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              $20 A Day In 60 Minutes

  Thank you for downloading my book. I am gonna show you a very easy
  method of earning $20 per day from working just 1 hour. The interesting
  fact is that you don’t need to be a tech savvy for using this method. If
  you can read and write English, you are eligible for making money with
  this method.

  I am gonna show you how you can make money from reviewing, grading
  and commenting internet marketing product. I have divided the whole
  process into the following steps. Follow the whole process and I am
  sure you gonna make money from now.

  We will use a site name IMRC (IM Report Card) to make money. This site
  offers credits as rewards for reviewing, commenting, grading and
  suggesting different types of products. Their reward structure is as

  Work:                                                 Credits:

  Rate a review or other user’s comment                 1 Credits

  Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp          10 credits

  Add your own comment to any review                    50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*

  Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review      100 Credits

  Refer another user to IM Report Card                  Whatever THEY earn!

  Each credit has a money value.
                                           1 Credit=$0.1
                                           100 Credits=$1
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  Minimum Payout amount is $20. It pays via Paypal. So our target is to

  get daily payment. To get $20 daily we have to earn 20*100=2000
  Credits. To earn 2000 Credits we have to do only 40 commenting. Is not it
  very easy???? Yes, it is . I will show you how you can do all the process
  safely and will receive your earning daily. Follow me:

  1. Go to IMRC
  2. Create a new account.

  3. After signing up go to your profile page and try to fill up all the
  information. Use your Paypal ID to receive your earnings. I recommend
  to fill all the information and using an Avatar too.
  4. Now go to Home page and click on one of these links: Products,
  Services, People, Biz-Opps & More.
4. Now you will be sent to the product list page. Find a product and
 click on it. There are thousands of products for reviewing. So my
              recommendation is start from the 1st one.
5. Go to the product page. My suggestion is read the product description
carefully to get an idea about the product. You can visit the product home
page too. Now scroll down to the page and click on the ADD A COMMENT.

6. You will be sent to the comment form. Fill up the form. To fill up you
can take help from other user’s review. Read them carefully and get
an idea. Grade the product according to other’s grading. Your
comment needs to be at least 100 words for being accepted. I
recommend commenting at least 130 words. It is for sure acceptance.
After completing the form click on SUBMIT button.
By submitting this comment you will earn at least 60 credits. 10 credits for
grading the product and minimum 50 credits for reviewing.
See the image below:
Now go to the second product and review it. I suggest posting 35-
45 comment each day. Do not copy paste others comment. All the
comments need approval from admin. For this quality reviews are

The whole process will take around 1 and ½ hour for the 1st day. You
will not get the money on the 1st day. You will start getting money from
the second day. When you will earn 2000 credits, request money. It takes
1 or 2 hour to get money to the PAYPAL.

    Additional Way To Earn More Money

Suggesting products offers 100 per suggestion. For suggesting products
you have to find out a product. Clickbank is the best place for finding a
new product. Go to clickbank and look for new products. Collect the
basic information like homepage URL, Name, Genre etc of the product
and go to & fill up the form.
My suggestion is to suggest maximum 5 products a day. That means an
extra $5 everyday. Watch the image below:
For Evaluation Only.
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  Safety Tips:
  1. Never spam the review section with poor quality and copied comment.

  2. Do not post more than 45 comments a day.

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