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									       THE PEARL, John Steinbeck
                       Chapter 4

1. This is obviously a very important chapter: Kino goes to town to sell his pearl.
   How does Steinbeck build up an atmosphere of suspense? (Make notes about
   every detail that contributes to the air of excitement/anticipation. An example
   has been done for you.)
               Everyone in La Paz knows that Kino is going to sell his pearl today: shop-owners,
                altar-boys, nuns, beggars, little boys, pearl buyers.



2. What important fact do we learn about the pearl buyers’ business methods?

3. Kino and Juana’s neighbors accompany them to the town – just as they
   accompanied them to the doctor’s in Chapter 2. What does this tell us about
   their community?

4. What do we learn about how the natives of La Paz had previously tried handling
   selling their pearls? Why didn’t that system work? According to the priest,
   why is this so? Why do you think the priest makes that sermon?

                                                                 The Pearl Chapter 4 Study Guide
5. What is your impression of the first pearl buyer? Why do you think Steinbeck
   includes the detail about him practicing a coin trick?

6. Explain how the pearl buyers try to cheat Kino. What do they do to try to
   prove to Kino that he is not being cheated?

7. What does Kino decide to do?

8. What do Kino’s neighbors think about Kino’s decision? What do they think he
   should do/should have done with the pearl?

9. Kino’s brother, Juan Tomas, says (Page 54/70) "I am afraid for you." Why does
   he feel this way?

10. "This pearl is evil," Juana tells Kino. "Let us destroy it before it destroys us."
    (Page 56-57/73) What would you do in the same situation, and why?

                                                            The Pearl Chapter 4 Study Guide

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