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1.       NOT SMOKING!
     The text mean that … .
         a. smoking is prohibited in the area
         b. smoking is not good for you
         c. you may smoke in smoke area
         d. you’re allowed to smoked
2.   Dewi     : Sinta will you come to my birthday party tomorrow?
     Ani      : of course … .
     Dewi     : Thank you. I’ll be waiting for you
         a.   I can’t come to your party
         b.   I have something else to do
         c.   I don’t like party
         d.   I’d love to come

3.       Dear Rita,
            Please come to my house on Sun,
            February 10, 2008 at 14:00
            Big Party. Don’t Miss it!
            Thank You.

         What is the type of the text above?
         a. Invitation
         b. Announcement
         c. Instruction
         d. Brochure
4.   You read a notice in front of a house like the one below. What does it mean?
         a. people must not stop in front of it
         b. visitors cannot drop by there now
         c. pedestrians may not cross there
         d. other people must not enter it

     Monday to Thursday, September, 18- 21 is PORSENI. It is done to develop the students
     talent and creativity at school. Each class must join it. There are four competition held
     in the PORSENI. They are Futsal match, English Quiz Competition, Basketball match,
     and dance competition. Futsal match is only for boy, and other competitions will
     receive prizes which will be given on Thursday, March, 18 at the school yard. For
     more information, please confirm your class teacher.
5.   How long is PORSENI carried out?
        a. four days
        b. five days
        c. six days
        d. seven days
6.   What competition is just for male?
        a. English Quiz
        b. Basketball
        c. Dance Competition
        d. Futsal Competition
Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
7.             CAUTION
      Where would you find such kind of the notice?
         a. recreation park
         b. supermarket
         c. restaurant
         d. bookstore
       Route                     Main And                       Shopping        City
                    City Hall                    Oakdale
      Number                      Spring                          Mall        University
        12 A          1:50         2:20                           2:19          2:28
       22 B           2:35                         2:53                         3:15
       22 C           3:15          3:24                          3:42
       34 A           4:05          4:13           4:22           4:29           4:35
8.    Which bus carries passengers from Main And Spring to Oakdale?
         a. 12 A
         b. 22 B
         c. 22 C
         d. 34 A

9.    How long does it take from City Hall to Shopping Mall by bus number 12 A?
         a. 27 minutes
         b. 29 minutes
         c. 37 minutes
         d. 49 minutes

Complete the paragraph with the word in number 10 – 13!
    Bali is the name of an ... (10) to the East of Java Island. It also ... (11) an island of
    paradise, for it is very ... (12). A lot of ... (13), domestic and overseas, spend their
    holidays there.
10.      a.
11.       a.
12.       a.
13.       a.

Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
                                       The Frog King
         A hundred years ago there lived a king. He had some beautiful daughters but the
    youngest daughter was the most beautiful. Close by the king’s castle, there was a a
    great dark forest. And ... under an old lime tree in the forest, there was a well. When
    the day was warm, the King’s youngest daughter usually went to the forest. When she
    was bored, she took her golden ball and played with it.
         One day princess played with her golden ball. Unfortunately ... the ball rolled
    into the well. She began to cry. Suddenly, there was a frog who was willing to help
    her. However the frog asked the princess to bring him to the palace and to let him
    always stay close her. The princes agreed with his request. So the frog jumped into the
    well and took the golden ball out of it.
14. The text above is a kind of ... one.
        a. report
        b. recount
        c. narrative
        d. descriptive

15. What can we find near the king’s castle?
       a. a well
       b. forest
       c. a golden ball
       d. old lie tree

16. What happened to the golden ball one day?
       a. exploded
       b. fell into the well
       c. broke into pieces
       d. lost in the forest

17. Who helped the princess?
       a. the frog
       b. nobody
       c. the king
       d. her daughter

         Professionals General Manager needed for Jakarta Recreation Association.
    Previous professional management experience is a must direct inquiries and/or
    resume/CV in English and three references to submission
    deadline is 20 February 2008.
18. What is advertised in the text above?
       a. recreation
       b. vacancy
       c. management
       d. professionals

19. “Submission deadline is 20 February 2008”
    The underlined word means ... .
        a. first date for starting
        b. dream date for waiting
        c. main date for preparing
        d. fixed date for completing

Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
         Dion was cycling along an empty country road when he heard a loud noise in the
    sky. He looked up and saw a squadron of jet fighter flying information’s. He was so
    interested that he forgot to look where he was going, and his bicycle ran off the road
    into a ditch.
         He got his front wheel of his bike bent so he couldn’t ride it. It was too heavy to
    carry his bike to his house. Dion then stopped at the nearest garage. He asked the
    garage to find and repair his bicycle. Finally he went home by bus.
20. The type of the text above is ... .
        a. narrative
        b. descriptive
        c. recount
        d. procedure

21. What happened with Dion?
       a. he forgot to see jet fighters
       b. his bicycle was hit by bus
       c. his bike ran off into a ditch
       d. he felt tired to ride his bike

22. What made the accident?
       a. a loud noise in the sky
       b. the bike was too old
       c. the road was very bad
       d. the bike was too heavy

23. Where did Dion stop his bike?
       a. in front of the garage
       b. nearest from the garage
       c. behind from the garage
       d. far from the garage

24. Where did Dion go home by bus?
       a. His bike was to heavy
       b. his bycicle was broken
       c. his bike was borrowed by his friend
       d. he wanted to arrive at home early

                Breakfast is provided, free of charge. We also have special disounts
           on food and drink at our restourant for all registered quests. On top
           that, there’s a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our
           restourant. We are located close to the apple garden. You can also see
           the sunset and sunrise from your room.
           Rp 350.000 per night
           Cool heaven, Batu Highlands
           Reservation : (0341) 7689980

25. The text is about ... .
        a. an announcement
        b. an advertisement
        c. accommodation
        d. tourist resort

Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
26. The ... offers some facilities to the guest.
        a. a hotel
        b. railway station
        c. movie
        d. tourist bus

                                      A Lion And A Mouse
             A lion was awakened from sleep by a mouse running over his face. Rising up
        angrily, he caught him and was about to kill him when the mouse piteously
        entreated, saying “if you would only spare my life, I would be sure to repay you
             The lion laughed and let him go, it happened shortly after this that he lion
        was caught by some hunters, who bound him with strops to the ground. The
        mouse, recognizing his roar, came gnawed the rope with his teeth, she him free,
             You ridiculed the idea of my ever being able to help you, expecting to
        receive from me any repay mayn’t of your favor, now you know that it is
        possible for even a mouse to confer benefits on a big lion.

27. The type of the text above is ... .
        a. report
        b. recount
        c. descriptive
        d. narrative

28. The lion and the mouse are ... of the story.
        a. readers
        b. winters
        c. spectator
        d. the main characters
29. The first paragraph is the ... of the text.
        a. latentification
        b. orientation
        c. complication
        d. abstract

            Dear Shinta,
            I’d like you to have dinner at my house,
            on 20.00 o’clock. Please, come on time.

30. From the text above we know tht Shinta will come to Dewi’s house ... .
        a. in the morning
        b. in the evening
        c. at night
        d. in the afternoon

Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
31. “Please, come on time”
    It means that you have to come
        a. early
        b. late
        c. slowly
        d. punctually

              My special day is coming
             I turn to 5 and keep growing, we are having a party. Your smiling
        face we hope to see, so come and bring your family, it will be lots of fun.
        The party begins at two and four. It’s all done.
              Sunday, February 10, 2008
                Nisa’s House
                6 Sudirman Street

32. What kind of text is it?
       a. an announcement
       b. a personal letter
       c. a greeting card
       d. an invitation

33. Nisa was born in ... .
        a. 2000
        b. 2001
        c. 2002
        d. 2003

34. The party will start at ... .
        a. 2:00 am
        b. 4:00 am
        c. 2:00 pm
        d. 4:00 pm

           Making coloring egg
           Material :     ~ Hard boiled eggs (cooled)
                          ~ Paper towels
                          ~ food coloring
                          ~ glass jar
                          ~ vinegar
                          ~ salt
           Steps :
           1. Rinse eggs in cold water and dry it with paper towels to make dye. Pour
                half a small bottle of food coloring into a glass jar and add 300 ml of hot
           2. Add 300 ml vinegar and 15 ml salt. Lower and egg into the jar of dye and
                leave for a few minutes check the color of the eggs regularly.
           3. When the eggs has reached the desired colour, lift it out and repeat the
                process with the remaining eggs.

Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
35. What liquid do we need in making colored eggs?
       a. salt
       b. vinegar
       c. glass jar
       d. paper towel

36. Food colouring and hot water are needed to make ... .
       a. rinse eggs
       b. dye
       c. vinegar
       d. paper towel

37. “Lower and egg into the jar of dye and leave for a few minutes”. The underlined word
    is similar to ... .
          a. dip
          b. water
          c. crack
          d. peel

          Dear Rian,
          I want you to come to my house for lunch on Friday at
          12 a.m

38. Who was the letter for?
       a. Dewi
       b. Rian
       c. Rian’s friend
       d. Dewi’s friend

39. When does Dewi expect Rian to come to his house?
       a. in the morning
       b. in the afternoon
       c. in the evening
       d. at night

40. From the invitation card above, we know that Rian is Dewi’s ... .
        a. brother
        b. teacher
        c. father
        d. close friend

                                  Whales are sea mammals
         They therefore breathe air but cannot survive on land. Some species are very large
    indeed and the blue whale, which can exceed 30 m in length, is the largest animal to
    have live on rarth. Superficially, the whale looks rather like a fish but there are
    important differences in its external structure. Its tail consist of a pair of broad, flat,
Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
      horizontal paddles (the tail of a fish is vertical) and it has a single nostril on top of its
      large, broad head. The skin is smooth and shiny and beneath it lies a layer of fat
      (blubber). This is up to 30 cm in thickness and skives to converse heat and body fluids

41. The type of the text above is ... .
        a. report
        b. recount
        c. narrative
        d. descriptive

42. “Whales are sea living mammals”
    What part of text is it?
       a. orientation
       b. identification
       c. general classification
       d. description

43. How long is the blue whale?
       a. 30 m long
       b. 30 cm long
       c. less than 30 m long
       d. less than 30 cm long

           Koes Ploes was well known as pop music group in the seventies until the eighties.
      At that time most Indonesian people were ... (44) about their songs because they were
      nice and ... (45). Every radio station broadcaster these songs and always put hem in
      the top of pop music. Their music shows were always fall of ... (46).

44.       a.   fanatical
          b.   mad
          c.   drunken
          d.   lazy
45.       a.   good
          b.   simple
          c.   beautiful
          d.   perfect
46.       a.   followers
          b.   participants
          c.   spectators
          d.   speakers

47. Arrange the sentences to make cooking instruction!
    1. Put noodle into 2 glasses of briskly boiling water
    2. Your delicious noodles are ready to be served
    3. Put the seasoning, vegetables oil and chili powder in a bowl
    4. Mix the noodles well with all the seasoning
    5. Cook the noodles and simmer for 3 minutes
        a. 4, 3, 5, 1, 2
        b. 2, 1, 5, 3, 4
        c. 3, 5, 1, 4, 2
        d. 1, 5, 3, 4, 2

Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris
48. Arrange the sentences to make origami instruction!
    1. Second fold corners down diagonally
    2. Firs fold paper into a triangle
    3. Then fold the bottom toward you
    4. Turn it over and draw a cat’s face
    5. This what it would look like when you have folded it
        a. 2, 1, 3, 5, 4
        b. 2, 3, 1, 5, 4
        c. 4, 1, 3, 5, 2
        d. 4, 5, 3, 1, 4

49. There is – where – a way – a will – there is
        1        2        3      4          5
    The great arrangement of the words to make sentence is ... .
         a.   2, 5, 1, 3, 4
         b.   1, 2, 3, 5, 4
         c.   2, 5, 4, 1, 3
         d.   1, 2, 4, 5, 3

50. Arrange these words into a good sentence!
    Coming – was – when – cooking – finished – mother – home – father
       1      2     3        4           5         6      7        8
         a.   8, 2, 4, 7, 3, 6, 1, 5
         b.   8, 2, 1, 7, 3, 6, 5, 4
         c.   3, 8, 7, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3
         d.   3, 6, 7, 8, 5, 2, 4, 1

Latihan UN, Bahasa Inggris

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