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                                                                                                         PD 65303 GB4

LKD 450x350, Manhole Cover, static pressure
LKD-P 450x350, Manhole Cover, pressure
LKD is used in stainless steel tanks and containers where
closeable means of access to the interior of the tank or
container is required.
A TÜV approved version, type LKD-P for working pressures
up to 5 bar at max.100°C is also available.

Working pinciple
Opening of the LKD cover for inspection purposes is
carried out by loosening the handle. The clamp arm can
then be turned to the free position and the cover can be
turned into the tank.
If it is necessary to physically enter the tank or container      Fig. 1. LKD with angle-shaped frame.
the cover can be turned to a horizontal position and swung
out of the tank.

Standard design
LKD is supplied with clamp arm and handle for fastening
the cover tightly. The pressed-up cover is provided with a
specially shaped rubber seal which fits the outer edge of
the cover. The seal, which is very suitable for cleaning, can
easily be replaced.
The following combinations are available:
· Complete cover with angle-shaped frame and left-hand
· Cover with angle-shaped frame.
· Complete cover with flat frame and left-hand hinge.             Fig. 2. LKD with flat frame.
· Cover with flat frame.
· Left-hand hinge.                                                Options
· Right-hand hinge.                                               Material grades
                                                                  A) Seal of EPDM rubber.
Materials                                                         B) Seal of Silicone rubber (Q).
Steel parts:                                                      C) Seal of Fluorinated rubber (FPM).
Cover and W.No. 1.4301 (AISI 304) or W.No.1.4571
frame:       (AISI 316Ti) supplied with inspection certificate    Ordering
             3.1. B according EN 10204/DIN 50049.                 Please state the following when ordering:
Other parts: AISI 304 (W.No.1.4301).                              - Type, LKD or LKD-P.
Seals:       Nitrile (NBR).                                       - Materials, steel and rubber.
Finish:      Semi bright.                                         - Combination.
                                                                  - Height of frame.
Technical data

            Type                              LKD                            LKD-P
 Max. static pressure                     200 kPa (2 bar)                     300 kPa (3 bar)
 Max. positive working pressure             0 kPa (0 bar)               up to 500 kPa (5 bar)
 Max. negative working pressure          50 kPa (0.5 bar)                    50 kPa (0.5 bar)
 Test pressure                            300 kPa (3 bar)        1.3 x max. working pressure
 Test temperature                                   20oC                                20oC
 Temperature range:                         o
                                         -20 C to +100oC                        o
                                                                             -20 C to +100oC
Dimensions (mm)

                   Fig. 3         Fig. 4
      A              446            446

      B              346            346

      C              517            506
                                                                            15 o
      D              417            406
      E              220            160
      E              250
      E              290
                                                 Fig. 3. Dimensions, angle-shaped frame.
      F               70
      F              100
      F              140
      t                 3             10
      t                 4
                      3-4           3-4
                      3-4           3-4

Angle shaped frame                  70/3   3.5
Angle shaped frame                  70/4   4.6
Angle shaped frame                100/3    3.8
                                                 Fig. 4. Dimensions, flat frame.
Angle shaped frame                100/4    5.1
Angle shaped frame                140/3    6.0
Angle shaped frame                140/4    8.0
Flat frame                       10 x 30   3.0
Cover                                  3   3.0
Cover                                  4   4.0
Handle + clamp arm                         2.4   TÜV approved version, type LKD-P
Hinge                                      1.8

1. Remove seal form cover.
2. Fit cover with hinge in frame.
    Please note the dimensions shown.

                                                 Fig. 5.

                                                                 Max. working pressure (bar) Max. negative
                                                 Frame     Cover at max. working temperature working pressure
                                                 thickness (mm)            100oC                   (bar)
                                                                                                                                          PD 65303 GB4 9606

                                                 3                3                    3 bar                       0.5
                                                 ** 4             4                    4 bar                       0.5
3.    Weld hinge to frame.
      Left-hand hinge to the left and right-     10               3                    3 bar                       0.5
      hand hinge to the right.                   **10             4                    5 bar                       0.5
                                                 ** On request
                                                                                               The information contained herein is
Sanitary Equipment, Headquarter                                                                correct at the time of issue, but may be
Alfa Laval AB                                                                                  subject to change without prior notice.
SE-221 00 LUND, Sweden
Telephone: +46 46 367000
Fax: +46 46 367150

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