The 9-th International Conference- School ADVANCED MATERIALS AND by nfh12779


                                                               Institute of Physical Electronics of KTU (FEI)
The Conference - School is intended for young scientists       Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)
and Ph.D. students interested in Materials Science and         Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of Vilnius
Condensed Matter Physics.                                      University (VU TFAI)
This year the Conference-School is devoted to nanomaterials,   Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)
nanostructures and nanodevices; luminescent and carbon         Semiconductor Physics Institute (PFI)
based materials; microsystems and proceses for biochemical     Vilnius University (VU)
analysis; advanced analysis techniques.                        Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)
Lectures, poster presentations as well as round table          Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (ISSP)
discussions with industry representatives will be organized.   Programme committee:
                                                               Prof. S. Tamulevičius (KTU FEI) – chairman
                                                               Prof. V. Ostaševičius (KTU)
                                                               Prof. R. Šiaučiūnas (KTU)                                              First Announcement
Topics and areas                                               Prof. A. V. Valiulis (VGTU)
    •   Methods of analysis;                                   Dr. B. Vengalis (PFI)
    •   Surfaces and nanostructures;                           Prof. A. Kareiva (VU)
    •   Ceramics;                                              Prof. E. Juzeliūnas (Institute Of Chemistry)                   The 9-th International Conference-
    •   Polymers and composites;                               Dr. Habil. G. Juzeliūnas (VU TFAI)
                                                               Dr. R. Levinskas (LEI)
    •   Advanced engineering materials;
    •   Electronic and optical materials.                      Prof. K. Jarašiūnas (VU)
                                                               Dr. Habil. Andris Sternberg (ISSP-Riga)

Important dates:                                               Organizing committee:                                             ADVANCED MATERIALS
•   May 6, 2007 deadline for registration and abstracts;       Prof. S. Tamulevičius (KTU FEI) – chairman                         AND TECHNOLOGIES
•   May 31, 2007 payment of the registration fee and deposit   Dr. A. Guobienė (FEI, KTU) – secretary
    of one day accommodation;                                  Dr. L. Puodžiukynas (KTU)
                                                               Dr. M. Andrulevičius (FEI)
•   June 17, 2007 final announcement;
•   August 27, 2007 beginning of the Conference - School.
                                                               Dr. E.Fataraite (FEI, KTU)                                              August 27-31, 2007
                                                               Dr. J. Puišo (FEI, KTU)                                                 Palanga (Lithuania)
                                                               PhD student M. Adomavičienė (KTU)
                                                               PhD student G. Janušas (KTU)
                  Further information:                         PhD student T. Grinys (KTU)
                     Dr. A.Guobienė                            PhD student R. Gudaitis (FEI)
              ph.: +370 37 327607, 313432,                     MSc student A. Šileikaitė (KTU)
                 mobile: +370 698 44866                        MSc student T. Tamulevičius (KTU)
                    fax: +370 314 423                          BSc student R. Balčiūnas (KTU)
           KTU Institute of Physical Electronics
        Savanoriu 271, LT-50131 Kaunas, Lithuania              Sponsors:
               E-mail:                      Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation
         Registration:            Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science
        Website:            Spectral Solutions AB
                                                               Kaunas Regional Innovation Centre
              Tentative list of presentations:                  spectroscopy”.                                                     Duration of the oral presentation lecture: 45 or 90 minutes
Prof. Wladyslaw Torbicz (Institute of Biocybernetics and
                                                                Hotel “Žilvinas“ Kestucio str. 26; Palanga, Lithuania                                       PALANGA
Biomedical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences,
                                                                KTU hotel “Politechnika”, S.Dariaus ir S.Girėno str. 37,
Poland), “Microsystems for biochemical analysis -
                                                                Palanga, Lithuania.
development and applications“;
Prof. Jiri Pinkas (Masaryk University of Brno, Czech            Registration fee:
Republic), “Sonochemical Synthesis and Characterization of      35 LTL (10 EUR) for students and 70 LTL (20 EUR) for
Nanoscopic Co/Fe and Y/Fe Mixed-metal Oxides“;                  other participants. It includes book of abstracts, participation
Prof. Dr. Thomas Jüstel (University of Applied Sciences         in all sessions and conference events (coffee breaks,
Muenster, Germany), “Red-emitting Luminescent Materials         conference welcome party and excursion).
for Solid State Light Sources“;                                 Registration fee does not include accommodation costs!
Prof. Jens-Erik Jørgensen (Aarhus University, Denmark),
                                                                Accommodation costs:
“The use of neutron powder diffraction in structural
                                                                Approximately 30 LTL per day per person.
                                                                (KTU hotel “Politechnika”)
Dr. Habil. Mieczyslaw Kozlowski (Adam Mickiewicz
                                                                For prices in hotel “Žilvinas“ please visit the website:
University of Poznan, Poland), “Carbon Materials and Their
Catalytic Properties”;
                                                                Abstracts and proceedings:
Dr. Visvaldas Kairys (Universidade da Madeira, Portugal),       The book of Abstracts in printed version will be distributed             Palanga is a resort town where the Sventoji and Graze
“Protein-ligand docking with some applications”;                during the Conference-School.                                      rivers run into the Baltic Sea. The history of Palanga goes back
Michael Ellison (Clemson University, USA), “A Fiber-Based       The participants, whishing to give oral or poster                  a long time, as is evidenced by archaeological finds: not far
Non-Woven Panel System for Customized, Quality-                 presentations, are kindly asked to submit the abstract (up to      from town Sventoji, archaeologists have come across a
Controlled, Energy-Efficient Residential and Commercial         1200 characters) in electronic version.                            campground which suggested that the area was inhabited some
Construction”;                                                  Manuscripts should be prepared following the requirements:         5000 years ago.
Prof. David Lukáš (Technical university of Liberec, Czech       Microsoft Word , font Arial:                                             Today Palanga is the most popular sea resort in Lithuania.
Republic), “Physical principles of electrospinning“;                                      Font, pt      Style                      The famous white sand, the beach that seems to stretch forever
Prof.Ivan Pelant (Institute of Physics Academy of Sciences,            Title             11             Bold                       and pine groves attract thousands of both Lithuanians and
Czech Republic), “Silicon nanophotonics - light generation             Authors           9              Bold                       foreigners. There are two must-sees in Palanga: Birute’s Hill -
and guiding in silicon nanostructures”;                                Institution       9              Italic                     is a tall sand-dune which originally boasted a pagan temple to
Dr. Andrei Malkov (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK),               Main text         9              Normal                     Thunder god Perkunas that was guarded by Vestal Virgins.
“Developments of Greener Chiral Technologies for Fine                  References        9              Normal                     The second and most interested tourist site is the Amber
Chemical Synthesis”;                                                   Keywords          9              Italic                     Museum, which has tens of thousands of different amber
Dr. Habil. Gediminas Juzeliūnas (Institute of Theoretical                                                                          pieces on display, including some bigger than you can imagine.
                                                                       Line spacing      1
Physics and Astronomy of Vilnius University, Lithuania),                                                                           These days, Palanga is also the place to go for active
“Left-handed light in metamaterials”;                           Page set up: paper size A4, margins: top- 18 mm, bottom-           youngsters in search of bars and nightclubs, of which the town
Dr. Rytis Dargis (Leibniz University of Hannover,               98 mm, left- 17 mm, right- 80 mm.                                  now has plenty.
Germany), “High-k dielectrics: properties, growth and           First line of the paragraph tabulator position - 7 mm.                   Palanga has its own small airport with the international
characterization”.                                              The text will not be edited.                                       flights from Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Russia. One can
Dr. Klara Lyutovich (Institut fuer Halbleitertechnik,           Lecturers are kindly asked to deliver materials of the lecture     also use Vilnius international airport - still the most convenient
Universitaet Stuttgart, Germany), “SiGe-based                   (electronic version) to the Organizing Committee during            way to enter Lithuania. More detailed information about
heterostructures for modern field-effect transistors”.          registration. The materials of oral presentations will be          Lithuania and Palanga can be found on the websites:
Dr. Gediminas Raciukaitis (Institute of Physics,                published on CD and will be sent after the conference to all
Lithuania), “Laser-matter interaction and its use in material   the participants.                                        
Prof. Jan Linnros (Royal Institute of Technology Sweden)
“Semiconductor quantum dots including single dot

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