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					                          Library Board Minutes
                            September 9, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Hope Ascher. Attending were: Bonnie
Chatterton, Lore Scurrah, Barbara Stasko, Lucia Watson, Carol Late, Sara
Wilkins, Joseph Ferrante, Diane Sheffield, and Nancy Grout.

May 13, 2008 minutes were accepted as read.

Director’s Report
Nancy reported that the library had no weather-related damage from
Hurricane Fay. No materials were lost and the library reopened after 4 days.
Applications have been gathered for the two part-time staff positions.
Satellite High School AP classes toured the library and were introduced to
all the available research and computer resources. These students will be
reading books from the Florida Teens Read list. One of the director’s goals
this year is to interface more with local schools. Circulation of books from
the Teen/YA area have increased 30% this past year.
Hope reported that one of the scheduled authors for the February Reading
Festival has a book on Florida Teens Read list.
Nancy presented the monthly statistics and the Friends of the Library budget
for 2008-2009.

Chairperson’s Report
Hope announced the reappointment of Lore Scurrah and Barbara Stasko to
the Library Board. The stock report equaled $320.91. Hope reminded us of
the importance of libraries with quotes from Isaac Asimov and a Florida
Today article from September 2 on the increase of library usage.

Friends Report
Carol reported on the upcoming Friends Garage Sale on September 18. One
of the more popular items is children’s clothes. There will also be a bake
sale. The annual book sale is the first weekend in February, 2009.

Unfinished Business
Nancy reported on the installation of the TLC integrated library system.
There are PC stations in the library for catalog information only. There are
new circulation and technical processing modules for staff use. Many
training classes were taken by all staff members.
Florida Today has printed articles recently about new books, the new
integrated library system and increased use of libraries in these times.

Nancy reported on the FY 08/09 Library System budget. Almost $2 million
has been cut from the system wide budget. There is less in all of the media
accounts. The Calendar of Events will be downsized and done in house.
Eleven unfilled positions were cut and interlibrary loan service outside the
county was eliminated. Administrative offices in River House were moved
to the Central Library facility and the director of Central Library is retiring
and the position is being eliminated. For Satellite Beach Library, office and
janitorial supplies will now be paid from our Fines and Fees account.

Summer Youth Library
There were 35 different presentations and 1653 children participated. Over
700 logs were completed. 45 teens participated in a separate summer reading
program just for their age group. Special teen programs were well-attended.

New Business
Satellite Beach Library will host a variety of events in support of the 200 th
anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. Book talks, films, and lectures
are a part of this tribute funded by the Florida Humanities Council and the
library. Flyers of these programs will be sent to local schools and businesses.

The annual reading festival will change into a month of events at all of the
libraries during February, 2009.

Other Business
Library Days in Tallahassee will be March 10 and 11.
All Brevard County Libraries will be closed October 13 for Staff
Development Day. Joseph Ferrante announced that this is his last meeting as
a Satellite Beach Councilman as his term as councilman will expire in

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Diane Sheffield