Using VLC Media Player by nfh12779


									         Using VLC Media Player

Playing a DVD
    Open up VLC Media Player
     Insert DVD
     Select ‘File’
     Select ‘Open disc’
     Select ‘Disc type’ – ‘DVD’ and click ‘ok’
     DVD begins to play

To take a snapshot of a scene
   Press pause
     Select ‘Video’
     Select ‘Snapshot’
     Although it may not look like it has responded, the snapshot
      has been taken
     Continue playing the DVD and taking snapshots using the
      above sequence

Using the snapshots
   These snapshots have been saved in ‘My Pictures’
     You may want to rename them or order them clip 1, clip 2 etc
     It might be helpful to create a folder for that film title
     The snapshots can be transferred by copying and pasting into
      Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint
     (I would think that you could also use them with IWB
      software but I haven’t tried it myself.)
     You can also resize the pictures

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