Material Testing machine- Electric Universal Testing Machine

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					Material Testing machine- Electric Universal Testing Machine controlled by PC.
WDW-50E(Max load is 50KN) (ISO7500-1999)

  Model No.                                 WDW-50E(Full computer controlled electrical UTM 50kN)
  Machine Type                              Four ball screws
  Max Load Capacity                         50KN
  Range of load force                       0.4%-100% of max load
  Error of load value                       ≤±1%
  Standard available test                   Bend, tension, compression. etc.
  Precision of displacement                 0.001mm
  Range of uniform velocity                 0.005/s-500mm/min
  Relative error of velocity value          ≤±1%
  Relative error of deformation value       ≤±1%
  Relative error of displacement value      ≤±1%
  Max tension space                         600mm
  Max compression space                     600mm
  Max stroke of crosshead                   1150mm
  Net width between two columns             575mm
  Range of diameter of Round Specimen       Ø4-Ø20mm
  Range of thickness of Flat Specimen       0-20mm
  Dimension of compression board            Ø100mm
  Max span between bending rollers          500mm
  Dimension of machine
                                            Pc and Accessories:800*500*760mm
  Weight(Include package)
                                            Pc and Accessories:

 Load cell
 Overload protect High accuracy                                                Photoelectric code
 Force transducer (Load cell).                                                 High accuracy photoelectric

 Crosshead restrict
 Cross head displacement
 restrict, Un-tangency
 photoelectric transducer
 Safe and reliable to control

 Manual Wedge tensile grip,                                                    Plug In PCI control card, suits all kinds
 firmly hold the specimen.                                                     of personal computer and main board.
                                                                               Full digital measure and control circuit
                                                                               Provided with Load, displacement &
 Emergency control box                                                         Deformation different measuring
 The emergency control box                                                     channel
                                                                               Close loop control by simply software
 provide emergency stop when                                                   Configuration.
 something is not normal during
 the process of test
 Standard Accessories for WDW-50E

    No.        Name                                        Quantity   Specification
    1          Servo speed adjusting motor for WDW         1 set      Panasonic

    2          Servo speed adjusting system for WDW        1 set      Panasonic

    3          Control system                              1 set

    4          Load cell                                   1 unit     Celtron 50kN load cell

    5          Extensometer:                               1 unit     YYU-10/50

    6          Photoelectric coder:                        1 unit

    7          Pc                                          1 unit     P4/256MDDR/CDROM(Lenovo)

    8          Printer:                                    1 unit     Hp1468

    9          Tension grip jaws                           1 set

    10         Grips for flat specimen thickness:          1 set      0-7mm, 7-14mm, 14-20

    11         Grips for round specimen diameter           1 set      Φ0-4mm, Φ4-9mm, Φ9-14mm

    12         Compression test attachment:                1 set      Φ100mm

    13         Bending test attachment                     1 set

    14         Tool kit:                                   1 set

    15         Document                                    1 set


          1   Operation Manual for WDW-50E

          2   Operation Manual of control software WIN-WDW

          3   Documents of PC(Lenovo)

          4   Certification

          5   Packing list

 Win-WDW Software

          The software can timely display the load,
    deformation, displacement, and time curve.
          It also can realize close-loop control.
          The intelligent system can realize automatic
    finish programma. Customer can switch to different
    control modes according to the requirements
          The software is adopt to many test standards,
    such as ISO, ASTM, EN and so on
          The test report can be edited according to the

Guarantee: 1 year