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									                        Newcourt Accounting Services Limited


Newcourt Accounting Services is a professional bookkeeping organisation dedicated to delivering
a service to save you time and money. We support small and medium sized businesses and sole
traders in all aspects of their bookkeeping requirements. We will provide our service at your place of
business or remotely within our own office environment.

With our knowledge at your disposal, we provide accurate record keeping, knowledge of accounting
procedures, computer literate bookkeepers and time effective solutions to let you concentrate on
productivity and profitability. You may only require our service weekly, monthly or quarterly to get
your books in order.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of managing your business because it helps you assess how your
business is performing by providing essential reports in a timely and professional manner. It is
therefore vital that your bookkeeper understands the requirements of your business and provides a
bookkeeping service of the highest quality. At Newcourt Accounting Services we guarantee the
highest standards of professionalism enabling you to make informed business decisions about
budgeting and future planning.

You can not only focus on making more money but can also enjoy your evenings and weekends in
the knowledge that you have the information to be proactive rather than reactive in making those all
important business decisions.


We provide a complete outsourced bookkeeping service that ensures our clients' financial
information is recorded and processed in the most efficient way.

        • Maintenance of Debtors Ledger
        • Maintenance of Creditors Ledger
        • Recording of Payments and Receipts
        • Supplier Payments
        • Bank Reconciliation and Cash Book Maintenance
        • Preparation and Submission of VAT Returns
        • Provision of Payroll Services including Preparation and Submission
          of P30, P35, P60 and P45
        • Reconciliation of Supplier Accounts to Supplier Statements
        • Maintenance of Nominal Ledger to Trial Balance
        • Maintenance of Fixed Asset Register
        • Credit Control Services

                    “In the long run, outsourcing is another form of trade that benefits
                          the economy by giving us cheaper ways to do things.”
                            - Janet Yellen, Chief Economist to President Bill Clinton, Wall Street Journal
      Preparation of Management Information
       • Monthly cash flow projections
       • Monthly management reports showing actual figures to date
       • Actual -v- Budgeted income and expense comparisons
         (if Budgeted Figures are available)

      Final Accounts and Year End Reporting
       • Preparation of final trial balance and associated accounts information
       • Liaising with Company's Auditors
       • Preparation of the financial section of the draft financial statements


“The most common reasons management choose to outsource bookkeeping services are
to reduce operating costs, improve company focus, improve quality, free up capital,
increase capabilities not otherwise available and to reduce cycle time.”

      The Benefits of our services include:
       • Freeing Management to focus on the core business.
       • Get skilled manpower at affordable prices. Managed bookkeeping is cost efficient.
         You get a dedicated team for similar or less than what it would normally cost to hire
         one in-house employee.
       • Providing up to date accounting records.
       • Streamlining year end financial reporting leading to increased efficiencies.
       • Helping Management to ensure that VAT, PAYE/PRSI and other statutory obligations
         are up to date and comply.
       • Additional control function for the prevention and detection of irregularities,
         including fraud.
       • We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the relationship we develop.
         with our clients, the attention to detail and the affordability of our services
       • Works part time, calls in sick, or even leaves the company on short notice. With
         outsourcing you get a full-time, reliable, professional bookkeeping service.


      -   Are you just getting started?
      -   Does paperwork give you a headache?
      -   Do you work from home?
      -   Is your business growing but you can’t afford a full time accounts department?
      -   Do you require accurate management information to run your business?
      -   Do you want to be proactive rather than reactive in making business decisions?
      -   Do you want to have time to work on your business rather than in your business?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions than outsourcing your bookkeeping
requirement will most definitely suit you.

                          Newcourt Accounting Services Limited
                                    Newcourt House
                                  Strandville Avenue
                                       Dublin 3

                                       t: + 353 86 040 8576
                                        f: + 353 1 833 1370

                 » Our accurate and timely services coupled with an efficient accounting
                    system helps you run your business smoothly and successfully!«

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