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How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

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					                 How to Make a Personal Injury Claim
When you’ve been involved in an accident and if you have no fault for the incident you
are entitled to make a claim for the damages you suffered. You can file a claim on your
own but it’s a complicated process and if you’re not careful your claim might be

You need to consider the costs you might incur while you’re in the hospital and for your
recuperation. This should be included in your claim. Additionally, any damage to your
car if you’re involved in car accident should be a part of your claim.

Here are some tips on how to make a personal injury claim:

   1. You need to ring the appropriate authorities after the accident.

       Whatever accident you are involved in you need to report it to the proper
       authorities. For example, if you’ve been in a road traffic accident, you need to call
       the police immediately to report the incident. They will list the incident in detail
       and the report will be helpful when you prepare to make a claim.

       If someone is injured in an accident, calling the medical authorities will be the
       right course of action. They will list the injuries the victims have sustained and
       this can also be useful in approximating the amount of compensation claim you
       will get.

       On work related accidents you need to inform your employer immediately. The
       accident should be recorded in the company’s accident book. The accident book is
       material evidence in making a claim against your employer.

   2. Gather proof on the scene of the incident.

       If you’ve had a car accident, you need to take down the details of the other party
       including their name, address, insurance details, contact number and car’s make,
       model and plate number.

       It is also advisable that you collect the details of all the individuals who have
       witnessed the accident.

       If you have a camera installed on your phone take pictures of the damage on your
       car, the scene of accident and immediate surroundings. This can be valuable
       evidence when you file a claim.

   3. Hire a no win no fee personal injury solicitor.

       When you have gathered the necessary evidences in making a claim you can call a
       claim company to ask for legal advice about your situation. They will refer you to
a personal injury solicitor who specialises on the case you are making. This
solicitor will then give an initial assessment of your case, the approximate amount
of claim you can get and the time that will be consumed by the claims process.

Employing a no win no fee personal injury solicitor is ideal. They are bound by
the law not to charge any fees to their clients whether they win or lose the case. If
you hire this kind of solicitor, you have no obligations to pay them anything.


Description: Making a personal injury claim is complicated by nature. But with the help of a professional no win no fee solicitor, making a claim will be much simpler.