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									                        Thomas Nursey
                     Mobile; + 61-412-965511
       Agent: Top Technicians Management + 61-2-99580164

2008       Amankila Spa Development Bali Indonesia
          Ocean Blue Resort, Golf and Housing Development
          Design Development, Project Management, Costing and
          Scheduling of these projects.

2005      Charlottes Webb (US)
          Art Director
          Director                    : Gary Winick
          DOP                         : Seamus McGarvey
          Producer:                   : Jordan Kerner
          Production Designer         : Stuart Wurtzel

2003      Darkness Falls (US)
          Art Director
          Director                    : Jonathon Liebsman
          DOP                         : Dan Lausten
          Line Producer               : Irene Dobson
          Production Designer         : George Liddle

2002      ‘The Fountain’ (US)         (Cancelled)
          Supervising Art Director
          Director                    : Darren Aronofsky
          DOP                         : Mathew Libbitque
          Producer                    : Eric Watson
          Production Designer         : Grant Major

2001-2002 Amankila Hotel Karangasem. Bali
           Design Development, Project Management, Costing and

2001      Queen Of The Damned (US)
          Art Director
          Director                       : Michael Rhymer
          Producer                       : Jorge Saralegui
          Produver                       : Sue Armstrong
          Production Designer            : Grace Walker

2000      Down and Under (US)
          Art Director (Pre Production Film Postponed)
          Director                         : David McNally
          Producer                         : Michael Flynn
          Production Designer              : Roger Ford

1999-2000 Sydney Olympics Opening & Closing Ceremonies
          Head of Design Developement
          Directors                   : Meryl Tannkard
                                      : Nigel Jamieson
                                      : Nigel Triffid
                                      : Lex Marinos

1998-99   Anna And The King (U.S)
          Supervising Art Director
          Director                       : Andy Tennant
          Producers                      : Lawrence Bender
          Producer                       : John Jashni
          DOP                            : Caleb Deschanel
          Production Designer            : Luciana Arrighi
          Production Manager             : Leila Kirkpatrick

1997      A Bright Shining Lie (U.S)
          Art Director:
          Producer                       : Lois Bonfiglio
          Director                       : Terry George
          DOP                            : Jack Conroy
          Production Designer            : Grace Walker
          Production Manager             : Jim Bigwood

1997      Indonesia Indah (U.S)
           Maacgillivray Freeman Films
          Production Designer
          Production Manager             : Cris Andrei

 1996       Oscar and Lucinda
            Art Director
            Director                        : Gillian Armstrong
            Producer                        : Tim White
            DOP                             : Geoffrey Simpson
            Production Designer             : Luciana Arigghi
            Production Manager              : Sue Wild

 1996       Tropic Of Emerald (Holland)
            Art Director
            Director                        : Orlov Sunke
            Production Manager              : Cris Andreii

 1995       The Island of Dr Moreau (U.S)
            Assistant Art Director
            Director                        : John Frankenheimer
            DOP                             : William Fraker
            Production Designer             : Grace Walker
            Art Director                    : Ian Gracie
            Production Manager              : Tony Winley

 1994    Victory (U.K/French) : Filmed in Java, Malaysia &
         Art Director
         Producer                         : Jeremy Thomas
         Producer                         : Simon Bosanquet
         Director                         : Mark Peploe
         DOP                              : Bruno de Keyzer
         Production Designer              : Luciana Arrighi

1994        ‘The Shadow Player’      :German ZDF Television Series
            Art Director
            Director                        : Steffan Bartmann
            DOP                             : Bert Meister
            Production Manager              : Martina Vetter

Various International and Local TVC’s between 2003 and 2008 include;

Client            Company                         Director

Foxtel            Robbers Dog                     Adam Stevens

Capitol One       Boomerang Productions           Simon West

CBA               Boomerang Productions           Eric Lynne

Sumo              Luscious International          Tina Bull

Aricept           Boomerang Productions           Wim Wenders

Macdonalds        Silverscreen                    David Gaddie

Telstra           Flying Fish                     Adam Blaiklock

Cathay Pacific    Boomerang Productions

Peugot            Wanda France/Prodigy Films      Philippe Andre

Telstra Bigpond   Luscious International          Richard Gibson

Travel Alberta    Boomerang Productions

Ebay China        8 Commercials                   Lance Kelleher

A League          Shalala                         David Slade

ADT               Boomerang Productions           Simon West

Nissan            Luscious International          James Holt

Holden            Luscious International          Richard Gibson

Cheerios          Goodoil Films                   Steve Chase

A comprehensive list is available upon request.


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