Questions for Analyzing Poetry

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					Questions for Analyzing Poetry

   1.     Paraphrase the poem.
   2.     What category of poetry (narrative, lyric, image) does this poem fit?
   3.     Who is the speaker in the poem? How would you describe this persona?
   4.     What is the speaker’s tone? Which words reveal this tone? Is the poem
          perhaps ironic?
   5.     What heavily connotative (suggestive) words does the poet use? Which ones
          have unusual or special meanings? Are any words repeated? Why?
   6.     Which images does the poet use? How do the images relate to one another?
          Do these images suggest a pattern throughout the poem?
   7.     What figures of speech are used? How do they contribute to the tone and
          meaning of the poem?
   8.     Are there any symbols? What do they mean?
   9.     What is the theme of this poem? State it in a single sentence.
   10.    How important is the role of sound effects, such as rhyme and rhythm? How
          do they affect tone and meaning?
   11.    How important is the contribution of form, such as rhyme scheme and line
          arrangement? Does form influence the overall effect of the poem?