Identify Dependent and Independent Variables and Their Directions by zdh15614


									Identify Dependent and Independent Variables and Their Directions (positive or negative)

1. As maternal education increases, daughters' educational attainment increases.

2. Industrialization reduces wage inequality.

3. Occupational sex segregation (the extent to which occupations are 'male' or 'female')
contributes to the sex gap in earnings.

4. Father's occupational class increases son's educational attainment.

5. As educational attainment increases, occupational status increases.

6. Increased enforcement of equal employment law reduces racial disparity in earnings.

7. Greater access to public education leads to lower wage inequality.

8. Status inequality between men and women varies with a society's type of economy.
1. A society's suicide rate will increase with the level of alienation felt by its members.

2. Children who watch actors being rewarded for violent behavior on television will be more likely to act
aggressively towards their fellow playmates.

3. Nations which have been involved in one or more wars within the last five years are more likely to
experience increases in their national homicide rates.

4. Individuals who experience lower levels of attachment to their families will be more likely to participate in
deviant behavior.

5. Males will receive more severe sentences than females, even when they have committed the same crime.

6. If we only consider thefts involving more than $1000, there is an inverse relationship between the amount
stolen and the length of the prison sentence given to the thief. This means that as the value of the stolen
property goes up, the length of the prison sentence will go in which direction?

7. Cultures in which members changed their physical appearance prior to warfare were more apt to demonstrate
extreme forms of violence, such as torture, mutilation and execution.

8. Children whose fathers have less rewarding jobs demonstrate higher rates of involvement in delinquent
activities. If father's job rewards is our independent variable, and children's involvement in delinquent activities
is our dependent variable, what type of relationship is stated here?

9. African-Americans living in the south who are convicted of murdering a white victim will be more likely to
receive the death penalty than whites who are convicted of murdering an African-American victim.

10. When drug laws become more severe, we will see little change in the percentage of people who use or sell

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