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									Penetration Testing Audit Tool

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Important Note: The scoring in Sheet 3 - Vulnerability Questionnaire and Sheet 5 - Business Risk Quotient is out of 5. The higher
the scores, the less secure the penetration testing. Conversely, low scores represent better security.

        Worksheet                                     1                                      2                          3                            4                            5                           6                           7
                                                                                                               Vulnerability                   Probability               Business Risk
          Name                       Business Impact Analysis                          Weightings                                                                                                    Audit Results                 Final Report
                                                                                                               Questionnaire                  Assessment                   Quotient
                            Used to identify the dollar impact that would occur   Determines the weighted   Designed to uncover the       Determines the likelihood   Statement of a              Illustrates how a            The Final Report
                            with unethical actions/intentions with penetration    scoring of categories     areas of greatest             of a negative security      penetration testing         penetration testing          automatically amasses
                            testing.                                              within Sheet 3 -          vulnerability that exist      event occurring in any of   issue's condition of        Current State (in blue)      and compiles all metrics -
                                                                                  Vulnerability             with penetration testing.     the 3 categories in         relative business risk.     ranks against its ideal      both Current and Target -
        Purpose                                                                   Questionnaire .                                         Sheet 3 - Vulnerability                                 Target State (in red),       as well as general
                                                                                                                                          Questionnaire .                                         both of which are derived    recommendations for
                                                                                                                                                                                                  from Sheet 5 - Business      improvement.
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