return home a few days early does not
  constitute an emergency.

1. Written assignments 15%                           6. Mid-term 20%
2. Journals/compositions 10%                         7. Final 20%
3. Comprehension Checks 10%                          8. Attendance and participation 10%
4. Quizzes 10%
5. Oral presentation 5%
                                                                             Total 100%

A 94-100           A- 90-93
B+ 87-89           B 84-86             B- 80-83
C+ 77-79           C 74-76             C- 70-73
D+ 60-69           Pass: C or above    F below 60

Final exam will be held on Wednesday, December 8 at 4:30-6:30 p.m. in VKC 161


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