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					                               7th Grade Math Syllabus

Course Format: Lecture, class discussion, cooperative learning, tests, quizzes,
projects, and daily grades.

Location: Riverton Middle School, Room 217. To find my room come in the double
doors leading to the seventh grade hall. Take the hall on your left. Take the first left
and keep going until you are able to see my room. My room is located besides Mrs.
Douglass and Mrs. Hernandez.

Supplies:     3-Ring binder, paper, pencils, calculator (optional)

Instructor:    Samuel Wallace                     Email:

You can reach me anytime by my email. It will go straight to my Blackberry. If you
have any questions about assignments or problems with homework you can reach
me there.

Attendance Policy: Per state law attendance in mandatory.

Grading Policy:

                       Daily Quiz    10%

                       Homework      15%            Daily Grades

                       Quizzes       15%

                       Tests         60%

                       Total         100%

Description of Assignments:

Daily Quiz – This will be given every day. It is simply one problem each day based on
a previous day’s lecture or homework. Each daily quiz will be worth 5 points for a
total of 25 at the end of each week. These are graded on the following symbols:

                              This means the answer to the daily quiz is incorrect.

                          A    This means the student failed to execute the next
                          appropriate act, such as walking back to his/her seat quietly.

                          H    This means that the student did not complete the previous
                          night’s homework.
                        T   This means that the student was talking before all daily
                        quizzes were handed in.

                        L   This means the student was late to class.

For example: If a student turns in his/her daily quiz for the day and he/she does all
the above correctly, then he/she will receive all 5 points for that day.   The weekly
grade is calculated by finding the percentage of points earned to total points

Homework – Homework is an essential part of learning mathematics. The best way
to learn math is through the end of a pencil. So, most nights will include homework
in my class. Each homework assignment is worth 5 points. Homework will be
checked each day while the daily quiz is being given. Homework will be graded on
the following scale:

                            5 – All homework was completed

                            3 – At least half of the homework was completed

                            0 – Less than half of the homework was completed

Quizzes – Formal evaluations on sections or portions of units of instruction.

Tests – Formal evaluations on entire units of instruction.

Discipline Policy:

Class Rules:

   1. Students will be in his/her seat when the bell rings.

   2. Students will bring all supplies to class.

   3. Students will act respectfully at all times toward the teacher, other students,
      and themselves.

Consequences: If the student violates one of the rules, they will receive an offense.
The following is a list of consequences based on the number of offenses earned:

      1st offense – Warning

      2nd offense – Writing assignment written 4 times.
      3rd offense – Writing assignment written 8 times.

      4th offense – Parent/teacher conference requested.

      5th offense – Referred to the office.

Offenses are reset at the end of each week. If the student has received 0 offenses
for the week he/she will be allowed to draw from the reward jar. The reward jar
contains items such as: 3 points on a test, 5 points on a quiz, free pencil, etc.

Makeup Work: Students who are absent should check the makeup folder for his/her
particular period. The folder contains lecture notes from the previous day and
homework assignments that the student might have missed. It is the student’s
responsibility to find his/her makeup work and turn it in to the teacher.

Other classroom policies:

                           The teacher dismisses class not the bell.
                           Fire escapes and inclement weather routes are posted and
                            will be practiced.
                           No gum is allowed in the classroom.
                           The student is required to sit in his/her assigned seat.
                           All papers will be turned into the appropriate period tray.
                           Students must remain in his/her seat unless called upon.
                           Bathroom trips are not allowed unless it is an emergency.
                           A student can choose to take an offense to go to the

I have read the syllabus above and fully understand what is expected for
__________________________ to succeed in Coach Wallace’s class.
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