Material Testing machine- Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Dial

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					Material Testing machine- Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Dial Display
WE-300D(Max load is 300KN) (ISO7500-1999)


  Model No.                                WE-300D(Full dial display hydraulic UTM 300kN)
  Machine Type                             Piston at foot, two ball screws and two columns
  Max Load Capacity                        300KN
  Range of load force                      4%-100% of max load
  Standard available test                  Bend, tension, compression. etc.
  Methods of Clamp                         Hydraulic Clamp
  Max tension space                        550mm
  Max compression space                    500mm
  Net width between two columns            590mm
  Range of diameter of Round Specimen      Ø10-Ø32mm
  Range of thickness of Flat Specimen      0-15mm
  Max width of Flat Specimen               70mm
  Dimension of compression board           Ø120mm
  Max span between bending rollers         350mm
  Max value of bending                     100mm
  Piston stroke                            200mm
  Max velocity of piston                   70mm/min
  Dimension of machine
                                           Ergometer: 1050*770*1775mm
  Weight(Include package)
                                           Ergometer and Accessories:

   THE DIAL PLATE                                                                  Automatic hydraulic clamp
   Twins-index dial indicator point                                                Automatic hydraulic clamp can
   out the current load and max                                                    firmly hold the specimen
   load.                                                                           (Tensile action space)

                                                                                   Double space
                                                                                   Tensile and Compression test in
   CONTROL HANDWHEEL                                                               separate place.
   Two hand wheels manually
   control the inlet and outlet
   quantity of oil to apply load on                                                Ball screw
   samples.                                                                        Ball screw is used for adjusting
                                                                                   the space of tension and

   THE TRACER                                                                      Oil Piston
   Analog roller tracer will draw a                                                Oil piston is at the foot of
   diagram of test sample.                                                         machine, which makes the
                                                                                   machine much more steady
Standard Accessories for WE-300D

  No.               Name            Quantity                Specification

    1   Ergometer                 1 unit

    2   Round specimen grips      1 set        Ø10-Ø20mm, Ø20-Ø32mm

    3   Flat specimen grips       1 set        0-15mm,

    4   Bending accessories       1 set

    5   Compression accessories   1 set        Ø120mm

    6   Tool kit                  1 set

    7   Document                  1 set


    1 Operation Manual for WE-300D

    2 Certification

    3 Packing list

Guarantee: 1 year