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       fire alarm
features                          Introduction
                                  The NOTIFIER ID50 series single loop
• EN54 parts 2 and 4 compliant    intelligent fire alarm panels, have
• One loop capacity (99 sensors   been developed for both installers
  and 99 modules)                 and end users with efficiency in
                                  mind, offering a technically
• 16 fire zones, 16 non fire
                                  advanced range of facilities and
  zones                                                                   The ID50 series provides control of
                                  functions while remaining easy to
• Supports NOTIFIER advanced                                              99 heat, smoke or multi-criteria
                                  install, program and operate. Three
  range of advanced detection                                             sensors and a combination of 99
                                  models are available in the ID50
                                                                          call points, monitor modules,
• OptiPlex                        series. The compact ID50, the ID51
                                                                          control modules, conventional
• HARSHTM                         with internal printer option and a      interface modules, loop powered
                                  larger separate power supply and        beam detectors, sounders and

                                  the ID52 with internal printer          relays on a single loop.
• 64 CBE rules                    option, a larger separate power
• Filter by device type           supply and added space for 72           In addition to the 16-zone fire/fault
                                  hours battery back up.                  and 15 general status information
• Printer option
                                                                          LED’s, the ID50 series have a 2 x 40
• Supports up to 72 hours         A full range of intelligent sensors,    character, backlit LCD with variable
                                  advanced detection products, input      viewing angle for easy reading.
• Adjustable sensor sensitivity   and output devices, repeaters,          User-definable text messages can

• Automatic High Test             mimic drivers and other peripherals     be read directly from the panel to
                                  complement the ID50 series to           provide details of fire and fault
• Day / Night mode facility                                               event locations.
                                  bring you the most complete and
• Time programs                   powerful single loop intelligent fire
• Class Change                    alarm panels in the market place.

• “Autolearn” facility
• One man “walk test”                                                     detection
• 2 x 40 character backlit LCD    System                                  HARSHTM sensor
• Active and passive repeaters                                            (Hostile-Area Smoke Head)
                                  The NOTIFIER ID50 series intelligent
                                                                          The HARSH™ sensor provides
• Programmable from the panel     fire alarm panels are ideally suited    early warning detection in hostile
  keypad or PC                    for smaller system configurations       environments where traditional
• Supports loop powered           such as schools, nursing homes,         smoke detectors are not practical.
  sounders                        shopping units and offices. In more     Using a small air fan and a high-
                                  challenging environments such as        performance replaceable filter,
• Two on board sounder circuits
                                  stables, saw mills, food processing     air and smoke are drawn into a
• Two on board configurable       plants etc. detection is made           photoelectric sensing chamber,
  outputs                         possible by using the advanced          while unwanted airborne
• Non-fire function support       range of sensors from NOTIFIER.         particulate and water mist are
                                       The OptiPlex sensor from NOTIFIER
                                       combines superior optical smoke
                                       chamber design and thermistor heat
                                       elements with a sophisticated sensor
                                       algorithm to provide the next
                                       generation of multi sensors.
                                       Using advanced algorithms,
                                       OptiPlex continuously samples
                                       the environment and adjusts its
                                       sensitivity and alarm thresholds
                                       automatically to provide optimum
                                       sensitivity for the conditions that
removed. This feature allows
                                       exist at that time. Using both smoke   Configuration
HARSHTM to operate in difficult
                                       and heat elements enable the
applications, such as textile, paper                                          The NOTIFIER ID50 series are self-
                                       sensor to respond quickly to a broad
mills, and food processing plants,                                            contained, on-site programmable,
                                       range of fire types whilst remaining
which due to environmental                                                    intelligent fire alarm panels. They
                                       unaffected by passing phenomena.
condition tend to cause nuisance                                              can be programmed either from the
                                       This unique sensor, as well as
alarms with standard smoke                                                    panel keypad or from a personal
                                       utilising drift compensation, also
detectors.                                                                    computer using the off-line
                                       provides two maintenance levels
                                                                              Windows‚-based configuration tool.
                                       enabling preventative maintenance
OptiPlex sensor (thermal &                                                    An “Auto-Learn” facility allows the
                                       before the sensor reaches a
optical sensor in one)                                                        user to install and commission a
                                       maintenance-required level.
Today’s building environments are                                             standard system with a minimum
varied and often change. Public                                               of effort.
areas change from being occupied
                                       HAZARDTM sensor                        The panel software can be
to empty, offices are cleaned thus
                                       Many industrial environments are       upgraded on site via a personal
producing dust to become airborne,
                                       potentially explosive. Often, in       computer using the NOTIFIER
a storeroom is storing plastics one
                                       those environments, electronic         flash-programming tool, making it
day and cardboard another. These
                                       equipment must be enclosed in          very easy to update existing sites
environments are normal and
                                       expensive, heavy, explosion-proof      with the latest features.
whilst wanting to provide a safe
                                       housings, which create a physical
environment for the occupants,
                                       barrier between the electronics
unwanted alarms are very
                                       and the explosive environment.
                                       The HAZARDTM sensor from
                                       NOTIFIER provides a cost-effective
                                       alternative to explosion-proof fire
                                       detectors by providing an
                                       electronic barrier. HAZARDTM is
                                       specifically designed to operate
                                       with intrinsic safe barriers, which
                                       limit power to the hazardous area
                                       to safe levels.
The ID50 series software allows
the system designer to group
                                        The models                            The ID52 is housed in a large
                                                                              enclosure (500mm x 620mm x
addressable sensors or modules          ID50                                  208mm) to accommodate for an
into 16 zones. Output control                                                 internal mounted printer and space
actions may be grouped by alarm                                               for up to 42AH batteries for 72
“patterns” and, if required, enable                                           hours battery backup. A larger
individual addresses to be activated                                          separate power supply (3A) is fitted
by specific inputs or groups of                                               in the ID52 to cater for the more
inputs. This significantly simplifies                                         power hungry applications and to
configuration, reducing the time it                                           provide enough power to support

takes to set up a complete system,                                            72 hours of battery (42AH) backup
                                        With A compact enclosure (380mm x
and this allows actions in the event                                          should the mains AC power fail.
                                        365mm x 110mm) and a single PCB
                                                                              Two front covers are provided on
of fire to be customised using          with onboard power supply (1.5A),
                                                                              the ID52. One is fitted at the top
powerful input and output               the ID50 provides the user with an
                                        easy to install/maintain Fire Alarm   part of the enclosure and one is
configurations to suit specific
                                        System.                               fitted at the bottom part of the
applications. Alternatively, the
                                                                              enclosure, thereby allowing for easy
default mode can be used which
                                                                              installation and maintenance of the
gives the basic protection required     ID51
                                                                              panel, printer and batteries.
by most safety standards to achieve
a near instant functional system,
suitable for emergency retrofit
                                                                              Repeater and
                                                                              Mimic Driver
System security and integrity is an
                                                                              The IDR Series repeaters and mimic
important aspect of the ID50 series.
                                                                              drivers complement the ID Series
An optional tamper switch can           The ID51 is housed in a slightly
                                                                              intelligent fire alarm panels. By
be installed to protect against         larger enclosure (500mm x 400mm
                                                                              placing repeaters and/or graphical
unauthorised cover removal.             x 110mm) than the ID50 to
                                                                              mimic display panels at strategic
Furthermore, user controls on the       accommodate for an internal
                                                                              points in the facility – such as nurse
front panel are protected by up         mounted printer. A larger separate
                                        power supply (3A) is fitted in the    stations, floor landings, gatehouse
to 10 individually configurable                                               or control rooms – valuable time
                                        ID51 to cater for the more power
passwords making it virtually                                                 can be saved when identifying the
                                        hungry applications.
impossible for unauthorised people                                            location of a fire and/or evacuating
to access the panel and its manual      ID52                                  the building.
controls and change the system
configuration. Alternatively, the                                             The IDR series repeater panels
key-switch can be used to                                                     combine a compact design with a
enable/disable level 2 access.                                                2 x 40 character LCD. The LCD
All configuration data is retained                                            replicates the display on the ID50
in non-volatile memory and is,                                                series and uses the same, simple,
therefore, protected against                                                  menu-driven user interface. The
complete loss of the power supply.                                            control buttons and keys on the
repeaters enable the operator to       Accept, Evacuate, Silence Sounders,
navigate through the menu options      Resound Sounders and Reset. The
and event displays. The nine LED       following, configuration and test     The mimic is a highly versatile
indicators provide the user with a     functions are provided: Edit Normal   product, which allows tremendous
quick summary of the general           message, Lamp Test, LCD Test and      flexibility in configuring large
system status. The repeater’s          Buzzer Test. In addition to these     numbers of system status LED’s,
compact design makes it very easy      standard test functions the IDR2A     relays and programmable digital
to install and commission in either    repeater has Power Diagnostics        inputs. Up to 16 mimics can be
surface mount or flush applications.   and a Push-button Test option.        attached to the ID50 series via an
The repeaters can store up to 150                                            RS485 communication link. Utilising
most-recent events, therefore          b) IDR2P Passive Repeater             the maximum capabilities of a full
making commissioning very easy.                                              array of 16 mimics, 8192 LED or
Two models are available:                                                    relay driven outputs, 896 high
                                                                             current outputs and 128 digital
a) IDR2A Active Repeater:                                                    inputs are available.

                                       The IDR2P passive repeater is an
                                       indication-only repeater with no
                                       controls. The LCD and the common
The IDR2A Active repeater will         system status LED’s follow the
repeat the LCD & LED indications       indication on the main fire alarm
on the main fire alarm panel and       panel. The IDR2P has the same
allow the operator to command the      configuration and standard test       Each mimic consists of a
system using system control push-      functions as the IDR2A active         microprocessor based mimic control
buttons such as Mute Buzzer,           repeater.                             board and up to 8 flexible driver
                                                                             boards. Each driver board provides
                                                                             64 LED or low current relay drivers,
                                                                             8 high current driven outputs and
                                                                             8 programmable digital inputs
                                                                             typically used for Mute, Lamp Test,
                                                                             Enable, Reset, Silence or other.
                                                                             Termination boards are also
                                                                             available to simplify wiring of LED’s
                                                                             relays and other devices to each
                                                                             driver board
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