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									                                                                                                     CSA / ATEX Intrinsic Safety
                                CSA / ATEX Intrinsic Safety

                                                                                                                Control Drawing
                                                                                                                   t l      i     Overview
                                                                                                                Control Drawing & Overview
                                                                                                                                                                                  For LP802, LP902 Series
                                                              Intrinsic Safety Control Drawing

                                                              Overview & Requirements
                                                                • A barrier is required for the installation of IS sensors, the barrier passes signals in either direction as required but limits the voltage and
Section 6 - PRO LINE
                 CSA / ATEX Intrinsic Safety

                                                                  current that can reach the hazardous area under fault conditions, the barrier is put in series and is installed in a safe area
                                                                  (see Typical Connection Diagram).
                                                                  Proper IS Barrier must be used with this sensor to ensure compliance with entity parameters
                                                                                     - IS111 and IS211 barriers are compatible with LP802/LP902 series sensors
                                                                                     - Please contact a CTC Representative if you require assistance in specifying the correct barrier for CTC sensors
                                                                • Approved cabling (maximum 200 ft.) of CB102 or CB103 must be used to bring the signal from the sensor to the zenor diode barrier or
                                                                  galvanic isolator, which is the energy-limiting interface. The standard cable, for integral cables is CB103 polyurethane jacketed,
                                                                  twisted, shielded pair cable
                                                                • Sensors must be grounded to a grounded structure by stud mounting the sensor directly to the machine surface, ensuring metal
                                                                  (of the sensor) to metal (of the machine surface) contact

                                                              Entity Parameters
                                                               All CTC Sensors have the identical entity parameters for their IS approved sensors. This information is used to specify the barrier required
                                                               for the installation of the IS sensors.

                                                                Model             Description                    Vmax          Ci        Imax            Li         Pi       Vmax = Maximum Voltage
                                                                AC90X Series      Accelerometer                    28 V      70 nF       100 mA        51 uH       1W        Ci        = Total Capacitance of Circuit Allowable
                                                                LP802 Series      Loop Powered 4-20 mA             28 V      70 nF       100 mA        51 uH       1W        Imax      = Maximum Allowable Current
                                                                                  output sensor, velocity
                                                                                                                                                                             Li        = Total Inductance of Circuit Allowable
                                                                LP902 Series      Loop Powered 4-20 mA             28 V      70 nF          100        51 uH       1W
                                                                                  output sensor, acceleration                               mA                               Pi        = Total Power of Circuit Allowable

                                                              Regulatory Approvals
                                                               Regulatory Approvals               US & Canada:                      Division 1; Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Groups E, F, G; Class III; T4

                                                                                                  ATEX:                             Zone 0, EEx ia IIC T4
                                                                                                                          II 1 G    LP800 and LP900 Series; T4 ambient temperature: - 40º C to 80º C

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