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									                                          How to Analyze Quotes

In your life as a student of Literature you will, on many occasions, have to analyze quotes from the text.
You might be doing this on a test or writing about it in an essay. Either way, there are a few things that
need to be done.

Step 1 :         State who said the quote and to whom it was said. If the quote was part of the narration
                 and not dialogue, say so.

Step 2 :         State what is happening in the plot when the quote takes place.

Step 3 :         Explain why the quote is important. This can be done in many ways depending on the
                 quote and the question you are addressing. Here are some examples of how you could

                 This quote illustrates that the main character feels _________ because …

                 This quote illustrates the theme of the book because…

                 This quote is ironic because…

                 This quote is foreshadowing because…

                 This quote illustrates _____ about this character because…

And many more…The important thing to consider is that you are explaining the meaning of the quote on
a deeper level and why it is important.

For Example ::

       “Then perhaps I am being accused of foolishness by someone who is a fool!” – Antigone

        In the play “Antigone”, the main character, Antigone, says this quote to her uncle, King Creon.
He is accusing her, on pain of death, of breaking the law and burying her brother. Antigone admits what
she has done with pride. This quote is significant because it illustrates that Antigone feels very strongly
that what she has done is right and that her uncle is behaving in a ridiculous way. It also illustrates that
Antigone is courageous, since she is not afraid to speak so strongly to the King, even though she is a
woman. In a way, this quote embodies the idea that Greece respected people who were strong and brave.

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