HIPAA -- Notice of Privacy Practices

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					 February/March 2003

the Facilitator
                                HIPAA -- Notice of Privacy Practices
 For more                       With the April 14 HIPAA Privacy Rule deadline quickly            • statements regarding the patient's rights regarding PHI
                                approaching, facilities must prepare or update their privacy     and how he or she may exercise these rights, including:
 information                    notices. This document identifies a provider's privacy             to request restrictions on certain uses/disclosures of PHI,
 800/461-8843                   practices and specifies how it will use and disclose               to receive confidential communications of PHI,
 www.KolbCo.com                 Protected Health Information (PHI). It must be given to all        to inspect a copy of their PHI,
                                    patients; displayed in a clear, prominent location; posted     to receive an accounting of the disclosures of their PHI,
                                      on providers’ Web sites; and contain the following:          to amend PHI, and
                                       • prominent header that reads, "This notice                 to receive a paper copy of the notice upon request;
                                        describes how medical information about you may          • statements regarding provider's legal duties including:
                                        be used and disclosed and how you can get access           to maintain the privacy of PHI,
                                         to this information. Please review it carefully.";        to provide patients with a notice detailing its privacy
                                         • an example of permitted use/disclosure of PHI           practices and legal duties,
                                        for treatment purposes, payment purposes, and              to abide by the terms of the notice, and
                                       health care operations purposes;                            to reserve the right to change the terms of the notice and
                                                                                                   state how it will provide patients with revised copies; and
This mailer is published for        • descriptions of other purposes for which the
long term care facilities and   provider is permitted or required to use/disclose PHI            • statement that patients may complain to the provider or
other interested parties.       without the patient's written authorization or consent;          the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human
Since the information may                                                                        Services if they believe their privacy has been violated,
be general in nature, no        • statement that other uses/disclosures of the patient's PHI     including the contact person or office and telephone
                                will only be made if he or she provides a written
final decisions should be                                                                        number for filing a complaint with the provider.
based upon it without           authorization (that may be revoked at any time);
pursuing further professional   • separate statements for use/disclosure of PHI if the
resources or advice.
                                provider provides appointment reminders and/or contacts
                                the patient for fundraising purposes;