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					                                             An idiom is a speech form or an
                                             expression of a given language
                      Heart Idioms           that is peculiar to itself
                                             grammatically or cannot be
                                             understood from the individual
                                             meanings of its elements.

              Idiom                                Meaning
Have a Heart                         Be Merciful
Does My Heart Good                   Feels Good When Helpful
Know by Heart                        Memorize
Change of Heart                      Change Your Mind
Broken Heart                         To Lose Love
Heartfelt                            Deeply Felt
Have Your Heart in the Right Place   To Be Well-Intentioned or Kind
Cry Your Heart Out                   To Grieve
Cross My Heart                       Tell the Truth
Heartless                            No Feelings
Heart of the Matter                  Get to the Point
A Heart of Stone                     No Feelings
Thanks from the Bottom of my Heart   A Very Deep Thank You
Heavy Heart                          Sadness
To My Heart’s Content                As Long as Desired
Have Your Heart Set On               Want something Badly
Heart and Soul                       Completely; Entirely
Lose One’s Heart To                  Fall in Love
Near to the Heart                    Important to One
Steal Someone’s Heart                Win One’s Affection or Love
Take to Heart                        Take Seriously and Be Affected By
With All One’s Heart                 With Great Willingness or Feelings
With Half a Heart                    In a Half-Hearted Manner
Wears Heart on His Sleeve            Always Lets Feeling Be Known

                                                        Burkett Jan. 2003

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