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Notes on the show-my comments in italics.

No shortage of food or water. You will NOT be able to buy it... you may go hungry because you
You will lose 30-50 percent of your purchasing power in 12 months. They want to do this orderly
keep people from jumping off the saddle too quick. Inflation plus unemployment. ONLY jobs will be with
the government. Don’t want to go too fast to lull people to not abandon their system until it’s too late.

Crime will greatly increase-even people who may never have considered stealing will commit robberies
when faced with starving loved ones.

Buy what you need now. Food, seed, tools, ammunition.

Rip yourself from the enemy’s slave grid while you’re able to. Repudiate debt, get out from under
mortgages and auto loans, rent and use older cars you can pay in full-or live in a community where you
don’t need a car. Get with other like-minded people and build free economy where dollar is repudiated,
with emphasis on local manufacturing, food production, basic trades and services etc. Can only be done
clandestinely or under a local government controlled by Patriots so we’ll need recall election campaigns,
autonomous zones in abandoned urban areas, countryside. Need to form survival circles, network with
other survival circles and build up from there. Advances in 3d printing and other desktop manufacturing
plus public revelations of long suppressed energy technologies will enable us to economically and
technologically declare our independence. The states declaring their 10 Amendment Right to not
regulate arms and ammunition production in-state may be a economic catalyst to ultimately unleashing
this potential. That independence will require a political independence from our enemy which will require
ultimately the militia-that is a dirty word so those in the movement will have to publically repackage
themselves or go through Oath Keepers. WORD OF CAUTION: OK leadership questionable-proven after
so quickly throwing July4Patriot under the bus-so do what you need to do by using that organization’s
brand name. Do this with every organization-NRA, Appleseed, Tea Party, etc. Use the organization as
much as possible, brand true patriotic actions under them-spite the ringers.

Enemy pays no attention to currencies they value assets, gold, silver. They make the paper out of
nothing to them they buy something with nothing and get us to value their nothing over tangibles.

Buy tools, ammunition, heirloom seed, silver, gold, other tangible assets. Get the gold and silver-
concentrate on silver it’s much rarer above ground than gold, it will increase by a much greater
percentage. Hard money must be made available and the recent South Carolina plan to issue 1787
Constitution correct silver and gold money is a huge step towards this. Even using script you back
personally with assets or skills or even your reputation is preferable to using the enemy’s sabotaged

Don't care about the USA, global focused. America expendable they want the world. America will be
destroyed finishing their world order.

Up to us to rise up in revolution in every possible way and the best way is mostly nonviolent yet
establishing our independence from their political, economic, and social controls. Our success will be the
key to disrupting their plans because if they’re too tied down trying to police us, spend too many
resources their own survival will be in jeopardy.
Dollar is still the method to price crude oil. Still at 50 dollars. As dollar declines, OPEC will
be allowed the purchasing power of 50 dollars/barrel. If dollar drops 50 percent in value,
price will go to 80/90 dollars a barrel. Watch crude oil prices and you will see the progression
of the elitists. Will go up in proportion to dollar devaluation. 50 percent in 12 months.
Could go to 5 dollars a gallon.

As crude oil prices go up, that will tell their progress.

Much harder to produce gasoline than food. Will need to develop alternate means of powering our
vehicles-biofuels, in-engine hydrogen electrolysis/combustion, electrics, as oil and gas are made
artificially scarce and they will block attempts to tap into vast American reserves. Will need vehicles as
America is built around the automobile, yet the enemy’s control grid will be aggressively targeting
alternate fuel vehicles. Political cover in the form of communities taken over will be needed.

Watch Dubai World. Can't pay debts because crude oil prices depressed-elite bankrupted
the Arabs. Not Dubai city. Dubai World biggest promoter of derivatives on Earth.

Don't trust any financial insturment written on paper. Somewhere back in the history of
any such insturment derivatives were involved. Again, get into tangibles.

Derivatives have put the world's financial system on the brink of collapse thanks to Dubai World

Get money out of major banks, start local credit unions, take over small communities. Or have resilient
communities with a common bank for common profit for all the depositors-a depositor’s bank.

There will be no war with Iran for a year to a year and half and won’t start unless Israel starts it, but it's
planned. Enemy using Ezekiel 37-38 “prophecy” scenario, which their preachers will use to keep the
churchgoers in line. Probably their plan they wrote into the Old Testament; operating off a millennia-old
plan. Catastrophes made worse by their sabotaging and distracting us until too late.

Need a Israeli anti-war movement now! Need to find people who will lead nonviolent noncooperation
initiatives. Protests won’t work, denying them money and labor will and will shut down their war machine.

7 buzzwords:

Oil is priced in dollars. Watch the dollar and you will know by its decline where gas prices are going and
the elite's process.

Educate people and get them out of the beast system. Save all we can.

Financial deficit spending is awash in paper-don’t trust anything on paper.

Make certain town takeover that all investments are cashed in the proceeds returned to the town’s

Health Bill is government takeover! Gun confiscation, euthenasia, electronic chip ID, control.

Must refuse participation, this is slavery! Must get out of the beast system totally-debt, licenses,
everything that ties and obligates you to them. Go underground, hit the hills, form clandestine networks
or take over towns via the emergency recall election process. Must encourage clandestine production of
arms, ammunition. Alternate health and food production can only be sustained in a favorable political
environment so need free areas-either through small town elections or by the bullet. MAJOR
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen is only saber rattling, a distraction from true issues. Afghan
is largest producer of opium in world. Banks trade more money in opium trade than any
other item on Earth.

Education of Americans of where their heroin comes from.

Chinese are the strong ones... America will be relegated to 3rd world status and will be integrated.
Our America must overthrow the US corporate gov. Only with an America free of the enemy’s obligations
and control can a worldwide coalition be built from states and peoples embracing the revived American
Revolution of Freedom. Most importantly, China needs to be infiltrated with Freedom lovers.

The prices are going up! Buy NOW! Inflation will be big.

Personal survival comes first. Stock up on seed, ammunition, silver, gold, knowledge. Learn basic
trades. The crisis must be spotlighted and the light shone on the true danger of the situation or a lot more
people will be snared in the beast’s trap of inflation and obligation-and fear of homelessness and hunger
if job is lost.

In the immediate... no relief, no turnaround in the economy anytime soon. Things will get worse.
They want the world where they're taking it.

Hold them personally responsible by whatever means…

Elite have everything to gain by their actions-own the businesses, banks, real estate, anything
mortgaged, they will repo like crazy! They want the assets! Paper is NOTHING to them! They are going
to literally bankrupt the world and foreclose on them imposing a technological and economic slavery.

Take over or destroy their assets. Gather assets of our own-productive assets. Build economic and
political bases of support that can grow into neighboring communities. The GI’s of Athens TN. showed
the way back in 1946!

NO DEBT! Debt means the banksters own it.

Ought to repudiate the debt, challenge them in court to produce the note for your house.

If you can, buy gold and silver-preserves purchasing power.

Have a paid-for roof over your head, get it at any cost. Or rent from someone who has a paid-for place.

N.W.O. set up, here-just a matter of fulfillment. Had to destroy America’s God, poison our minds and
hearts. Will break the dollar and will affect us in 12 months.

Enemy knows where they’re going. Start with your spirit.

Our attack plan:

*Personal liberation from the beast’s social, economic and political controls. Regain one’s personal
leadership, get in shape, find God on their own, learn how to fight and shoot, grow food, figure out what
basic trade they’re good at that they like, find their talent.

*Debt Repudiation-they obligate us and work us to death through fraud, so call them on it! It is the
slavery of their social-engineered rat race, a hamster wheel of futility. The houses will never be paid off
and will fall apart they’re so shoddily made. The cars are ready for the junkyard by the time they’re paid
off. There’s always some new technology making what you worked your ass off obsolete, always a new
season of fashions you’re cued by Madison Avenue to buy.
*Self Sufficiency in all affairs-economic, social, spiritual. Develop skills needed in a guerilla/basic
economy yet support those who can offer the movement as a whole benefits such as inventors, artists,
filmmakers, warriors, etc.

*Tribing up into survival circles and communities and grow the numbers of such circles as virulently as
possible. Capabilities will follow, economic, political and defensive.

*Build a barter/script/gold and silver economy; grow our own food, fuel, make our own ammunition and
develop new and suppressed technologies.

*Use the emergency recall election-don’t wait for the next scheduled election cycle to form political
shields to encourage five points. Grow the Second American Revolution from these seeds to form the
free areas needed to build the economic, political and military machine needed to take America from the

*Make common cause with as many people as possible no matter where they are. Rediscover the
reasons the American Revolution was fought by the common man and expound like missionaries pushing
the Gospel or the way communism was spread. China must be penetrated by the American Revolution in
order to spare the Earth what the elites have been working on for centuries. Disrupt and destroy them.

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