Essay 3 What would you like the admission committee by bol12697


									Essay 3: What would you like the admission committee to know about you that may not be
reflected in other parts of this application?

There are three pieces of information that I think are important for the admission committee
to understand that might not be evident elsewhere in this application.

   1. Quantitative abilities: I am aware that the weakest part of my application is my
      quantitative score on the GMAT exam; however, I have been able to demonstrate
      my abilities in other quantitative arenas. For example, as a Psychology major at
      Chatham, I successfully completed various courses that involved mathematical
      proficiency with grades of A and A-, including Statistics and Research Design. As
      well, at IBM, I have acted in the role of Project Manager, and completed all of the
      Tier 1 courses toward becoming a certified project manager. The coursework
      includes Finance, which I easily passed. Finally, I am taking a calculus course,
      MA121, through NCSU this semester to meet the MBA’s calculus requirement. I
      anticipate performing quite well in the course. My GMAT quantitative score is not
      indicative of how I will perform in math-heavy courses required for my MBA.

   2. Online instructional design: Though he is not part of the specialized faculty for
      the new Services Management concentration, I am eager to learn from Michael
      Rappa’s various e-commerce and emerging technology courses. I have been
      fascinated by online learning communities since my graduate work at Carnegie
      Mellon University, where I concentrated on instructional design and co-authored a
      paper on fostering collaborative online communication in a learning environment.
      My interest led to work in computer-based training for Mellon Bank, and still
      influences my career at IBM today, where I have designed and led tutorial and
      multimedia strategies for IBM at a corporate level. Dr. Rappa’s project OpenSeminar
      is fascinating to me, both as an open-source developer at IBM, as well as a distance
      education instructor for NCSU. I hope to be able to work with him on the
      OpenSeminar project by engaging the Professional Writing faculty and my IBM team
      as potential contributors.

   3. Give Back: The instructor of a project management course that I took once asked
      that on the last day of the class each team prepare a Give Back presentation. In the
      spirit of reciprocity, the students, thankful for everything they have learned, were to
      share something in which they were expert. Program acceptance is in essence a
      business transaction where the applicant is seeking to learn from the resources of the
      MBA program, and where the admissions committee is looking for candidates who
      complement and increase the esteem of the program; therefore, I would like to share
      what I would have to Give Back to the College of Management. If I believe in an
      organization or product, I am intensely dedicated to spreading the word. For
      example, while discussing a make-up product with my mother when shopping one
      day, I was offered a job at the Clinique counter for understanding and being able to
      sell the product so well. Similarly, at IBM, I have recruited four people to the
      company, three of whom are still on my team. In addition to word of mouth
      recommendations, and referrals from my alma matars, I would also maintain a
      Business Week blog detailing my experience in the MBA program at, where I have already begun to share my
thoughts on the application process. In fact, I am in the process right now of having
Business Week add NCSU to the list of business schools you are able to select for
your profile. As an NCSU MBA student, I would be excited to foster awareness of
the new RTP campus, and help the program grow in the business school market.

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