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   1. Introduction
       The City of Surrey strives to maintain standards and consistency for hardware and software in order to
       provide a supportable environment. This also provides a known platform to test changes or additions to
       this environment. Therefore it is critical to know the impact a new product or change may have on the
       environment outlined below.

   2. General Information
       The City of Surrey has:

       70 sites                        160 workstations                 394 B&W laser printers
       60 physical servers             200 notebooks                    44 colour laser printers
       (15 file servers)               29 rugged notebooks              20 inkjet printers
       68 virtual servers              6 Rugged Tablets                 10 colour plotters
       1450 desktops

   3. Core Client Software

       Internet Explorer 7             McAfee Anti-Virus 8.5            Altiris Client Management 6
       Quicktime Viewer 7              Adobe Reader 9                   Asset Management Suite 6
       Adobe Shockwave/Flash 10        Sun Java 6 Update 12

   4. Technical Architecture & Software


       Desktops                      Dell Optiplex – 2 GB RAM
       Workstations                  Dell Precision – 4 GB RAM
       Notebooks                     Dell Latitude – 4 GB RAM
                                     Panasonic Toughbook – 2 GB RAM
       Printers                      HP Laserjet
                                     HP Colour Laserjet
                                     Xerox WorkCentre Pro
       PBX                           NEAX IPX, NEAX IPS
       Servers                       Dell PowerEdge
       Voicemail                     VMX200
       Storage Area Network          NetApp FAS3140A

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      Operating System

       Desktops                   Windows Vista Enterprise SP1
       Notebooks                  Windows Vista Enterprise SP1
       Servers                    Windows 2003 Standard Edition
                                  Windows 2008
                                  VMWare ESX Server 3.5
                                  VMWare ESX Server 4.0 (Emerging)
       Tablets                    Windows Vista Enterprise SP1
       Workstations               Windows Vista Enterprise SP1


       Routers                    Cisco
       DHCP                       IP address distribution method
       E-mail                     Exchange 2003
       Local Area Network         100 MB to 1000 MB
       Network operating system   Windows 2003 SP2
       Network protocol           TCP/IP
       Network topology           Ethernet
       Network management         SNMP
       Switches                   Cisco
                                  Wireless 802.11b/g
       Wide Area Network          10MB + 30MB Internet Services
                                  Wireless Lucent 802.11a point to point
                                  Shaw Business Internet or Telus ADSL with VPN Router
       Wins/DNS                   Name resolution

      Database Management System

       ESRI Spatial Database
       MDAC                       2.8
       MS Access                  2007
       MS SQL Server              2000, 2005
                                  2008 (emerging)
       Oracle                     9i (
                                  10g (
                                  11g (
       Oracle Networking Client
                         (Server clients)
       Sybase                     12.5

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 Office Automation

  Office Pro Plus 2007 SP1        Microsoft           Word

                                                                   Production Emerging 2010
  Municipal Applications              Vendors
                                                    Products       Version    Version
  Financials                          Computron     Computron      9.0
  Human Resource & Payroll Mgmt       Oracle        PeopleSoft     8.8         9.0
  Internet Content Management                       CMS            2002        LiveLink 9.7.1
                                                                               RedDot V10.
  Geographic Information System       ESRI          ArcGIS         9.3.1
  Intranet Management                               Sharepoint     2007        LiveLink 9.7.1
                                                                               RedDot V10.
  Tax, Utility and Cash Mgmt          Tempest        Tempest       71600       71700 (Nov)
  Work and Asset Management           IBM           Maximo         4.1.1       4.5
                                      Azteca        CityWorks      4.5
  Land Management                     CSDC          Amanda         4.4.22
  Library Management System           SirisiDynix   Horizon        7.4.1
  Licensing and Enforcement           Computronix   Posse
  Recreation Mgmt & Facilities        Active        Class          6.04.0409   7.0
  Booking                             Network

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Online Applications – Currently Accessible via Internet:

Application             Product               Description
Arts Centre Patron      Theatre Management    This product is used at the Surrey Arts Centre (SAC) for ticketing,
Management              System                patron management, fund development, and marketing.
Business Forum          Application Express   The City of Surrey hosts Business Forums that are open to the
Registration            (APEX)                Business Community.

Business Licensing      POSSE                 Business Licenses

                                              This application provides access to a vast amount of the spatial
                        Web Based Mapping
COSMOS                                        information that is maintained and managed at the City for Land
                                              Development, Utilities, Parks and Land Use.

CWM Service Request
                        Maintenance           Engineering Operations Service Requests.
                        Management System

Councilviews Online                           Maintains all council information – agenda, minutes, corporate reports.
Service                 iHost                 The data is housed by an ASP.

Dog Licensing           POSSE                 Creates and maintains dog licenses and renewals.

Election Results        Unity Election
Management              Reporting Manager     Tabulation, display and reporting of Civic Election results.

On-Line Development                           Allows external customers to view land development and commercial,
Inquiry                 Amanda                industrial, & multi-family building permit status info on-line.

                                              This module shares information and participates in the Building Plan
On-Line Electrical                            review and Permitting. It allows Contractors to purchase on-line
Permit                  Amanda                electrical permits and view the status of a permit.

On-Line Erosion &
Sediment Control                              Allows external customers to apply and pay for Erosion & Sediment
Permits                 Amanda                control permits on-line, and view their status

Parking Infraction                            Electronic data capture system for parking tickets and allows on-line
Management              Ticket Manager        payment of parking citations via the City's Website.

Property Taxation and   Taxation and Cash     Includes Property Tax, Utility Bills, Web Inquiry and Electronic Home
Utility Billing         Management            Owner Grants.

Management and                                Online registration to Parks, Recreation and Culture Programs,
Facility Booking        Class                 Membership, and Facility Booking,

Telestaff               Telestaff             Used at the Fire Dept. to help schedule their staff.

                                              Access to MINISIS databases via common Web Browsers such as
Web Interface (MWI)     Minisis Suite 9.0     Netscape and Internet Explorer.

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