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The teacher     : (1) ... students?
Students        : Good morning, sir
The teacher     : How are you?
Students        : I am (2) ... .
The teacher     : well, I am fine too.
1.     a. Good morning                       c. Good afternoon
       b. Good bye                           d. Good night
2.     a. Thank you                          c. sorry
       b. fine                               d. Bad

Good morning.
My name (3) ... Wanda Putri
My friend call (4) ... Wanda
I (5) ... a students
I (6) ... at Jl. Pahlawan No. 1 Magelang
3.     a. are                                c. is
       b. am                                 d. as
4.     a. you                                c. she
       b. I                                  d. me
5.     a. is                                 c. are
       b. am                                 d. as
6.     a. come                               c. live
       b. comes                              d. lives
7.   A : ...?
     B : I live at Jl. Perintis
       a. where do you live                  c. Where do you come from
      b. where does she lives                d. Where does she come from

9.   You : Santi, this is my friend, Ratna
     Santi : How do you do Ratna
     Ratna: ... Santi.
       a. How are you                        c. nice to meet you
       b. How do you do                      d. fine to meet you
10. Sinta : Sorry, I have got to go now
    Dewi : so soon?
    Sinta : Yes Good bye!
    Dewi : bye!
    The dialogue above express
       a. apology                                      c. gratitude
       b. live taking                                  d. greeting
Miss Rina   : what book are you looking for?
Rita        : I am looking for English book
Miss Rina   : over there on the Third shelf
Rita        : Thank you
Miss Rina   : you’re welcome
11. Where does the dialogue take place? It takes in ... .
     a. the classroom                          c. the canteen
     b. the laboratory                        d. the library
12. The underlined word expresses ... .
      a. greeting                                      c. apology
      b. gratitude                                     d. live taking
13. What is Miss Rina? Miss Rina is ... .
     a. a teacher                                      c. a librarian
     b. a headmaster                                   d. a students
14. Look at the picture
    A     : What does Rita say to her parents?
    B     : she says ... .
      a. Good bye Dad                          c. Good day, Dad
      b. How are you, Dad                      d. See you later, Dad
15. Tuti     : What are you doing, Mum
    Mother : I am cooking fried rice
    Tuti     : ... .
    Mother : Thanks Tuti. Please wash these vegetables
      a. i am sorry                           c. let me help you
      b. it’s my pleasure                     d. nice to meet you
16. Mr. Joko      : Well, students, The bell is ringing. The time is up, ... .
    The students : Thanks sir, good bye!
      a. I’m fine                                 c. it’s pleasure
      b. it’s OK                                  d. see you later
17. Toni    : I’m sorry, I forget to bring you English book.
    Anto    : ... but please, bring it Tomorrow
    Toni    : sure, i will
      a.    never mind                               c. thanks
      b.    that’s very kind of you                  d. I am sorry
18. Reynaldi : Hello, softy
    Softy      : Hi, Reynaldi. How are you today?
    Reynaldi : ... .
      a. how do you do                          c. hello nice to meet you
      b. it’s very ice to meet you              d. I’m fine thanks
19. Mrs Harni      : Yanti, this is Tour test report
      Yanti       : ... .
      Mrs Harni : you’re welcome
        a. you’re welcome Mum                       c. I am sorry Mum
        b. thank you Mum                            d. That’s all right Mum
20. Look at the picture
                                             Where is the ball? It is ... the table.
                                              a. in
                                              b. on
                                              c. under
                                              d. beside

21.           LIBRARY           LABORATORY               CANTEEN

      A : Where is the laboratory?
      B : It is ... library and canteen.
        a. between                                  c. behind
       b. in front of                               d. the back

23. Mother : Mary, it’s time to study. Don’t Watch TV, will you?
    Mary      : OK Mom, I don’t
    Mother : It’s good dear, you must study hard everyday
    Mary      : All right Mom. I promise
    The underline sentences to express ... .
      a. give instruction                     c. ask someone
      b. prohibition                          d. empathy
24. Is – the – in – the classroom – teacher
    The best arrangement is ... .
       a. the classroom is in the teacher           c. the teacher is in the classroom
       b. the classroom in is the teacher           d. the teacher in is the classroom
25.      Is, my, Suhendra, name,             nick
          1    2         3   4                5
        a. 1, 2, 4, 5, 3                            c. 2, 4, 5, 1, 3
        b. 1, 3, 2, 5, 4                            d. 2, 5, 4, 1, 3
26.     A    : ... students are there in your class room?
        B    : There are thirty students.
        a.   how                                      c. how many
        b.   how are you                              d. how much
27. Rani : what is Tina’s hair style?
    Dewi : ... hair is straight.
       a. her                                    c. your
       b. his                                    d. our
28. I have funny pet ... is a bird.
       a. its                                    c. my
       b. it                                     d. his
29. Look at the picture!

                           What short of hair does he have?
                            a. straight
                            b. wavy
                            c. long
                            d. curly

30. The students want to go to ... . They have meal and drink.
      a. library                                c. canteen
      b. laboratory                             d. classroom
31. Mrs Etin is Biologi teacher. She leads the students to do experiment in the ... .
      a. library                                 c. laboratory
     b. canteen                                  d. library
32. Our school has a lot of rooms. The room where the student study is ... .
      a. canteen                              c. schoolyard
      b. library                              d. classroom
33. Where do you borrow book?
    I borrow books in ... .
       a. office                                 c. canteen
       b. library                                d. laboratory
34.    A    : ... do you go to school?
       B    : I go to school at 6:30
       a.   how many                             c. what time
       b.   how much                             d. what is your name
35.     X : What time does your school begin?
        Y : at seven o’clock.

       a.                                        c.

       b.                                        d.

36. It is 06.50. Say in English ... .
        a. It is six o’clock                     c. It is ten to seven
        b. It is ten past six                    d. It is ten past five
37.    X : What time do the students have First break?
       Y : at ... o’clock
       a. 07.00                               c. 09.00
       b. 08.00                                  d. 10.00
38.     X   : What time do you go home from school?
        Y   : I go home at ten to one
       a.   01.10                              c. 12.10
       b.   12.50                              d. 10.12
39. The teacher : How many students are in you classroom?
    The students : There are thirty four students
      a. 32                                    c. 34
      b. 33                                    d. 35
40. How many classrooms are there in your school? There are ... classrooms.
      a. fifteen                             c. seventeen
      b. sixteen                             d. eighteen
41. Our classroom is ... because we clean everyday
      a. big                                   c. clean
      b. small                                 d. dirty
42. Please, ... the floor because it is dirty.
       a. open                                   c. wash
       b. sweep                                  d. close
43. A person who serves the students borrow books ... .
       a. laboran                            c. librarian
      b. teacher                             d. head master
44. Siska : Ruri, do you know my wallet?
            I can’t find it any where
    Ruri : Well look! Your wallet is ... the table.
       a. above                                    c. on
       b. between                                 d. under
Read the text carefully and answer no 45 – 50.
  “ Mrs Haryati is Siti’s mother. She is a house wife. Her hobby is gardening. She has a garden
    behind the house. It is not wide but clean. In her spare time, she always works in the garden.
    She plants some flowers, like roses, jasmines, Orchid, sunflower, and some other beautiful
    plants. She Water them everyday.
45. Does Mrs Haryati work I an Office?
      a. yes, she does                           c. yes, she is
      b. no, she doesn’t                         d. no, she isn’t
46. Where is the garden?
     a. in front of house                        c. besides of house
     b. behind of house                          d. in her house

47. she has a garden behind the antonym is ... .
      a. in front of                            c. corner
      b. beside                                 d. in
48. Is Mrs. Haryati diligent?
       a. yes, he is                             c. yes, she is
       b. no, he is not                          d. no, she isn’t
49. It is not wide ... .
    What does It refer to?
        a. Siti                                c. the flower
        b. Siti’s mother                       d. the garden
50. The gardener always cleans on sweeps the floor use ... .
      a. stick                               c. glass
      b. broom                               d. cup

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